The Secret Is There’s No Secrets

Back in March, I wrote kind of a rant post on people who keep writing these posts about driving massive traffic to one’s blog. In it, I griped that these people keep writing the same thing, almost to the point where I wondered if people are just copying what someone else says without putting any real thought into it.

Six months later, I’m still seeing the same kind of thing, only these days people are couching it within the phrase “The Secrets To…” or something like that.

I read a couple earlier today, knowing what I was going to see and was still irked by it. One talked about how to get more visitors to your blog. The other was about how to get free advertising to one’s blog. Both are the same exact things I’ve seen before; nothing new, and not even written all that originally. Like I said, it’s as if people are just copying it from someone else’s site.

Now, I’ll be a little bit fair. Maybe, to someone, this is all new information. It’s just hard to believe, after I’ve been doing this for so many years, that this is new stuff for all that many people, especially the people who are writing it. And, to be fair again, I guess the other problem is that there’s not really much new that anyone can really offer on most of these subjects.

I mean, really, what’s new that someone can come along with to help drive traffic to their blogs anyway? The only things I really haven’t seen much of is sending email to everyone in your email address book asking them to visit your blog, leave a comment, and invite others to stop by. That’s something I’ve done, but only when I feel I’ve written a post that deserves a bit of attention. I’ve never asked anyone to Digg or Delicious or anything else to my posts other than sharing them. I do have that little thing above the comments box where people can do it if they so choose, and I do appreciate it when it happens (though I’m not on Digg or Stumble Upon, so I always wonder how I get traffic from those two places).

The other thing is to try to do offline marketing to see if you can drive people to your blog. I’ve seen postcards sent out to get people to visit websites, but never a blog. I’m thinking the costs of doing it would be prohibitive; after all, those costs are prohibitive when you’re using that kind of marketing for other reasons to begin with.

So, like the myth of “You Can Make 100,000 A Day If You Buy This Program,” the myth of “The Secret Of” is just that; a myth. Now, this isn’t to be confused with something I talk about all the time, that being the movie The Secret, something I’ve mentioned often but never really written about; I’m going to have to get that done soon, probably on my other blog, as it talks about the Laws of Attraction, and I need to have it bringing more people to me than sending people elsewhere.

So, we’re agreed? No more belief in “secrets of” other than what I’ve put below?

The Secret

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15 thoughts on “The Secret Is There’s No Secrets”

  1. Yes it is kind of a balance, writing for newbies and writing for advanced marketers. I think the same thing as you, who hasn’t seen this content before. But then when I survey my list it is amazing how many newbies love that content. I guess there will still be a market for this content until the internet get more penetration. Anyway good thoughts!

    On another note, I like your ReadSpeaker, I have to check that out… Are you posting those to the podcast directories?

    .-= Internet Income Formula´s last blog ..Maximize Your StumbleUpon Toolbar And Traffic To Your Blog =-.

    1. Have to admit IIF, I didn’t even know there were podcast directories. I also don’t quite know if it counts as podcasts, since I’m not sure if you can download the files or not. Guess I’d best check in on that, eh?

      And newbies might like that content, but even they have to say, at some point, “isn’t there anything new?”

      1. I’m a fairly new blogger and I agree with Mitch. Occasionally I come across a post that adds something new to my knowledge on internet marketing, but to me the market is way over-saturated. I just recently read David Risely’s “Six Figure Blogger Blueprint” and even THAT didn’t tell me much of anything new.
        .-= Steven | The Emotion Machine´s last blog ..How To Combat Work Overload =-.

      2. Thanks Steven. The market really is over saturated, but there are some gems here and there which offer something a little bit differently. I’d say that about my book, mainly because of the audience it’s really geared towards, but someone with a lot of knowledge would look at it and say they knew most of what I was talking about already.

    1. That’s my thought, Sire; that and boring because it’s the same thing over and over. It’s one reason I’m hesitant to purchase a lot of products, because everyone’s rehashing the same thing, saying it in the same way. At least a little bit of originality in saying the same thing could be a nice change.

  2. Yeah, you’d think that they would at least jazz it up a bit and make it their own. Gee, where has originality gone these days. Man, I’m sure your wrote a post along those lines somewhere.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..September Contest Update =-.

  3. Hi Mitch

    Good points about lack of originality. I am trying to get away from all that by talking about the same stuff but in my own words – as you say there seems to be so much of the same stuff about but presented in different ways.

    The ‘Secret’ is on my list of things to do, as you have taken time to read some of my material and comment on my Blog – when the time comes I’ll buy it through yourself.

    .-= Peter Davies´s last blog ..Peter Davies In 25 Things You Should Or Maybe I Should Not Know About Me! =-.

    1. Good deal. I’m still going to have to write about it here, and about the Laws of Attraction on my other blog one of these days.

  4. People tend to work with what’s popular and not something new. With that common stuffs, you’ll find it very irritating to read everything cause at the back of your mind, you already know what’s the next thing you’ll see from that particular post (for instance). Of course, as a reader, you want to see something new. At least one or more additional information than the original post.
    .-= Raphael´s last blog ..The Piggy Back Principle and the Yes Sets =-.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Raphael. I can’t believe anyone really thinks that parroting someone else’s words over and over will get people to want to continually visit them, and thus give them the chance to make money. When people keep getting fooled with promises of getting something new, and they don’t get it, they don’t return, and credibility goes away. I mean, I think the least most of us want to see is a little bit of effort.

  5. Successful blog takes time to develop. It needs constant updates, new ideas and optimizing, while in the same time it needs more and more quality backlinks. It is almost no longer possible for one man to maintain and advertise a single blog. It can be done with a maximum effort.

    Or find something really original and blog about that
    .-= Yachts Combson´s last blog ..Isa 600 Superyacht Review with complete photos gallery =-.

    1. I agree, Yachts. But at a certain point, most of us know that stuff, yet some people suddenly report it as “secret”, or something they don’t think people already know. They need to add something to it if that’s going to be their entire post.

    1. It’s the same blog, Wil; I’m just writing differently on this blog as of #500 than I had in the past. That is, unless you didn’t know about my business blog, since you do know about my finance blog already.

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