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This used to be a much more difficult thing to talk about. As more and more news sources moved online, it seemed like it was going to be pretty easy to find news that you wanted to read. However, what’s happening now is that you’re finding that some of your favorite sites are moving to a paid model. What this has done for me is taken me back to many of the news sources I used to check out before I got more specific with news.

I’m probably not the only one who looks at news online. Local news is also online, but I tend to want to watch that when it’s live. This is for all that other news, including news you never even thought you wanted to know about. And none of these sites cost you a thing; those are excluded. These aren’t necessarily the people who put out the news; just a place where you can go to get the news you want.

Excite is my favorite place to go for customized news for only this reason; it doesn’t require you to go to an extra page before you can see your news. At one point they had created a sales page that used to pop in before it took you to a news story but those days seem to be gone. You can select from tons of choices, select from hundreds of colors and backgrounds, and it’s a lot of fun. The best feature for me is the TV listings at the bottom, which no other news site, even my local sites, don’t give me. You can customize it based on the type of service you have, and then customize it to see only the channels you want to see; neat! The only gripe I have is that you can’t get rid of their own advertising content along the left side and at the top, but truthfully, I don’t even notice it anymore, and only noticed it when deciding to write this post.

My Yahoo is my number two source of customized news. It’s not the first place I go, but I love that it has more news sources to select from than Excite. It also has all the customization that Excite has. My one gripe is that many of the links you hover over have a plus sign come up, which means you’ll either have to click on that to go to a preview page and then the news, or you can hold down on control and click on it and go to the news story. It’s a small irritation, but one just the same.

CNN is always the first site I go to for my news. It’s clean, efficient, and at least the headlines are always up to date. I’ve customized Firefox so I see it differently than most people do. If I have a gripe, it’s that it doesn’t update the minor news stories as often as it updates everything else. Still, it’s quick and easy access to current news.

MSNBC is another great news source that allows for minor customization of where you get your news from. Very minor; for instance, the closest local news I get is about 30 minutes away. But they have lots of content and change it more often than CNN does.

Reuters is a great news choice and has lots of coverage of overseas issues, which for some of you makes it more valuable than my truly American slantings. Still, it looks like it customizes itself based on your location, which probably means I’m seeing a much different front page than someone would in another country. It also offers a different slant on the news that, for me, is sometimes enjoyed and hated at the same time, but always intriguing.

And there you go; now, go learn something!

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Online News Sources”

  1. I had no clue Excite was even still running. I remember I had an email there and that use to be my homepage. What I do is use Netvibes and I aggregate all my favorite news sources as well as entertainment and social networking site there and its all on on page in different tabs. I will go visit Excite and see how things are going there. I noticed no mention of Fox news 🙂

    1. Karen, you’ll never see me mention Faux News in a positive light on this blog; just ain’t happening. I’d never heard of Netvibes; see, this is why you need a second blog, so you can mention things like that.

  2. Hi Mitch
    We sure get a variety of topics over here eh??!! Love it. Never know quite what I’ll find but always worth joining in the conversation.
    I look at my ISPs newsfeed when I log on. That is Aussie news first then it takes on world news.
    Then I have friends on twitter who tweet world headlines so I also keep up that way too. Still also like to see what is happening in the UK as I lived and worked there for a long time.
    Patricia Perth Australia

      1. No fear of that Mitch. You’re posts are way too interesting and fun to not stop by for my daily dose 🙂

  3. If i want to see the news I usually go directly to a newspapers or television website, I am not into news aggregates, although I used iGoogle at some point in my internet life.
    I think world news is not really my passion and I usually watch the 7 o’clock news to stay in touch with my local news 🙂

    1. Local news is a much different animal because it’s specific to your area. However, I’m not one of those folks who often watches the national news, I must admit. I don’t have the TV on enough to watch those, so I get my news online; it just works for me.

  4. We almost overlap with the sources, actually I used to live in China about 4 years ago and I found that reading news on internet can be a real challenge. Every news website was blocked excepts Excite. Even part of Yahoo news were unavailable. I hope things have changed as I am planning my trip back to China in the beginning of next year.

    1. I’m not really surprised things were blocked in China, and unfortunately Carl, I think they still will be.

  5. I’ve never been a huge fan of reading news online as an everyday thing, although it’s the first place I check when I hear of something happening – if it’s not on “YNN_- Your news now!”

    Although it seems to take them an hour to get a crew to the scene….

    1. Carolee, that’s probably because the YNN team is actually in Albany and not in Syracuse, so they have to scramble to get crews to local events. I find that channel a bit repetitive during the day. But since I’m online almost all the time, I like having different sources I can go to for information and, oddly enough, inspiration for things to write about.

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