Today is the final day of showing off some of my song lyrics from the past. I’d you’d like, you can go check out part one and part two first. Anyway, it’s too bad I can’t share any of the music for some of these songs. Then again, the recordings are all kind of rough. […]

Yesterday was the first day of three where I’m sharing my former attempted life as a songwriter. What I didn’t mention yesterday is that my songs normally took on one of two themes. One was metaphysical couched in shadowy language, like yesterday. Two was love songs, mainly unrequited love, but every once in awhile straight […]

I think I’ve mentioned this somewhere before, but back when I was much younger I used to be a songwriter and singer. Well, at least I was trying to be a songwriter. I would write all these songs, music and lyrics, and I’d send them to publishers hoping to be the next big thing. Instead, […]

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