Time Is Always A Factor

For the next few months, some of you are going to be disappointed, while some of you are going to be extremely happy. The frequency of blog posts are going to slow down a little bit, and it’s possible that I might only be able to get a post in every couple of days instead of my two posts a day pace. One never fully knows, of course, but there’s a reason for it all.

As y’all know, I’m a health care consultant who lives in New York state. As of yesterday I am all the way across the country, Reno Nevada to be exact, where I’ll be working on a long term consulting assignment, which doesn’t include the last two weeks of this month, which is the holiday season. I’m not saying where I’ll be at, but I will say that there’s going to be some major adjustments as it pertains to time.

Time is an interesting thing, isn’t it? For instance, I’m writing this at 6:15 in the morning where I am, but if I were home it would be 9:15 and this would all seem normal to me. In flying here yesterday, I left at 7:30 my time and got to Reno at noon their time, which means my travel day was seven and a half hours. It’s amazing that one can get across the entire United States in such a relatively short time.

But time will play havoc with your life, even while in the same country. For instance, I wanted to order dinner from the hotel last night, but in this time zone it was too early for anyone to deliver, even though at home it was 7:30 in the evening. So I had to alter plans and go to find food. Then I was really exhausted last night and thought I’d go to bed early, then realized that going to bed early here would have had me waking up at probably 2 in the morning here, as I usually only sleep 6 hours at a time, and that wouldn’t do because it’s going to be a long enough day for me today, the first one on a new contract, so I forced myself to stay up until 11PM, which, at home, would have “only” been 2AM, a time I regularly stay up past, but without the “luxury” of flying across the country.

And, now that I’ve flown across the country, I realize that I’m going to have to change all of my time pieces to reflect where I am, since I’m going to be here three weeks, otherwise I’m going to drive myself nuts. This means my watch, my laptop, my Palm, and my phone. Well, actually, not the phone, which automatically reset the time when I made my first call home to tell my wife I was here. When I changed the time in my Palm, I then had to remember to go back in and change all the alarms that I’d set for this upcoming week, which I’d originally set for 3 hours ahead.

But eating is going to be the hardest thing to deal with. Luckily, the hotel breakfast starts at 6AM, so I’ll catch that easily enough. But dinner,… I usually eat dinner around 6PM, but here that’s 3PM, and being diabetic and trying to stay on some kind of schedule, waiting another 3 to 4 hours to eat isn’t going to work for me. So, I’ll have to figure something out there. Luckily, I’m staying in a Homewood Suites, which means that once I find a grocery store, I can at least make some prepared meals, but I’m also going to have to buy containers, disposable ones so I won’t have to worry about trying to transport those things back and forth across the country.

By the way, just to talk about my first day here a little bit, I drove under the famous Reno gambling sign last night, though it wasn’t planned, while I was out on one of my excursions, scoping out where I’ll be working. Oddly enough, for me anyway, I’ll be working one block away from three casinos; ouch! On my drive to where I’ll be working, on one road I passed two casinos, and on another I passed 5 more. For a poker player like myself, this is going to be an interesting place to be on the weekends. Reno itself is very brown; no grass to speak of, or at least no real grass. When you come into town, all you see are mountains, some with snow on them, most no snow, but brown everywhere. How people decide to live in a desert is beyond me, but at this time of the year the temperatures are pretty much the same as where I live. The only difference is that yesterday here the sun was out all day, whereas at home they had a flash snowstorm, then a flash ice storm, and they’ll see very little sun over the next five months.

Anyway, this is my explaining why I won’t be around as much. This doesn’t mean that I may not have one of those creative bursts and write a bunch of articles and future post them; that’s one of the beauties of WordPress, I must say. And, occasionally I may tell a story or two about my adventures here; I hope you won’t mind.

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13 thoughts on “Time Is Always A Factor”

  1. Hey, sorry to hear about that Mitch, although maybe I can keep up with all your posts now 😛

    I expect to hear about your casino adventures as well 😛

    Dan´s last blog post..Craft Your Way To Success

    1. Well Dan, I knew you’d be one who would appreciate the slowdown. Just don’t get overly comfortable with it; you never know when I’ll find big time inspiration and rest.

  2. hey Mitch,
    Thanks for the Reno arch picture. It brings back memories, as Reno was where I grew up. You are right – it is quite brown this time of year, and will be so until next spring. Good to know that you are a poker player so you should not be tempted by the “one armed bandits”!
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Stay at Home Dads and Goulash

    1. Nah, I rarely play those things anymore, now that they’re almost all computerized. To me, that took the “chance” out of chance.

  3. OH NO! You are in the midst of all those casinos. Hell we may not hear from you again until your stint there is over with. LOL

    I must say that time is an interesting factor. When I was a whole lot younger I was reflecting upon the time factor and I realized that if I lived to be a hundred and slept the so called ‘require’ 8 hours a day I would have slept for 33 years. Imagine what I could have done in that time?

    Sire´s last blog post..Can You See The Human Apparition In This Splash Of Water

    1. Isn’t that the scariest thing, Sire. That’s why I wish I’d never have to sleep again; but that’s not happening, as we all know.

    1. There’s actually a bunch of casinos here, Sire. There’s at least 10 from my count, but many other places have at least slot machines, including the airport.

  4. It must be difficult to get inspiration at 6.15 in the morning and tough to be away from home for so long. Will be interesting to hear some post’s about casino experiences though, I can never understand how someone can walk into a place and loose thousands of pounds of their own free will. Casino’s would be strictly a watching experience for me I’m afraid.

    1. People are willing to lose some money in the hopes that they’ll win much more, Khaled. For instance, and bragging rights so far, I went to a casino last night, started with $80, and left up over $650. That won’t happen all the time, of course, but if it happens enough, I wouldn’t be mad at anyone.

      1. Wow I can see the attraction if you can win that kind of money in such a short space of time. Will have to do a post on your outgoings versus winnings after the 3 weeks and see where you stand then. Good luck.

      2. I just might update on that one, Khaled, although I’m hoping to tell myself not to push my luck too often. lol

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