Gigaware USB Stereo Headset

As you know, tomorrow at 11AM I will be doing my first webinar, entitled Social Media, SEO & Your Business in 90 Minutes. I’m excited by the prospect, and of course once it’s over I’ll get 50% rights to market the completed project; always nice to have another product under your belt.

Anyway, I have been rehearsing my information, trying to get it to at least 80 minutes, and, if there are questions, it may reach the 90 minute mark; it can’t go over 90 minutes. On Friday, I got to do my first live test, and we only did 25 minutes to test out the program to see how it all worked. Today we did the full run through, with my friend Renee Scherer of Presentations Plus, who still has her own webinar on Microsoft Word sitting out there to start on July 16th, threw some questions at me during the pauses. Only one little glitch in the process while we were going along, that being that one of the websites didn’t cooperate with what I wanted to do. One of the things I decided to do ahead of time was to have all the websites and software I wanted to talk about already set up in individual tabs so I could just go to them without having to wait for them to load, but this one site I hadn’t done it, which is why one does a run through in the first place.

Later on, I got to hear a little bit of what I did, both on Friday and this morning, and it wasn’t good at all. Not that I was bad, mind you, but the sound quality was bad. I need a new business phone, and will have to get one soon. However, I wasn’t ready to spend my money like that today, and I really didn’t have the time to shop around for a phone. I did have to buy a new headset for my computer, though. It seems that Vista doesn’t like headphones that you have to plug into the back of your computer; what a terrible operating system. So, scrap another piece of technology I had, because I had to go to the store, Radio Shack, to buy a new headset, one with a USB attachment.

I decided on the Gigaware Wrap-Around USB Stereo Headset, mainly because it wasn’t overly expensive, at $25.00 plus tax. The woman asked me if I was going to use it a lot, and I said no, although we’ll see how well this webinar goes before I decide whether to buy a better one down the road. I came home and opened the package, and it comes with a mini CD containing Skype on it; neat. I might load that bad boy one of these days. I hooked it to my computer, and, as it figures, it took Vista 3 minutes to figure out which driver to add to it.

But it worked eventually. I called Renee, we did a quick 10 minute test, and all is right with the world once more. So, I’m ready for tomorrow. The software is ready, my hardware is ready, my powerpoint is ready, and my voice is always ready. I’ll have to make sure to go to the bathroom just before; 90 minutes for me if I’ve been drinking a lot of liquid, which I sometimes do if I get a walk in, is sometimes a bit too long, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll wish for rain; nah!

Anyway, I hope some of you decide to find some time in your busy schedule and sign up for my webinar. And, if you can’t make it, it will be available for purchase later on, but it’s going to be big; the test seminar came in at 122 MBs. That’s what video will do for you.

Maybe next time, I’ll buy one of those below:

Compucessory CCS 55257 Multimedia USB Stereo Headset

Compucessory CCS 55257 Multimedia USB Stereo Headset

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