Trying An Adwords Campaign

Trying to build upon my attempt at marketing my new ebook, I’ve decided to try to run an Adwords campaign for it. I’ve set myself up with the starter program, rather than the standard package, mainly because I’m not ready to deal with all the extras that the standard package gives you. I wanted to start slow, see what happens, and then see how I feel about it all.

This isn’t my first attempt at using Adwords. I first used this same program to market my first book, Embrace The Lead, where I had many clicks but didn’t make a single sale. Then I tried to use it to market my Evaluation Module, but got very few clicks. I ran each of those for three weeks, then discontinued it.

This time around, I’m not sure how long I’ll be running it. My first thought is that this may be more useful to more people, and therefore I might get more clicks on it. The second thought is that it looks like I’m being hit for $1.05 for each click, and with what I’ve budgeted, that’s not going to get me all that far. I know the ad is showing up because it tells you how many impressions there are, which means how many times the ad is showing up on their advertiser pages, so I know it’s showing up. And one of the difficulties you have is that you get three lines, the first line 25 characters, the next two 35 characters each. One really has to be creative about this sort of thing.

So, we’ll see how effective this all turns out to be. I’ll keep you posted.

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