Verifying Your Products Links

As you’ve probably noticed, at the end of almost every individual post I pop in an affiliate sales banner of some kind; there’s one on this post. A couple of posts ago, I was thinking of adding a banner for one of the products I market via my side panel, now named “Recommended Products”. I knew I’d seen a banner for that particular item, or site, and so I went to my main source to look for it.

The source is Clickbank, which is one of the top affiliate sources in the world; so I’ve been told. Anyway, I did my search for this particular entity, and it wasn’t there, anywhere. I put in different combinations, and nothing came up. I thought this was strange, because I’d initially gotten the link through them.

So, I sent their customer service a letter, because I just couldn’t find it. Then I went directly to the source, where they’re still promoting themselves through Clickbank, and found what I needed. Then, just a little while ago, I received email from Clickbank telling me that this particular company is no longer one they represent. Well, when the heck did that happen? I’ve been promoting this thing for over 2 years, and suddenly it’s no longer valid? How long has it not been valid? And, since I’m a member of Clickbank, and they knew who I promote, why didn’t I receive some sort of notification? That’s how both Commission Junction and Google Affiliate Network works.

No matter. I’ve removed the link from the side and replaced it with something else, and, after this post, now have to go back to the other post and remove that banner link and put something else there. Not a biggie, but a little notice would have been nice. Anyway, this is proof that, sometimes, we have to check our own stuff out, just to make sure it’s still valid, especially if we want to get paid. Word to the wise.

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  1. Not me, Dennis! But yeah, I’m going to need to check all the links on my other sites. These companies give you these links with the images, then they change them on their side and you never know about it.

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