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I’ve been experimenting with my videos again. For the last 7 days in a row I’ve put up a video on my main channel, and I also put up one new video on my business channel. I want to talk about this and of course share my channel and one of the videos with you.

Lamarr Wilson

A couple of posts ago I talked about the concept of being fascinating while trying to gain more influence. Just before that Brian Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips, one of my Google Hangout buddies, introduced me to a guy named Lamarr Wilson on YouTube. I checked out the video, loved it, started watching a bunch more, then subscribed.

I’ve done this type of thing before, subscribed to a channel I found and watched a bunch of videos, but somehow this guy made a strange impact on me. On one of his videos he talked about taking a challenge and posting a new video 5 days in a row. Then later he extended it, and now he’s got nearly 600 videos on the channel. He also has some good video editing equipment, something I don’t have, and probably a way better camera than I have, but I digress.

Video is the wave of the future and in actuality it’s the best way to get people’s attention now. Who knew who Psy was before Gangham Style last year, which reached a billion views I believe? Look at his latest, which has reached 200 million in a couple of weeks. This type of thing proves that there’s always a possibility of reaching a wider audience if you not only make videos but can find a way to be fascinating while doing so.

However, it probably takes some practice, possibly some editing. I can’t do anything about the editing, but I can do something about the practicing. So I’ve been making videos that don’t necessarily have to coincide with this blog. I’ve done the same with my business video channel, making videos that have to do with business issues but not necessarily tying them all in with blog posts. I can always go back and embed those videos into something later on if they’re pertinent, but for now the idea is to try to create more videos, practice my craft, and build up the portfolio.

The first video in the series was tied into my post titled Using Tragedies To Promote Agendas and it became the first of my videos to ever get 100 viewers; woo-hoo! Every subsequent video… well, not so much. The videos, just like blog posts, take promotion, and I’ve been slow to get there.

That’s one reason for this particular post. I want to promote those other videos by posting one here, then hoping you’ll be encouraged to check out my channel, the link for which is over there to the right, and see what else I might be offering that you might want to check out. Truth be told the last bunch are way different than some of my older videos in that I’m trying to show a bit more personality instead of ranting all the time; don’t get used to the lack of rants though. 🙂

Anyway, the video I’m sharing talks about making videos; talk about timely! I created this video last week and didn’t know I was going to write about it later on; see how this all works? Now, if I’ll only stop yelling at the beginning of each video we’ll be on our way. Oh yeah, a teaching point, one I have to keep reminding myself of. It seems that those people who subscribe to the blog via email don’t ever see the videos, and without a link they don’t have anything they can click on to go see the video. So, what I’m going to try to remember to do is pop the link underneath the video so those folks can partake in the fun; something you should think of as well.

Here we go; enjoy, and comment below.


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18 thoughts on “Videos, Videos, Videos…”

    1. Thanks Darnell. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’d want to be into editing like a lot of what I see. I need to remember to do some annotations here and there, but otherwise I think if I work more on doing them live, as I do with live presentations in general, that it should work out just fine.

  1. Yeah video is where it’s at. I wish it wasn’t, because editing videos annoys me, but you can’t fight the momentum.

    Have you considered Yoast’s “Video SEO” plugin for your sites? It’s $69 for single site license. If you’re definitely going the video route it could make a difference.

    What’s funny is that every time I watch one of your videos I’m (re) surprised that you don’t sound the way I imagine you do in my head! It doesn’t make sense because I know what you sound like, but still…aaahhhh, I’m just crazy lol.
    John Garrett recently posted..10 Things You Didn’t Know About BloggingMy Profile

    1. LOL! John, are you thinking my voice should be deeper or something? Nope, I’m a baritone, which means it’s not as high as some but not as deep as others. I keep hoping the mike in my camera will work better so it doesn’t seem like I’m always shouting.

