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As you know, last week I decided to take a shot at writing two posts a day, with the second daily post highlighting a product of mine. I thought that waiting a couple of days and then looking back at how it all went as far as traffic and analytics went would be an interesting thing to see.

I have to say that “interesting” really is the correct word for it; “well” definitely is not. Whenever you try something new, you need to have at least a couple of things you want to track as far as seeing what happened. In my case I wanted to see three things: one, would anyone actually read the product posts; two, would my traffic go up because I had two posts a day for a week (okay, six days); three, would I send any traffic to my other sites, where all my products ultimately reside.

Let me start with this; I never expected to sell a single product. If I’d gotten lucky maybe one or two sales might happen, but I wasn’t expecting it. That’s because this blog really isn’t for that type of thing. What I expect I’ll do is run the same exact series on my business blog, almost word for word, and see if it generates anything there, though that blog isn’t nearly as popular at this one.

Now, a quick look at my three things. The first was whether anyone would actually read any of the posts. Well, I think I knew someone would read them, but how many folks. It turns out not all that many. None of those posts made the top 10 visited articles for the week, though 5 of them made the top 20. That’s not so bad until you see the numbers overall.

That’s because now we have to look at the second thing, overall traffic. And my overall traffic was down for the week, even with two posts a day. It dropped precipitously after Monday, and by Saturday, I was showing visit numbers lower than normal. Okay, it was a holiday week in the U.S., so I’ll try to take that into consideration to a small degree, since most people still have internet access during holidays, but even I wasn’t as active online as I normally might be. I will say this, however; those folks that did read the product posts spent more time reading them than my normal average except for one post, so that’s a bright spot.

That brings me to the third thing, which is if I drove any traffic to my other sites. On this one I’d have to say that the word “drive” is ambitious. A couple of people came over and looked at a product, but left almost immediately; average page view time was 16 seconds. That’s on the business blog. On my SEO website, only 3 people clicked on the product, and it averaged 0 seconds; how does an analytic show 3 visitors and no time on a site? Well, it did; freaky.

What can I take away from this? Actually, I’m not sure. Do I go with my entry premise that almost no one would really care about my particular type of products on this site? Actually, I think I can say “yes” to that one. Is this an indictment against 2 posts on one day as being too much? I’m not as sure on that one, but it’s possible that it could have felt like overwhelm. Some folks might have seen two posts, been unsure which one to click, and just avoided both of them. Maybe Chris Brogan’s thought on multiple posts a day doesn’t work, but I can’t be sure about it. Will this type of thing work better on my other blog, where that’s really the audience I want to reach for at least some of these things? I’m not sure about that one either.

Hmmm, maybe this one wasn’t as scientific as I had hoped it might be in the long run. Too many extenuating circumstances to get a clear thought on it all. Then again, it gave me something to write about, and once again proves that one can find inspiration anywhere. You have any thoughts on it?

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24 thoughts on “Traffic From My Campaign”

  1. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the Holiday Week thing. Yes, we had Internet access, but most people I know were extra busy with meal preparations, making up billets for 142 house guests and of course being trampled in the malls on Friday.

    I could be wrong (it has happened… once) but I think that had a hand in depressing your numbers.

    1. I’m hoping so, Allan. I’ll have to run that campaign again, maybe in 4 months or so. Just like me, though, to pick the wrong time to do something. lol

    1. Carlton, I have the energy to write lots more content; I’m assuming you’re talking about the energy of readers?

      1. Carlton, it seems that traffic really only dropped Thanksgiving week, which means the same will probably happen Christmas week as well. Guess I’ll be ready for it.

    1. You’re probably correct, Charles. I just didn’t expect that, with two posts a day, it would drop as much as it did.

  2. To be honest, Mitch ~ if you’d sent me 2 post notifications in one day, I would probably have read only one, and then only because it was you! Anyone else wouldn’t have got that read, since I have been putting in long hours the last two weeks – in fact yesterday was a 22 hour day!

    Holidays aside, we, as bloggers must understand that people in general MIGHT have a life. You know…. spouse, kids, perhaps a hobby… sport. What? Yes… some people DO have those things although I know that you and I don’t! LOL! It was those holidays – family arrived, the turkey needed cooking, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, gotta get the tree up, etc ad nauseum!

    Don’t beat up on yourself, OK?

    Besides, remember I told you that I never look at the ads – just the content? Maybe.. just MAYBE, there are other Althea’s out there??????


    1. Althea, I don’t ever beat myself up for things I do on this blog. However, if you skipped those particular advertising posts, then you missed a lot of stories about me and the process; you and other people. Maybe no one cares, but I still put them all out there.

  3. Oh, I didn’t miss the posts….. just the ads that surround the posts. You see my interest is in WHAT you have to SAY – not what your site is selling.


  4. Hi Mitch

    I read all your articles and enjoyed visiting your other blog too. However as far as traffic went; I found the same thing and as you know I usually only post one article a week!

    I think most of it was your holidays over in the States. Was thinking about it only this morning. Maybe it’s a time for me to take a break too.

    Was hard to find blogs to visit with anything meaningful on them. Most were just talking about the sbopping sales, bargains etc which have no significance for me here in Oz.

    Going on Twitter this morning I see a lot of new posts and people seem to be back in work mode. Phew, it’s good to see people around again.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Pat, lots of people started their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales pitches. Some of the affiliate programs I’m hooked up with had special deals as well, but I decided I’m not a one-day sale kind of guy.

  5. The topics about your books were really interesting Mitch and I have promised that I will buy at least one product. However, I am still chasing my customers and it is always the same every single month. I guess those are the risks of online business. I saw that many people are interested too.

  6. The qualifier might be USEFUL posts a day, too. If you write up your thoughts on why the Cleveland Show should never have spun off from Family Guy, I probably won’t find that useful (though I would agree with your premise). If you write up a way for me to better integrate email marketing with my social presence, than I’ll find it useful.

    This post is VERY useful, because I get a sense of your take, I get a sense of how you implemented it, etc.

    I’m interested in seeing what else you come up with. : )


    1. Thanks Chris, and welcome to my community; I’m honored by your presence. I have to admit that your statement has just given me an interesting idea for another blog post (not the one about the Cleveland Show, though you’re right on the money with that thought). It won’t be immediate, but it’s coming soon.

  7. I think al ot had to do with the holiday- I know I’m DAYS behind reading the blogs I subscribe to.

    And interestingly enough, the night before Thanksgiving on my radio show, I had 30-second commercials where listeners could call in with their name, biz or blog name & URL and if they had any holiday give-away’s to tell us about.

    I was also going to list all of the listener’s info on the show’s blog….

    No one listened or called in the day of the airing, but there have been numerous listens since…..

    I think now through the new year will be rough, but we just have to keep plugging away!

  8. Personally Mitch I reckon that two posts a day may be a little much for the average reader, especially if they’ve subscribed to a lot of blogs.

    Useful may be a qualifier but even then I reckon you’d be pushing the envelope a little.

    1. Sire, I’ve thought about that one myself. I think if I wrote 2 posts like I normally write them that it would definitely be overwhelming. However, a more minimal post as the second one might not be so bad. I’m going to be experimenting here and there over the next couple of weeks just to see how they’re received.

      1. Nothing wrong with trialling different things out Mitch, especially if you happen to stumble on the right combination.

      2. You know Sire, if I even make one little sale from it, even a click or two, then it’s all good.

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