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I’m not sure when I met Rachel but my mind thinks it was possibly on Facebook. Anyway, she’s big into motivation, and she’s involved with the Bob Proctor Life Success program. Some of you remember him as the guy in The Secret with the white hair and glasses. Anyway, I asked her to write a guest post, and this is it:

Have you ever attempted to create a fulfilling life, become more successful, or reverse the course of events in your favor only to end up feeling taxed and out of energy because things are not working out? I suppose we all can feel thwarted.

We often miss the notion of “scarcity consciousness” and how it shows up in our life. Scarcity consciousness can be simply defined as “a belief in lack”. For scarcity to appear in your life, you must think on it, believe in it, and allow it. It may sound something like this:

* I am living paycheck-to-paycheck
* I do not have any money
* There is not enough to go around
* I cannot afford that
* I do not have control
* It is all about luck

According to the Law of Attraction, scarcity appears in your life when you consciously or unconsciously project a belief in “lack”. Let’s say that you are driving around town and you notice yourself focused on all of the beautiful homes you are seeing. You love to look; however, you believe and project from within “I will never be able to afford THAT kind of house”.

This is an example of a lack mentality and this is a belief and focus that will draw that experience to you. It is the Law of Attraction. You will attract into your own experience what you think about and put your attention on.

If you did not have a scarcity consciousness, you would believe that all things that you desire are available for creation — hence a “prosperity consciousness”. Prosperity consciousness is present when:

* You know and feel that you have more than enough right now
* You take total responsibility for what you have created in your life
* You are flexible and open to life’s changes
* You see abundance all around
* You know that life is a feast

You will attract more abundance and prosperity when they are your focus and you feel good about them. Conversely, if you are holding thoughts, ideas and an outlook that focuses on lack and scarcity, you will create just that as well.

I occasionally speak with people who say, “I am focusing on the things that I want to create in my life; however, I still am NOT creating what I want.” If you desire something and are not receiving it, then you are not aligned with it. You are out of alignment with it because something is blocking your access to create that “desire”. The main thing that prevents your from being in vibrational alignment with your desires is your belief in scarcity and lack.

Example: You may state that you want to earn $1,000,000; however, you really do not believe that you are worthy or wise enough to earn $1,000,000. With conflicting attitudes, wants and beliefs you most likely will remain right where you presently are. Your wants and desires must line up with what you believe is true. If they do not, you should start the inner work to make this happen. You must be aware of your larger belief system and recognize when it is not serving you.

Always be aware of the Law of Attraction. Ask yourself “Do I want to generate more of this thinking? Do I want to generate more of this belief in my life? Do I want to generate more of this result? If not, make the switch and focus on the things that you do want.

Formerly an IT Consultant designing and implementing global enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, Rachel Lavern is a Certified LifeSuccess Coach and a business partner of Bob Proctor. She specializes in using success principles to help people live without limits via workshops and keynote speeches across the country. Her mission is to teach women entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to earn a six- or seven-figure income how to become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL at selling. You can find here at her site Fearfully ‘n Wonderfully Made.

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18 thoughts on “What is on Your Mind? – Guest Post”

  1. Hi Rachel, Mitch must be taking it easy on you because you’re such a good looker. 😉 No major drama, there’s just a small typo in the second paragraph and if I had written it Mitch would have pointed it out to me straight away. 😀

    I’ve never really believed in The Secret. I do believe that a positive attitude breeds results but not that merely wanting something will get it for you. That will only work it the want generates into action that moves towards acquiring what you’re striving for.

    1. Hey, what typo? Spell check isn’t finding a typo. Is it one of those Australian typos? lol

      1. I know what it is Mitch, you just can’t see it because it’s right next to that pretty photo of Rachel. She actually says ‘how it’ twice 😉

        Now I know why you don’t want to put pretty women on your blog, it would ruin your concentration. 😀

    2. Hi Sire,

      “The Secret” was good at raising awareness of the law of attraction; however, it was incomplete. Mere thought is insufficient for manifestation. I do think that it is good to remember that everything ever created began with a thought–“thought seed”.

      Thanks for catching the typo 😉

      1. Oh for sure, first comes the thought and then the belief that acting on it can bring it to reality. Without action the thought itself isn’t enough. It’s like seeing an attractive woman and thinking about asking her out. Just thinking about it isn’t going to do much, one has to act on the thought and follow it through.

    1. Yes. So may people declare that the Law of Attraction does not work when oftentimes it is their beliefs that are limiting them (and their ability to manifest what they desire).

  2. On a general note, it’s true that you’re more efficient and productive if you actually believe in what you’re doing, rather than just doing it for a paycheck.
    I have written about this relating to building a successful team, and I believe that aligning your whole team to the final goal, and not just pushing it blindly, is the only meaningful way to go.

    1. Gabriele, I also believe that it is good business to make certain that employees are aware of the company’s goals, know how their performance affects those goals and obtain buy-in from them.

  3. In the last year, I read a lot of the articles about “Law of Attraction”, working on a customer website. Yeah, I definitely agree with most of the points and especially related to self confidence and positive thinking.

  4. This post reminds me of a chapter I read in the book “Think and Grow Rich” on Autosuggestion. I realized not too long ago that what you say and believe will be your reality.

    I think in order to turn a Scarcity consciousness into a prosperity consciousness you must start to say and believe in the things you really want to accomplish in life. Thanks for this guest post Mitch, I think Rachel did a great job.

    1. I love this post as well, John. And I agree, one has to go into each encounter or project with positive feelings and really see themselves accomplishing great things to do it.

  5. Thank you John. The principles in “Think and Grow Rich” are the foundation of my coaching practice. They are timeless.

  6. Hi, Rachel. In today’s world where there are many reasons for disappointments, frustrations and hardships, positivity and focus are definitely needed. However, I also believe that these need a generous amount of hard work for results to be achieved. Appreciate the post though.

    Great one, Mitch. Kudos! 😉

    – Wes –

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Wes, and Rachel has more where that came from. 🙂

  7. I love Rachel! She is such a powerful, positive woman and I know exactly where I met her: on Twitter. Her post reminds me of the scripture Matthew 21:22. But it goes even deeper for me because “to whom much is given, much is required.”

    Some people say they want this and that but don’t understand the full ramifications of what getting what you desire.

    1. I’d have to agree with that Bev. So many musicians and actors attain stardom, yet weren’t prepared for it and the publicity it all generates, and they crash and burn pretty quickly.

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