Writing – A Rant

Lo and behold, today I’ve got a video for you, and I’m ranting about writing. I’ve had something on my mind for a couple of weeks and I’m trying to get it out of there so I can move forward. Sometimes you just have to take an action to get bad stuff out of your mind. In my case, it’s this video. More after the jump (I wonder why they call it “the jump):

If you’re wondering, yes, I did feel a little bit better after getting that off my chest. Of course, I’d look a lot better if I’d remembered NOT to record in Hi-Def. lol I’d really like your opinion on the topic, if you watched it. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for blogging tips or book writing tips, which are in actually just more writing tips, look at the page tabs above and click on one, then check out any of the articles on there. I actually have to update those, and by the time you see this post I hope to have done that. After all, writing and blogging are subjects I’ve talked about often enough here.

So, is this considered a short post or not? Eh; doesn’t matter. 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Writing – A Rant”

  1. YOU are a wonderful person and share well too I LOVE you Mitch.. Keep it up.. you do what others just make excuses for NOT doing.. go on with your great self.

  2. You’re going to make me shoot a video wearing my Duke hat… As far as your video is concerned, it makes me sad when people use excuses not to write. It’s really something that you only get good at when you do it. I know everyone’s not naturally gifted at writing, but writing is something that you can get good at. Unlike fixing cars, you don’t have to know a lot of technical stuff to write. I do like what you said about everyone not being good at everything. My husband always likes to go around bragging about my expertise with computers. I always remind him that I do software not hardware. I always have to ask my parents for help with that…

    1. Thanks DeAnna. You know, if you can’t do something just own up to it instead of trying to dump on someone else. I have to say that part of me wishes I were 16 again and could just threaten to go physical on someone. Then the other part kicks in and says “big” doesn’t mean anything when compared to “age”, and I have to be glad that I do maintain some control of myself. 😉

  3. Hi Mitch,

    I think if a person doesn’t do what you do, then they should not demean or think what you do is nothing. Until they walk in your shoes and give writing a try, they can’t assume that what you do is easy and simple.

    Because it takes time to put together an article, even though it may take 10-15 minutes to get it published..we still must do some sort of organizing to put things together. People should never assume anything and make statements like the guy said to you in your meeting. You had every right to be bothered by this, hence your rant.

    When I tell people what that “I write” they think I don’t do anything. It’s like the conversation goes south. They just don’t realize that writing leads to so many other things, like money. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your rant and for your motivation to keep writing!

    Take care,

    P.S. I love to see videos every now and then from fellow bloggers that I follow, because it helps me connect with them even more.

    1. Thanks Evelyn. I like that part, people who can’t do what you do shouldn’t intimate that it’s easy. Just produce something, prove me wrong, and then maybe you have the right to say something to me. Great stuff!

  4. Mitch I think the gentleman was really revealing that he is incredibly insecure in his own abilities and feels HE is not worthy of any form of communication without a bucket of citations to support him. He took a swipe at you out of envy of your ability to communicate on so many levels. I don’t think you should give this guy any more of your brain cells.

  5. Hey Mitch,

    I think ranting every now and then is good because like you said it gets all the bad stuff out you.

    I agree with you, that guy in the meeting doesn’t know your experience and doesn’t know the amount of time you have put in to have the knowledge you possess.

    Maybe this guy was just jealous, which is why he gave you that smart remark.

    1. Could be, John; it just irked me for awhile. But now I’ve got my own mind back, and I’m ready to tackle the world.

  6. Mitch….. I LOVE YOU! You were about the best thing that happened to me today, when I saw your video!

    First off, I **LOVE** your office ~ I **LOVE** your hat ~ I **LOVE** your T shirt! I **LOVE** all of it! Can’t do much about that blizzard other than sell you some property in sunny Florida, but……

    I also **LOVE** that you’re doing video now, because you are a good looking guy that should never be hidden behind words, but be able to stand IN FRONT of them! (and this from an old woman who is in no way paying overtures to you! LOL)

    Yes! I do agree with everything you said. I can do in an hour what my co-worker takes 4 days to do and in the final analysis, both jobs are equally as good, so whose to say which method is right and which is wrong? I will not stand in judgement.

    So on to the critique of your video…… just like the drunk, who should always throw the first drink away, you need to start your video half way thru! The second half of your video was the Mitch I know and love ~ the Mitch that shifts his eyes off the target in that pensive yet intelligent way and shrugs his shoulders, waves his hands and raises his eyebrows when he talks.

    I know only too well how ‘stiff’ I feel when I do video and actually I **HATE** myself in video, but just as you write the way you speak (and not the way our English grammar teacher told us we SHOULD write), so should we BOTH (you and I) relax, loosen up a bit and schmooze up to the camera from the get-go and not halfway through, when we start feeling comfortable.

    That said, you are >>>>>WAY<<<<<< ahead of me, in producing a good looking video! Kudos to you, my friend and keep on writing ~ you are the MASTER!


    1. Thanks Althea. Actually, when I started the video, I was probably getting the “mad” out of me, and thus I was staring right at the camera. Once that was gone and then it was time to make my point, the mad was gone and thus I was more casual. But I was never nervous, and without the first part the second part wouldn’t have made any sense. lol

      And of course the point isn’t what kind of time something takes; either do it or don’t do it but don’t gripe at those who can do it.

  7. Hi Mitch!

    This is Jeffrey Baril from Source Blogger. How are you?

    Wait? Did you say 15-20 minutes to write a new post?

    Wow! It takes me 1-2 intense hours to wrie a new article… and I’m drained after that!

    Nice rant!

