Top 50 Blogger List Aspirations

Yesterday I came across an interesting blog post titled 50 Most Influential People In Blogging 2010. This is a list, or at least the type of list, that I’m shooting for to get more recognition for what I do on this blog.

Whenever I come across lists like this, I tend to do a few things. The first thing I do is see who’s on the list that I know and have talked to in some fashion. There’s a few people on this list like that, so at least I know a few prominent people. Then I look to see other names I recognize, and that number here is just slightly higher than the first one.

The next thing I do is take a look at those people who are on the list that I’ve never heard of, most specifically to see what their rankings are compared to mine. After all, one wants to see what the competition has over you (I use “competition” here only as a comparison word, because I think the belief that we as bloggers actually compete against each other is ridiculous). And based on my perceptions, I believe I’ve come up with some differences.

The first difference is that about 70% of the people whose blogs I visited have a pop-up as soon as you get to the page. Most of them seem to be promoting either a product or newsletter subscription. Y’all know my belief on that one; if I have to add an annoying pop-up to my blog then I’m just not doing it. As a matter of fact, I tend to not visit all that many blogs more than a couple of times if they do have pop-ups. I don’t like toolbars either, but at least those things aren’t blocking the content before you get to check it out. Anyway, who do I know, or at least have exchanged a word or two with at some point on the list: See below:

Darren Rowse

David Risley

Erica Douglass

Denise Wakeman

Kristi Hines (buddy #1)

Zac Johnson

Lynn Terry

Hesham Zebida (buddy #2)

Congrats to the buddies of mine who made the list.

The second difference is cross promotion. Many of the folks who are considered big time bloggers all know each other in some capacity. So, they’re good at promoting each other, something that the rest of us aren’t always all that good at. Obviously I’m pretty good at linking outside of my blog to other people, and even better at internal linking, but not everyone does this. Thing is, if we do it to the big time bloggers, it’s already too late because they’ve pretty much stopped reading all their comments; okay, most of them. So, it’s left up to the rest of us to, when it’s legitimate, link to something someone else says that can help them build up their influence.

The third difference is that most of them talk about making money, and that seems to be a major driving force when it comes to people visiting one’s blog. Not everyone, of course, but the overwhelming majority of folks are doing it. Actually, I keep wondering if it’s all that much different than mine. I certainly talk about it often enough, and I test things and tell what my experience is. However, I don’t make money blogging right now, so I talk about other things that have to do with blogging and other interests of mine, and thus those only interested in making money aren’t coming by anymore. That’s okay because I love the rest of you that do stop by on a regular basis. I’d just like there to be more of you out there; I really want to make some of these top 50 lists! lol

I discounted rankings as a difference because of three reasons. One, I actually rank higher than 3 or 4 blogs on the list per Alexa. Two, since I don’t have Google PR on this blog (taken from me), I can’t use that as a comparison at all. Three, the writer didn’t mention rankings as a criteria, and thus it would be presumptuous to think he based everything off that.

So let’s see… what did I learn that’s going to help me spread my influence enough so that I can make one of these lists? I have absolutely no idea. I still can’t talk about only making money by blogging, so that’s not going to get there. If anyone thinks that most of my posts aren’t personally engaging, whether you care for the topic or not, let me know. Actually, personality is a major trait for most of the blogs I saw, though a couple only give information without any extras. It’s certainly not frequency because I believe, writing by myself, I write as frequently, or moreso, as anyone else.

Then what it has to be is the cross promotion part. In other words, I, and by extension the rest of you, have to try to get people to talk more about you on their blogs. We all have to get better at linking to other people, and using what someone else has written as inspiration for us to have something new to write about from time to time, while giving those people a link and a mention when you can. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t give any name recognition to the writer of this blog because all I could find was Michael. He’s violating one of those rules I picked up from Darren Rowse about having an About page and/or Contact page on your site so people know who you are and can contact you. It seems he’s marketing a book or training course he’s created, yet you can’t learn his last name until you buy it; that’s an odd way of branding if you ask me.

Do you have aspirations to be a top 50 blogger on someone’s list? I do! Let’s help each other get there. Or, if you don’t want to get there, then help me! 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Top 50 Blogger List Aspirations”

  1. Hi Mitch
    Firstly somehow I missed yesterdays post! And I am one who needs it lol so will be checking it out after this. Thanks for writing it for this newbie to learn some more yikes techie stuff!!!
    About this post now….somehow I landed on that post too. Not sure how I got there but as I read down the list I just smiled, nodded and thought to myself a few of the things you have mentioned. Can’t say I’m that impressed with a lot of lists out there with their Alexa ranking etc. For me, I would rather have community. I do agree that those of us who want to build authority for our sites should be helping one another and I appreciate all of you who are encouraging me and helping me do just that in my small niche. If you can suggest ways we can do more Mitch then please do.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Well Pat, one of those ways of course is linking to people when you can, sometimes linking to articles. Now, you have a finite niche, so much so that no one else is writing about your topic as far as I know. If they were, you could link to some of their posts when writing yours, like I did with this post. You’d probably be hard pressed trying to fit one of my posts into one of yours, and I’d have the same problem unless I happen to mention you by name, like I did once when I shot you a general link. It works best if you can link to a specific article rather than the main link, but of course any link is appreciated by others.