  2. I saw that you’ve started this strategy, actually I’ve learn it directly from your YouTube channel. I’ve also renewed video production and publishing, but I am far from idea to produce a video everyday. Results from last 3 videos are quire good, but not impressive, but I think consistency is the key.
    Carl recently posted..Guest Author created new blog post Compelling Reasons To Start Using Google+ (if You Don’t Already!) in Internet Marketing and SEOMy Profile

    1. Carl, I’m hoping that consistency is the key, at least as far as getting as comfortable in front of the camera as I am with the public. Of course I’m not thinking about keeping up the every day posting, but definitely more regular than what I’ve been doing.

      1. My camera is not suitable for that kind of production, nor my microphone. Back home in Bulgaria, I have all necessary equipment as I used to play in few music bands, but here in Thailand, there is just hardware suitable for talk on Skype. Well, I might invest in a proper entry level semi-Pro HD camera and USB microphone, but probably in wont happen in the next 2 months.
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      2. Not a big deal Carl. My camera was very inexpensive when I bought it 4 years ago and now that I’m getting more into video, I’ll have to think about buying something that allows for more flexibility in recording in other spaces.

  3. Mitch,
    You know me—I LOVE videos! I will do a video at the drop of a hat. I also don’t mind the editing since I have access to editing equipment at the TV station.

    Videos don’t have to be perfect but it should offer some value and, if possible, the backdrop, should change from time to time. I was standing in front of a house under construction in the last video I did to talk about the importance of having a solid foundation when starting your business.

    1. I’m really starting to ramp up the videos Bev and, well, I’m noticing that deciding what “value” is seems to depend on who’s watching it at the time. For instance, the video response I just did for another blog, which I learned from you, couldn’t really be said to have offered much value in my traditional sense, and yet it’s jumped into being my 2nd most viewed video because it was responded to & shared by the person to whom I responded. That’s pretty neat I must admit.

      One of these days I’ll figure out the background thing. I may be leaving for an out of town assignment where some of my videos will be done via the laptop, and if that works out then who knows; the sky might be the limit!

  4. Videos are great thing to do. But not everyone’s game. It does takes quite some efforts and guts for the person to come out and say what he wants to convey via the video. I have met some great bloggers who have great ideas and their videos could have meant a lot to the community but then they are shy and they don’t like being on a video.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Install FFMPEG on serverMy Profile

    1. You’re right Keral, it’s definitely not for everyone if they can’t find a comfort level with doing it. Still, I like to encourage people to step beyond their boundaries with something that’s relatively safe, unlike pushing someone off a cliff. 🙂

  5. Oh wow Mitch, I bet I’ve done over 300 videos. I recently took down 10 so right now my count is up to 195 and I’ve been on YouTube since 2008 myself.

    When I was with another program some years back I probably took down about a good 90 videos because I was shooting them like I was taught but later learned YouTube hates that so instead of getting my account banned I deleted them all.

    The first probably 10 videos I ever did I’ve deleted those too. They were horrible in my opinion but I was just really hard on myself.

    I don’t do those types of challenges unless I know I really have the time to put into them. I need to shoot more videos but just haven’t done it in awhile. Bummer.

    So, you got a few more to shoot then right!

    Adrienne recently posted..Blogging: We Are In It To Win ItMy Profile

    1. I have a lot to shoot for Adrienne, and right now my goal is to have 100 videos on there by the end of the year; pretty ambitious and yet I think it’s easily attainable. I also have some videos on my channel that I was thinking about removing but I’ve decided to keep them there because they’re honest, even if they never get any views.

  6. Hello Mitch,

    Long time since my last comment here.

    I do agree about the big influence the video has currently both on the notorious channels (like youtube) but also on the self website.
    These days I am learning a lot of things about on page seo with the help of video. Right now I am doing quite well with my main keyword followed by “video” string. I am not expecting to have my video thumbnailed on google results (even though I’ve already sent a video sitemap to google) but still I like to take the advantage of the video string for my regular text seo.
    By the way, have you considered to make the captions for your video ?
    Alex Saru recently posted..Adaugat magazin piese auto, Bucuresti.My Profile

    1. Hi Alex. I won’t be doing captions any time soon because you have to transcribe the entire video yourself so the captions make sense. If you’ve seen any from videos where it wasn’t done you’ll have noticed how inaccurate it is otherwise; horrible stuff.

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