Aero Snap

So I’m on my technology run right now; hey, if it makes it easier for you to do things, you’re not going to be mad at me for helping to bring it to your attention.

Thins one I owe to PC World, though. They were doing a story on some of the upcoming features in Windows 7, and one of those features was the ability to take any window on your computer, pull it to either the left or right side, and having it “snap” into place, taking up half of your screen.

Now, I have to tell you, with all the writing and research I’ve been doing lately, this is something that would be a charm for me. Sometimes I come across information in a format that I can’t just copy and paste, and having to flip back and forth between windows was problematic. The only thing I could do was reduce the size of the thing I wanted to type into, then set it over whatever information I wanted to type. But that made things hard to see.

Enter a program called Aero Snap. You load this baby, and it’ll do the same thing for you. It works with both Vista and XP, which is a nice bonus. And it’s a small file that’s easy to load, and man, it works great. It works best if you have a large screen, and I’m figuring my “22 inch is big enough, which it is. Now I can pull up two windows, putting the one I want to type from on my left, and the one I want to type to on my right. That’s how I do it when I’m typing something from a physical item; I learned that when I took typing in high school.

Obviously I’m recommending this program to you, especially if you’re not going to be loading Windows 7 as soon as it comes out, but you find yourself with a need to type, or do other things, that require your needing to look at two windows at the same time.

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