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There’s a plugin for WordPress called WP Super Cache that I’ve been experimenting with lately. The main purpose of it is to helps speed your WordPress blog up by creating a series of HTML files out of your PHP files, and thus it speeds up your site because PHP can be a heavy load. I’m not going to get into all of the science of it, because frankly I don’t quite get how it works, so instead I’m going to talk about what I’ve seen thus far.

First off, you have to remember to do a little bit of configuring before the plugin works. I’ve noticed that the first time I ran the program, then the second time I’ve decided to run the program (I inactivated it once; I’ll come back to that), I forgot to enable the cache, which it mentions on the plugins page. If you forget to do that, your blog will hang, and it’ll take you forever to get back into it; anyone else, for that matter. Also, there are other choices and recommendations for things to do after you’ve enabled the cache; some I’ve activated, some I haven’t. For instance, you can enable the compression of files, which helps things move faster, and I’ve done that, although it does warn that some ISPs might not work well if you do that; so far, so good. At the same time, I didn’t enable something called Lockdown, which is supposed to protect you against a spike in comments. Trust me, I’ll feel elated with a spike in comments, at least the first time around.

The first time I inactivated the program because my blog started running really slow, and it was the last thing I’d remembered adding at the time. Later on, I thought about the javascript, which I wrote about here, and of course it did turn out to be the javascript issue all along. So, I brought the program back, and things have gone along pretty well.

I did have one more issue, though, which led to my forgetting to enable the cache again. This morning I tried to update my blog to 2.6.5 because of more security flaws, and this blog just wouldn’t load using the WP Automatic Update program. I wondered what was wrong, so I went and updated my other blog, which is also WP, and it worked just fine. I then figured it had to be this plugin, so I inactivated it, and voila. I then reactivated it after the update, and, of course, just now went through that problem of not being able to get to the blog until I enabled the cache; ugh. I wonder how many people tried to come to the blog and couldn’t because of that idiotic mistake. Oh well,…

Right now, the jury is still out on this plugin, but the blog does seem to be moving pretty fast right now. Unfortunately, using this plugin didn’t affect the bad performance of the javascript in any fashion, which was disappointing. However, I’m doing some research on that issue, and if it works out I’ll write about it here, so stay tuned.

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18 thoughts on “WP Super Cache”

  1. I’ve installed the WordPress Turbo feature on my wassupblog to test it out but that only increased the speed on my computer. This cache plugin will enhance the blogging for my visitors so I reckon I will have to give it a go.

    Sire´s last blog post..Bloggers, Overworked And Underpaid

  2. I’ve read both sides of it, Dennis, which is why I’m running the test for myself. If it speeds things up for visitors, then it’ll all be good; if not, it’ll be gone.

    1. I figured you would be; any problems, let me know. And I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving.

  3. WP Cache saved my day on a couple of occasions. However, you need to remember to turn it on on each update or upgrade unless your traffic is low.

    It’s one of those plugins I’d recommend anyone who has a spike of traffic from social sites.

    If your traffic is growing, you can’t run a blog without it.


    The Smiling Blogger´s last blog post..20 Reasons Why I Choose WordPress

    1. Hey Yan, I just want to see what it’s like getting one of those spikes! Actually, as I think back, I’ve had at least days where my blog got way more traffic than normal, though I’ve never understood why, but if I can figure it out I’ll be doing it every day.

  4. You’ll never want to have it without WP Cache, trust me… Usually when someone stumbles my article, my traffic will shoot up and can you imagine what would happen when I forgot to turn it on?

    If you remember not too long ago, I had loads of issues with my hosting, I’m sure you’d not anything like that to happen.

    With WP Cache, you are pretty much safe now, Mitch.


    The Smiling Blogger´s last blog post..20 Reasons Why I Choose WordPress

  5. Hi Mitch – I will be eager to hear how the test goes. I think I’m pretty good with WordPress and that plugin confuses the heck out of me.

    I didn’t think it would speed up the site for visitors but rather keep it from going down when there is a huge spike in traffic.

    Any javascript, gadgets and widgets will slow your site down. I used to have more sidebar bling and I’ve really reduced it and my page loads pretty quickly now.

    1. Hi Kim. I’ve reduced my javascript also (I’m sure you’ve seen that post), but I figure it was still a good test to run for the moment.

  6. This was quoted straight from an email the day I had 15,000 page views,

    AnHosting: “We have found that your blog was using up the resources of the server CPU, so we were forced to suspend you. You should use “caching” for this.

    Please reply back to this email to be unsuspended so that you may correct the problem.”

    That was the day when I forgot to turn on my WP Cache after an update.

    Hope it helps…. Happy caching!


    The Smiling Blogger´s last blog post..20 Reasons Why I Choose WordPress

  7. Hi Mitch,

    WP super cache is a must have plugin especially when your blog is growing daily.

    You never know when your article will hit the Digg frontpage or stumbled, which will result in a massive traffic. It will be a waste if the server is unable to sustain the increase in traffic and force to be shut down.

    Its good to prepare for times like this isn’t it Mitch?

    Wei Liang

    Wei Liang | ABloggerBlog´s last blog post..Lesson 19 – Guest Blogging

    1. True Wei, but I might be a bit confused by usage of your CPUs because, well, my account has a monthly transfer volume allowable of 2.5 terabytes. And, since this month I’m presently only at 3.9 GBs, I’m figuring that I’d have to have WAY more massive traffic than I have now, even if I had a spike. Y’all don’t have that kind of transfer allowance?

      1. This situation only happened once when my post hit the digg frontpage which I think send me more than 10,000 traffic within 2 hours.

        It could possibly be more considering the fact that my article almost hit 2000 dugg but was suspended by my web hosting due to the spike.

        I guess the spike has to be really massive for this to happen. But that is when I do not have super cache on.

        Wei Liang

        Wei Liang | ABloggerBlog´s last blog post..Lesson 19 – Guest Blogging

  8. Okay folks, here’s an update on this plugin; decided it didn’t deserve its own post. I wasn’t sure if it was making the main blog load faster or not, but I knew it was messing things up for me inside the Admin area. So I inactivated it, but that didn’t solve the problems I was having. I finally deleted it this evening, and all is right with the admin area once again. So, this is one plugin I just can’t recommend, traffic spikes notwithstanding.

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