    – Source Blogger

    1. Thanks Jeffrey. Actually, sometimes I can write a post faster than that. Today, for instance, since I’m all caught up on true “paid” work, I wrote 9 blog articles, post-dating most of them, for 3 of my blogs. When I get something formulated in my mind, I can just pretty much write.

  8. Great vlog, Mitch and so true!

    Most of what we write is what we know with a little research thrown in to get some new prospective into a matter.

    Although you do amaze me with how much you write…of course you have no kids hounding you and your wife sounds understanding 🙂

    1. Carolee, a home secret she might not want anyone knowing (so of course I’m telling) is that whenever she needs something written, it eventually ends up with me writing it or cleaning it up. So she doesn’t mind. And I always make sure all my work, the paid stuff, gets done. This sometimes means I do a lot of writing late at night, but that’s okay. One of these days, when I’m sipping… well, whatever I’ll be allowed to sip that doesn’t have any alcohol or sugar in it that some doctors are telling me still isn’t healthy for me… and living large, I’ll be able to look back and say “See, all that writing paid off!”

      And you’re absolutely correct; if we can’t know something and add some perspective to it, whether we have to research it or not, then just don’t do it and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Althea, you’re so biased! lol I’m a good talker, but I need to get that presentation thing down better. I’ll be working on those camera angles as well; I want it to look like I’m looking at people. And I’m wondering if I can do other things with it; I know, read the book. lol

  9. Love your video Mitch. You should create them more often.

    I have to just decide to write. I commit to doing it, do not edit myself, just get the ideas out…and write. I do not ask negative people for feedback. While I do not want people who are just going to blow smoke, I also do not ask people who are jealous of me or competitive with me for feedback because they are not looking to support me.

    Rachel Lavern
    Personal Transformation, Enlightenment and Development Coach
    “Live without limits because nothing is impossible to you.”

    1. Good for you, Rachel, just write, be yourself, and make people feel good. And we’ll see about creating more videos. I need to get my “look” down. lol

  10. Mitch, the barbs of fools are still barbs. Treat the sting with the dignity of conviction. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If people don’t recognize a treasure when they see it, it’s their loss.

    I know one thing. Those of us who read your writing can attest to the internalized expertise that you bring out onto the screen. You made a very good point about life experiences being a good source for telling stories. Life is all about research in that great big old laboratory of “been there done that”.



    1. Thanks Mitch. You know, anyone who can tell a story can write a story. Anyone who can read a book can do research and write something about it. Will it be good? Sometimes good is in he eyes of the beholder; I mean really, Ulysses by James Joyce is one of the greatest books in history, yet I found it such a piece of garbage (come on, you know it was) that I only made it 7 pages in before I said “I ain’t reading this”. So, it comes down to tastes as well.

      And see, I can talk about that book because he’s no longer around. 😉

  11. Usually I outsource the writing work, my English is not perfect as I am not native. However I always give bullet points. Honestly, I never do a research for the topics I am writing, I am well prepared, as I am reading a lot of things everyday and receive information from trusted sources which I am using for about a decade.

    1. I’m glad outsourcing works for you, Carl. See, that’s the way to go when you know you need some help here and there.

      1. Let’s say that it works with a lot of headaches and it is becoming more and more difficult to get a good workers, but sometimes, volume of work is too much and I don’t have other choice. The best way is everything to be in house, but right now I definitely can’t afford this.

  12. Mitch, you actually are doing passive research. That is, you are not researching your article when your write them, but you write your article after you have already absorbed the information from various sources.

    Maybe he (that mean who critiqued you) doesn’t have your wealth of information ready to be written on paper (or magnetic disks) and that is why he supposed what he said, although he should have not suppose something when he didn’t really knew you.

    Oh, it’s funny how you did a video post about writing :).

    Have a fun day, Mitch, and maybe some sunshine!

    1. You know Alex, I never thought about that before; how ironic! lol And yes, I read a lot and process a lot and come to my thoughts and beliefs and then I can write about them. Y’all know when I write a post that took some real research time; there’s one coming up next week.

  13. Here’s a good opportunity for me to say “Pax” and apologise for my outburst some weeks ago… blame it on the medicine I’m on or whatever, or must me being in a weird mood. I get like that sometimes.

    Anyway, I agree with you on some of this. I can’t speak for other people and I’m sure there must be some people who, for other reasons, can’t write or think they can’t, but then they are people who won’t be blogging, I presume. But I do want to say that there is NO excuse for that guy to jump to conclusions about you or your way of writing. As you say, he doesn’t even know you.

    Nice to see you talking on video, Mitch. Do some more. Next time move your eyes more as it’ll look less formal. (Are you reading from something? On my small screen it’s difficult to tell.)

    1. Welcome back Val. I wasn’t reading on the video, but I’m trying to learn how to keep my eyes looking at the camera, based on where it’s positioned. Otherwise it looks like I’m looking down all the time and that just won’t do.

      And I’m not sweating this guy anymore, though I did carry that “mad” around with me for a couple of weeks.

  14. hey Mitch, you love your rants don’t you mate 😉

    As to that bloke it’s obvious he was just trying to get out of writing an article.

    I agree with you 100% that we all have enough ‘life’ experience to write something without having to do any research. The only time I do any research at all is if I’m writing about something I don’t know much about.

    Nice to hear your voice again mate.

    1. Thanks Sire. Actually, I don’t love rants, but every once in awhile it’s unavoidable. I love getting it out of my brain, though, so I can get back to doing other stuff again.

      1. Sure, no point in letting it stew, that’s for sure. Get it out and get on with life. I reckon I’ve had my fair share of rants, I just don’t think of them as such at the time.

      2. Sire, sometimes I know I need to learn to let some things go quicker. Then again, I’d have missed the opportunity to use the webcam again.

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