Who Is Your Blog For?

This is going to be a two part post, but I’m starting with the big question first, and the next one will be for tomorrow.

In my last post, I talked about the interview I did with Beverly Mahone of BAM Enterprises. At one point she mentioned that she reads this blog, and often I talk about things that are kind of technical and she gets lost with some of my explanations.

She asked me how I saw this blog. I said that I have always tried to not only give my opinion, but when I wrote stuff she considered as technical, I was actually trying to make it easy for everyone who stopped by to read what I had to say.

Then she asked me who I wrote this blog for. I thought quickly, since it was a live interview, and I believe I said something like this blog is for everyone who has questions or wants information on any of the things I write about, which I hope are things that most people do have some questions on. I said that this is considered a MMO (make money online) blog, but in reality it’s just a place I come to and share what I learn as I go along trying things out.

Still, it’s quite the interesting question for everyone else; who exactly is your blog for? Or blogs, as the case may be.

And I’ll throw in a second question that was asked; what is the purpose of your blog? I said that this blog is more for my self expression than anything else. My finance blog is actually my niche blog, whose overall purpose is to make money at some point, but it’s still building an audience at this juncture.

I also said that this really isn’t a MMO blog because it doesn’t make any money, and I really don’t expect it to make much money. You see that every blog post has a different ad at the bottom. You see all the ads along the side. If you visit often, you know I change things up from time to time also. To date, only a couple of what I’ve put up has ever made me anything on this blog, and that’s probably going to continue until this blog gets 25,000 visitors a day; I’ll start the tally in the morning.

Anyway, how would some of you answer these questions about your blog?

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12 thoughts on “Who Is Your Blog For?”

  1. Good evening, Mitch.

    Once again, you are asking probing and deceptively deep questions.

    I’ve been asking myself this question for several years.

    I have to admit that my initial blogging of a few years ago was entirely for me. I wanted to learn the different blogging platforms and compare results that I obtained from them. That’s why many of my earlier blogs had the same things posted to them. Over time, I could compare stats and search engine rankings to see which blogging platforms worked best, at least for what I was doing.

    I spent years studying this and left a pile of abandoned blogs in the dust.

    Last year, I realized that I’d learned what I was going to learn and that it was time to decide what I was going to do with blogging.

    I narrowed my focus to three things.

    A personal blog where I could talk about anything I wanted (after switching it from its Manila platform to a self-hosted WordPress blog). I haven’t posted much to it lately, but I’m thinking that will change over the rest of the year.

    Affiliate marketing was the second area I wanted to cover. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing hasn’t been kind to me this year and I’m trying to stop the free-fall and recover. It’s taking a lot of effort, but I’ll continue, because I really like the affiliate marketing model.

    The third area on which I’m concentrating is promoting the Murphy, NC area and the local business owners and what they are doing here. Initially, this one looks like it would be the least profitable of all, but that’s been the exact opposite of what I’ve experienced. Plus, I love the area and enjoy helping my friends and neighbors get found on the search engines.

    Overall, I still have to say that my blogs are primarily still for me — and people like me. I enjoy them. But, now, I’m doing my best to be more disciplined in what I write and for whom.

    As far as my affiliate marketing blog is concerned, my target audience used to be beginning online marketers. Now, I’m making the transition to writing for those who have some experience and who are at least intermediate-level marketers. I’m still working to better define that niche and what I’ll be promoting and writing about.

    Man, you’re asking good questions this week!

    Act on your dream!


    1. Thanks John. I guess my blogs are primarily for me in a way also, since, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t keep doing them. This one in particular is for me to just talk about whatever, and advertise whenever, and other stuff along the way. If I could have bought the domain name I was hoping for in January, I might have added my fourth blog to the list, and then you’d be seeing something a little different now. Oh well,…

      Thanks for participating; these last few might be a bit deep for some folks, but I gotta be who I am, right? 🙂

      1. Good morning, Mitch.

        A bit deep, yes. But they are questions well worth considering and answering.

        Always be who you are — there’s no other path worth following.

        A lesson learned the old-fashioned, hard way over many years.

        Act on your dream!


  2. First blogs were just kinda digital, internet diaries where authors could express their thoughts and share with readers. And that kind of blogging is still close to my heart as I observe more and more (like you called them) money making blogs. I don’t think that making money from a blog is something wrong, on the contrary, I find it great initiative to make economy more elastic to all international break downs. But there is something about blogging that I miss. Sometimes I just think about the times when it was not about money. Well, there is always something in the past that was not about money, but we live in very “monetary” times and everyone must live somehow. So, I think that making money out of blog is nothing wrong, I just miss ordinary blogs which were thoughs and feelings-expressing-diary.

    1. Hi Harry,

      We don’t see that many of those blogs anymore, do we? Those folks will start, but they don’t continue writing after awhile. But I follow lots of blogs, so I see so many different types of things that I’m still satiated. Overall, it’s still about writing, whether it’s geared towards a personal reason or not.

    1. You know I get there, Wil. lol Course, if you’ve been a long time reader here, you also know I hate Blogger! 😉

  3. Hi Mitch thanks again for submitting to blogengage! As always I try to follow all the bloggers that submit and here I am finding myself on your blog. I like your attitude when it comes to blogging and business. I love to learn from other people and like to think I’ve learned a few things since I started following you.

    I blog for bloggers and that’s how I would had answered that question. A blog about blogging  I know it’s not unique but I enjoy doing this.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian. Blogging for bloggers is actually kind of a unique concept; the only other folks I know doing that are Yan at Thou Shall Blog and the two ladies at Blogging for Beginners.

  4. ha they are far better than I. I also use my blog to promote blogengage a lot! it’s working great!

    I sent this article back to the front of blogengage! We’ll see if we can get a few more commentators here!

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