Twitter Mix Of Sociability And Business

Tuesday night I found myself on a Twitter chat that I’d never participated in before. The hashtag for the chat is #SMmanners, and basically they talk about how people interact with each other through social media.

Social Networking
by Ron Magnes

One of the things we talked about was how people decide who to follow and if they participate in trying to be sociable with others. It seems I was a big hit when I stated that I only follow people who show that they will talk to others every once in awhile. I also stated that if you reach out to someone here and there and they don’t respond, not only are they missing a great opportunity to make a positive impact but I tend to drop those people after a couple of attempts and move on with life. I say I guess I made an impact because that one hour session ended up giving me 20 more people who decided to follow me regularly on Twitter.

Y’all have seen me talk about the need to talk to people on Twitter because true social media isn’t a one way street. There hasn’t been one person who’s commented on this blog and said they love following people who only post links, quotations, or retweets all the time. No one pays any attention to those people after awhile because they’re not really offering them anything new. No one pays any attention to someone whose only activity on Twitter is to post sales messages.

One of the reasons we have blogs is to get our points of view out. We hope that sometimes we’ll get people to comment on what we have to say, and if we’re smart we respond to people who stop by and take the time to comment. It’s known as courtesy, but it’s also the point of social media.

Of course, there’s the influence factor of it all as well. No matter what I write on a blog, if someone stops by and reads what I have to say, whether they agree or not, I’ve affected some kind of influence on the reader. If the person comments, it means my influence was stronger enough to elicit a response. If I comment back I have gained just a bit more influence, whether I’m in agreement with the commenter or not. Of course positive influence always works best long term, but many people who recommend that you be controversial in your posts have found that affecting people negatively can sometimes boost your ratings as well.

How does all of this affect your business? You want people to get to know you. If all you do is put out, put out, and put out, and you don’t respond to people who reach out to you, you’re not going to get any business if that’s your ultimate goal. There are multiple ways to reach people, but you have to be willing to give them something back if they respond. That’s the true essence of social media.

And that’s part of what I’ll be telling a group of people next Monday night at a presentation I’m doing for a local library on the business of social media. Yup, I’m staying busy. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Twitter Mix Of Sociability And Business”

  1. Way to go Mitch. Getting the word out about being social 🙂 I spent part of last night and again this evening unfollowing people and blocking spammers who had somehow got onto my follow list!

    As you say, why would you want to follow someone on Twitter who doesn’t interact? I know some people are all into numbers and don’t really care, but I sure do. Would rather have less followers and be communicating with them. The numbers will grow organically and that’s fine with me.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. We’re kindred spirits here, Pat. It doesn’t mean one can’t do all the other stuff but goodness, talk to people every once in awhile, especially if they reach out to you. And saying “thank you” doesn’t cut it as conversation.

  2. I’ve never used the # tag on twitter before Mitch. Reckon I may have to do that one of these days.

    I’m not as social on Twitter as I could be but that’s probably because most of the stuff that comes my way doesn’t move me to comment. I’m not about to add anything just for the sake of it, I want my input to have meaning and if I can’t say anything useful I won’t say anything at all.

    1. I’ve noticed that; that and all the flirting you do with Kim & Sheryl. lol

    1. Exactly DeAnna, and we’ve both seen it on Twitter. Then again, it could be like how some people act when they start drinking, their real personality comes out.

  3. I agree, social marketing and twitter are working well when you are social, writing only commercial tweets doesn’t help much, but when you discuss and comment with others there is high probability that they will click the click. From other point of view, this is the fastest way to announce promotion to existing customers.

    1. Thanks Carl. I tend to believe many people love engaging with others, but when you see some of the numbers, you’re left wondering how and when it will happen for some of those folks.

  4. I always feel like I’m talking at the wind on Twitter. That said, I do try to check my @replies to see if anyone spoke to me and I missed it. Of course, it may be a day or so before I reply, but I do try to anyway. 😉

    1. Even days later before responding is better than just ignoring it, Anne, so I applaud you for that.

  5. I almost always reply to @ mentions but sometimes twitter just aint helping me at all. It’s not once that I found myself with a dreaded “please try again” error message.

    But you know what’s funny, is that Gail from growmap wrote a post about the same topic, is this going to become a full blown media topic?! If yes, then you can say that you were among the first, Mitch!

    1. Thanks Alex. Actually, I think Gail’s running a script of some kind because over the weekend she was following me, and two days ago when I ran this program to see who I was following that wasn’t following me her name showed as someone who wasn’t following me so I dropped her. I’ve never gotten the error messages you’re getting; is that when you’re writing something there?

  6. Allan, you’re killing me. I see your retweets every once in awhile, but I’ve never seen you have a conversation. Still, it’s not for me to notice it unless you’re talking to me, which could happen one day if we’re on at the same time. The overall thing is that if people decide to really use it to their advantage it can be invaluable, both personally and for business purposes.

  7. Me, if you will take a quick glance at my twitter account (@ronniedare) my number of tweets says it all. I think, I am enjoying twitter more than facebook. I enjoy how thing goes at twitter as well.

    1. We’re connected on Twitter Ron, yet we always seem to miss each other; must be a time thing. lol

      1. Maybe its the time zone or difference perhaps? I don’t tweet at night time here (day time for you I guess). Maybe that’s why?

  8. I admit I am not much of a Twitter conversationalist, Mitch. All I do is tweet and retweet and then leave. Although, I do my best to reply to thank you’s and some other stuff that needs replying. I hope this does not make me anti-social though because I do spend an amount of time doing blog comments. 😉 Soon, when I am sure I can keep up with all these social media efforts, I probably will do more on Twitter. 🙂

    1. Well, it depends on if you see any results from how you’re tweeting Wes. Some might not like it, but if you have some people paying attention to you then it’s all good.

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