The Big Blogging Names Aren’t Dofollow

Back in July, I downloaded a little plugin from WordPress that made this a “dofollow” blog, as well as my business blog. I was so proud about it that I wrote about it here.

I still love the fact that people can come here and get some true link love, and of course it benefits me also. However, I’ve been wondering lately if the big time bloggers have their blogs set up as dofollow or not. So, I’ve done a random sample, and I’m sort of disappointed by it all. I checked out John Chow; nope. Shoemoney; nope. Problogger; nope. John Reese; kind of (most of the comments aren’t, but a few are, so he must decide who gets love and who doesn’t). Build a Better Blog; nope. Chris Brogan; nope. Of course, I’ve checked all of these folks using the wonderful SEO for Firefox” add-on.

So, what give anyway? I look at someone like John Chow, who talks about having over 31,000 RSS subscribers, with an Alexa rank of around 41,000, but only a page rank of 3 from Google (the blog has no page rank at all) as someone whose site could not only benefits from sharing links with a lot of people (though I bet he and all the others have lots of people linking to them for free) but could stand to share a little bit of love with the rest of us. Sure, there are those leeches out there who only post something stupid so they can get their name on a big time blog, but that’s not the majority, and I’m betting that very few of them know that their post and link is meaningless. They’d get a lot more juice out of their comments if they posted here, of all things.

That’s a shame. Now, I don’t know if blogs on the Blogger platform can go dofollow or not, but if they can then it’s a shame if they don’t do it. At this juncture, the only two dofollow blogs I definitely know of are all the blogs mentioned by Sire on his guest post, Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz, and Barbara Ling’s blog. So, I’ll urge you to write on those blogs if you want some link love, change your blog to a dofollow blog as soon as you can, and let people know here about your blogs so you can be found.

11 thoughts on “The Big Blogging Names Aren’t Dofollow”

  1. Hey Mitch, I actually found this out long ago but never thought to actually writing a post on it. Good on you mate. I also noticed on ProBlogger that he rarely even replies to comments. Where the hell is the interaction.

    They also still get the inane comments so it doesn’t really make any sense. Personally I am all for sharing.

  2. So am I, Sire. I’m not even sure what made me look, but I’m glad I did. I’ll be checking blogs out from this point on to see if it’s worth commenting on them, or possibly using it to ask them why they’re not set up for dofollow.

  3. I may still comment on Problogger and such only because of the sheer numbers of visitors they get which usually results in some visits to my blog.

  4. The point wasn’t necessarily to “not” post on the big time blogs; just that it might not get anyone as much link juice as they might have thought.

  5. came here to test commentluv [debugon] (has luv) (using curl)

    Andy Baileys last blog post..I love to code

  6. Well Andy, it certainly worked for you; maybe now it’ll work for everyone else; let’s see what happens.

  7. Hi Mitch,

    I have to confess that I didn’t even know about the whole nofollow brouhaha until I made the decision to change my primary blog to a new one powered by WordPress.

    Honestly, I don’t pay a lot of attention to what Google wants. I just try to do my best to pass out good information, and I’m happy to link to other people when they do the same.

    I’m not sure, but I think it was on Sire’s blog where I read about dofollow. It was either there or here.

    I made the decision that I, too, would add the plugin so any comments on my blog would be “do follow”. I think it’s only fair.

    If I’m penalized for affiliate links that don’t have the nofollow attribute, I’m prepared to take the hit, but I think it’s only fair to pass the search engine spiders on to other people’s sites when they take the time and effort to add value to our conversations.

    How long does it take to make a WordPress-powered blog a dofollow blog? Maybe five minutes or so?

    Honestly, I think the developers at WordPress made the wrong decision when they made nofollow the default. It would be easy to add a checkbox to the settings so we can choose to follow links to commenter’s sites, or not.

    Thanks for writing about this, Mitch.

    Act on your dream!


  8. Thanks for participating, John. I’ve been reading more and more about the affiliate links, and it looks like one gets penalized only if that’s the bulk of the site, which, of course, one hopes a blog isn’t.

  9. That’s good to know about the affiliate links, Mitch.

    Lately, I haven’t had the time or energy to do much research on this topic and I’ll gladly listen to what you’ve learned.

    All the best,


  10. Thanks for the confirmation, BV. I’m betting most of those folks have no idea what it even means, but it’s good to know it’s there.

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