      1. I read 2 posts today from experienced bloggers and they both mentioned me in their posts! I was surprised but it fitted in with what they were sharing. So they gave me links without me doing anything 🙂 When you say I have a finite niche what do you mean?
        Patricia Perth Australia

      2. Pat, I mean your topic is lavender, period. It’s not healing oils or flowers or scents, it’s lavender. Turns out there’s a lot of blogs out there writing about lavender, and that surprised me. But it’s one specific topic, whereas I’m all over the place.

    1. Althea, I just did a test, and your blog does come up if you put it in, as it’s this one: If you have another blog, I don’t know about it. It only works for blog posts, just so you know. The Active Rain blog doesn’t work because it’s a closed area; I can’t even look at the post you linked to here because of that, so none of us can read it. Here’s what I got:

      You can’t view this post:

      You do not have access to view this blog post. Some common causes are:

      * The post is Members Only and you are not a member or not logged in.
      * The post is in a Private Group and you are not a member.
      * The post has since been moved to Draft Mode by the poster.
      * The poster’s account has been disabled.
      * The post no longer exists.

      So there you go. And thanks for sending my box; can’t wait for it, although I already ate all the candy before I packed that stuff. lol

  2. I am new to blogging. For more than 12 years in IT business, I have usually create a different kind of websites, but finally I found blogging and wordpress. Sure there are many powerful bloggers that make thousands of dollars per day. I guess I am not gonna be soon in top 50, but on the other hand blog is something that you enjoy writing about every topic that you feel.

  3. Hi Mitch

    Shows how much I have to learn – the only person I have heard of from that list is Darren Rowse

    I think what you say about the making money thing – it may seem a bit vulgur in some ways but its a fact that money is a human need – we all need it

    So people generally will create content on that subject. Where I struggle is that making money is something that happens when you have provided something that people want so the subject topic should be marketing to your audience or something like that.

    I still wonder how you manage to find the time to churn out so much content on a daily basis



    1. Peter, I don’t really think about it, I just write it when it comes to me, and luckily something comes to me every day. 🙂

  4. Mitch I haven’t checked out the list yet and I am familiar with 3 bloggers you stated above, but were there any bloggers who did NOT blog about making mony or how-to blog? I mean bloggers let’s say like yourself that blog on different topics that us regular folks are can relate to.

      1. Oh ok just checking. It seems that list leaned more towards those who blogged about blogging and the different aspects of it than those who blogged about other things. I just looked at my previous comment shaking my head because. Usually when I come here to comment, I’m here at least 10 minutes which is long enough to make sure I’ve written an erroneous free sentence. 🙂

      2. And then you added that period behind “because” lol Actually, I’m doubting there’s all that many people writing in my style; maybe that’s my claim to fame one day.

  5. Nice list. I really liked the content on Erica and David’s blogs which I would have never known of until now.

    Have you checked out Andy’s new spam fighting GASP plugin yet?

  6. Mitch, it won’t take too much time until your name and your blog gets into that top list. Seriously speaking you deserve to be there. With all things you shared here at your blog, man you deserve a blogging recognition.

  7. Hey Mitch!

    I only know Darren, Hesham, and Kristi.

    They are awesome bloggers, i agree.

    I will definitely look at the rest of those bloggers.

    Thanks for the links.

  8. Hey Mitch,
    Don’t worry about not being in the top 50 bloggers list. You just keep doing your thing, because you are doing it well.
    I don’t know on what Michael based his rankings, because I am pretty sure no one gave him their account balance.
    I know is disappointing in working hard and not have your work recognized by others but persevere, I know that you can do it.
    I hope you wont change (start talking about how to make money fast, super seo first page in one day posts), just be more active in the community :P.
    I don’t need any kind of top to tell me you worked hard for getting here.

    1. Alex, I only talk about things I know or have an opinion of or test. Making money online is kind of a quest, but since I haven’t gotten there I really can’t talk much about it. I do talk about SEO from time to time, since I do that, but there are no quick ways to get to the top of Google unless you pay them for that spot, and that’s not real. So, I’ll just churn away doing what I do. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the list, Mitch. Pretty helpful if we want to get some tips on how these people do it. Of course, I will still maintain my principles of keeping a clean site with no pop-ups no matter what I might see in these sites. 😉

    Have a good one.

    – Wes –

    1. I think we all appreciate that, Wes. It’s just so hard for me to convince some folks how much I hate popups.

  10. Hey Mitch! I think you have an awesome personality, and it totally shows in your posts! That has to be a reason why some people come back. I know that I follow people who write content I can apply to my situation, and who is also different in some way that appeals to me. There are a ton of bloggers in every niche now and there has to be something to differentiate, even if it is a funny comment at the end of your post 🙂

    I’m also game for cross promotion. In fact, I have been doing this for 1.5 years now and while I have had some success with getting to page one for my keywords and hitting certain milestones as far as traffic, I totally lack in comments and building community around the blog. It seems to be a big peice I’m missing and I have started working on that. Can’t wait to see how it works!

    1. Susan, you just keep visiting other blogs and commenting on them, and being complimentary, and you’ll have folks flocking to your blog, which is very good by the way. You also have CommentLuv; that should get some folks commenting.

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