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I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Myers newsletter called TalkBiz for probably 6 or 7 years now. I wrote a review a couple of years ago also, if you want a little bit more on it.

Paul has been in the internet marketing business for a long time, and is obviously very successful. His newsletter is one of those that doesn’t come out more than once a week, and sometimes he disappears for awhile. That’s when you know he’s working on something new. I’ve purchased a few of his things over the years, and they’re all written very well. I’ve even put a couple of things to trial, but we all know I’m the worst internet marketer in the world, so they haven’t worked great for me. Don’t ask me which ones; it’s been awhile at this point. Time gets away from us all.

The best thing I ever learned from Paul was this concept of Thud Factor. The idea is that people in general seem to think that the bigger something is, the better and more valuable it is. That’s obviously not always the case, but it’s a perception many people have. So he talked about ways to combine a bunch of stuff into a package that doesn’t cost you all that much more, and still brings in a nice profit at a sensible price.

And now I’m an affiliate for him, and this is another one I really believe in. If you click on the banner below, it will take you to a signup page for his newsletter. The newsletter is totally free, and I’m of the opinion that this is one you really should be checking out on a routine basis. I read every single one of them, and I can’t say that about all the newsletters I receive. Even his longer posts are easy to read.

As the banner says, this is stuff you need to know; go ahead, subscribe. It’s painless, free, and good.

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4 thoughts on “TalkBiz News”

  1. Paul’s ezine is great and his products even better. His approach goes beyond step by step in teaching you how to complete a business task. In fact, he’s not teaching business at all…it’s more about how to harness your creativity to accomplish a goal.

    If you know of anyone else who does that, then please share. Creativity is lacking today, methinks!

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Natasha. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his newsletter for a lot of years, and I’m glad someone else has also.

  2. He’s an example of an internet marketer who’s after of producing quality materials than just for the sake of earning huge amount of money. I believe, that’s the ultimate key to become success in any business venture.
    .-= NicolasĀ“s last blog ..Cheyletiella Mange =-.

    1. Good stuff, Nicolas. It’s gratifying to see so many people saying nice things about Paul and his newsletter; makes me feel validated for being a subscriber for all these years.

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