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This is somewhat strange for me, but I had a link to this program called Affinity Click since September saved on my computer. I’m not sure what I was looking for, but I came across it a few days ago and decided to take a look at it.

In essence, the program is a lot like Infolinks and Kontera. For those of you unfamiliar with these programs, they’re the ones you see when you visit sites and see certain words that have these normally blue links in posts on words that often have nothing to do with the topic being written about, unlike my links that will take you to either articles or information.

One thing Affinity Click lets you do is see what their links will look like on your site before you decide to sign up with them. So I ran through the test, and at first site it looks, well, oddly prettier than the other programs one might use. It also highlights a bunch of words and even names. For instance, it highlighted Sire’s real name, which I used on one of my posts, and had a link to a product called a Pellicano range hood.

While I found that interesting, as it really looks like they’re going to find products that match up to the words, it also seemed, well, a little troubling. I’m not sure if you can decide how many links you’ll allow on a site or whether you can make any other changes because I’ve decided not to sign up with them at the present time. That’s way different than the old me, who would sign up for almost anything that came my way and offered a way to make money.

I wouldn’t want to put it on my blog, but maybe one of these days, if I build another website, I’ll sign up and test it there. For now, Infolinks is still the best of this type of program that I use, and I’m going to stick with it. But if any of you have any real world experience with this, it would be interesting to hear you compare the two.

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Per the recommendation of our friend Matt, I have now signed up with Infolinks as an affiliate. In general, their ads look a lot like the Kontera ads that show up on this blog on individual posts.

However, instead of adding it to this blog, I decided to use them on one of my other websites. I do a little bit of affiliate marketing over there, with some Commission Junction products, Adsense on each page, and Widget Bucks on a couple also; hey, I’m trying to be an internet marketer, right?

What it also is, though, is a site with lots of written content, and I’m adding more as I can. It generates a little bit of change here and there, but I want to see how it does with Infolinks. Truthfully, I probably need to write more things related to current events, since, it seems, book reviews, which I have written the most about, aren’t as popular as other articles might be. Still, I have already added the Infolinks, and to tell you the truth, I’m not so sure that most of the terms they attach themselves to offer products or advertisements any more relevant to either the topic of the article or the term they’ve selected. For instance, on one of the reviews I added the code to (javascript code), it selected the term “different languages” and decided to link it to a website talking about making money.

I’ve only added it to sixteen pages out of the almost 80 I have there, but it’s on the top 7 pages that get visited, so if it’s going to have its best chance of working, that will be it. Should be an interesting thing to follow over the next few months.

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Kontera, Performancing, TTZ – The Update

Back on November 3rd, I talked about adding some new affiliate programs, most specifically Kontera, Performancing Ads, and TTZ Media. I figured it was time for a quick update on these programs, since we’re six weeks away from that time.

To date, I have to say that I’m more than somewhat disappointed by the performance of all of them. Kontera has performed that best of all three programs, as I’ve made,… 14 cents since I implemented it. In case you’re not sure, Kontera are the ads you see throughout the posts with the double underline. I have to say that I’ve taken a look at some of those things by hovering over them, and I’ve noticed that many of them have nothing to do with the word they’re setting themselves against, and some of them don’t make much sense. It’s probably no wonder that they’re not making much, but at least they’re there for now.

TTZ Media and Performancing Ads have made the same amount of money, that being nothing. Each of these programs works differently, though, so the expectation is somewhat different. TTZ Media has ads that somewhat look like a cross between Shopping Ads and Widget Bucks. If you look to the right above the Technorati image, you’ll see the TTZ ad. I need to have more of those, and in more prominent places probably, but it does change with every post, including changing if you visit the same post more than once, so maybe it just needs to be in a more prominent spot.

However, the Performancing Ads program has been the biggest disappointment. What you see on the right, above the TTZ ads, is the affiliate ad for Performancing Ads, and not any of the Performancing Ads themselves. If you saw anything, it would be showing above that ad, as Performancing has you add a widget to your site, and that’s where they would populate the ads of their advertisers. If all was working properly, you’d see two 125×125 ads sitting there, instead, you don’t see anything there, and that’s irritating me. I added it because of a post on John Chow, but I should have read this post by Problogger beforehand, as he mentioned that Performancing had been sold, then made a comeback, but he wasn’t sure if they’d be able to get advertisers for the program again. Even John Chow, the guy whose blog I saw Performancing Ads on, hasn’t made any money from them, even though he’s showing the affiliate ad on his site.

So, the immediate move I’m going to make within the next day or so is to remove Performancing Ads totally from my site. The widget will be gone, and I’ll be popping a different ad in that 125×125 slot. You may even see it gone by the time you read this. I don’t know if the problem is them not finding advertisers, or those advertisers not wanting to advertise on my blog. Since I’m about to break into the top 100,000 per Technorati, I figure I’ve done my part in popularizing my blog in some fashion, and I can’t go blaming myself for everything, so I’m thinking it’s on them. No matter; time to put something new in there to see if it performs better.

Stay tuned, folks; there will be more reviews on some of these other affiliate programs I’ve added in the near future. Nothing personal, Performancing; it’s all business.

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