Thoughts On Facebook – The Followup

At this point, I’ve been on Facebook about 18 months. I realize that I’ve talked less about it specifically, as this is only my third post about them, than about Twitter, whom I’ve talked about more than 30 times; wow!

The last point I wrote about Facebook had to do with what I considered bloat, as in all those applications and games and the like that seem to proliferate there. And it continues to grow, as well as the little odd stuff, and even Facebook’s advertising. But this post is kind of a follow up to a post I wrote last year in May called, oddly enough, Thoughts About Facebook.

Back then, I was saying how I was slightly dismayed because there doesn’t seem to be much conversation going on there, even though they have literally thousands of groups. That still seems to be the case now. I have noticed that the users of Facebook seemed to have figured out that they have some kind of power, because groups can spring up out of nowhere about something that someone dislikes, and within a week can have well over 50,000 people who are mad about the same thing; how come no one ever creates one of those groups where everyone is happy?

I also talked about a group that I’d set up at the time, and even though it seemed to be a needed topic, I had less than 25 people who had joined. Well, I never have reached 50 people, and the people who have joined almost never talk; actually, most of them have never said a word. I’m an only child and know how to talk to myself, but I’m not going to publicly keep doing it if I’m not sure if anyone else really cares.

I will give Facebook some credit for this one, though. In the last few months I have connected, albeit briefly, with people that I haven’t seen in years. And I’m not talking 2 or 3 years. I connected with a guy who was one of my first roommates in college over 30 years ago. I only saw him the one semester, then never saw him again, and he found me on Facebook. Then about two weeks later, someone who was supposed to be my roommate for my junior year showed up and reached out to me; that’s just under 30 years. I’ve connected with a few other people I hadn’t talked to in many, many years, or rather they found me, and that’s always a nice thing because, well, that used to be me, searching for everyone, then at one point I thought “hey, they don’t care, so I’ll stop”, and then they’re suddenly anew in my life.

And, just as suddenly, they’re gone. And it’s that thing that’s disappointing about Facebook. People may have great intentions, but there’s so many distractions on Facebook that they just can’t stay focused, and they either get caught up in all that noise oro they leave because it’s all too confusing. People rarely talk, and that’s bothersome to someone like me. And what was Facebook’s solution to that? They added a Twitter stream to the site so people can see Twitter messages there; what does that say about Twitter? And are they going to get me to talk about Twitter here now?

Nope; the links I’ve put in are sufficient. Still, I have to say that, though I’m kind of disappointed, I’m staying on Facebook. Just having the opportunity to find long lost friends and acquaintances, and get to play all these different versions of Scrabble (I’d play Scrabble, but the folks who created it messed it up, and it moves too slowly), is enough to keep me visiting. But I rarely stay long, and if Facebook is going to hope to make money off itself, it’s going to have to figure out how to keep people still long enough to get their attention. Then again, in my affiliate marketing attempts, I guess I need to figure out the same thing, eh?

That’s how I see it, though; what about you?

13 thoughts on “Thoughts On Facebook – The Followup”

  1. Thanks Dennis; missed that one. Now let’s see,… you don’t do Facebook, don’t do Twitter,… gotta be out there doing something besides writing on other people’s blogs. lol

    1. LOL! Actually, maybe that needs to be a post for you to write, why Dennis is successful. I tell you, if I could make a living by working from home for the rest of my life, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    1. It’s something, isn’t it? I’m thinking we did way more along the line of business conversations on Ryze than we’ve ever done on Facebook.

      1. Actually Dennis, I didn’t know that about either one of them when I signed up for each, at much different times. LinkedIn was easily known as a business site, whereas Myspace was easily known as a social site. I knew nothing about the other two until I joined.

  2. ya.i agree with you on this article.i use both face book and twitter for marketing…

  3. yeah i like facebook and use it for marketing but i’d rather use twitter as i use it with a lot more success

    almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

  4. well Mitch, i added a lot of friends from high school and my childhood and convinced them that what I was doing was making me a lot more successful and they followed. But I haven’t really used it all that often.

    almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

      1. no what I mean by this, my friends are always skeptical their the kind of individuals that wouldn’t believe a thing until they get solid proof. I showed them the proof of what I was doing was really working and they wanted in. But than they started to annoy me because they weren’t doing as well as me. The biggest mistake I made was opening my mouth and telling them about it I think it’s best to not bring any friends or family into anything that involves money. STEER CLEAR FROM THEM!!!

        almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

      2. Oh, you’re talking about making money online; I thought you were talking about getting them to sign up on Facebook. No, sometimes you just can’t tell your friends things like this unless you’re ready to hold their hands and help show them the way. Of course, you know that would make a nice post on your blog, how you make money online, with some real steps. That’s the one thing that bothers me about many of these sites that talk about making money. They give you the same thing over and over, but no one actually tells you the steps they actually took to do it. If I ever get there, I’m telling y’all!

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