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Sunday Question – Are Things Getting Better, Worse, Or The Same?

Talk about your tough questions. Or maybe for some people this really isn’t a tough question at all. For me it is because I tend to try to view the entire world and not just what’s happening in my own life. Sometimes that starts to make me more cynical about things, which isn’t always good, but every once in awhile I’m surprised by my thoughts.

Not today. I’m of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten better. I’m also of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten worse. This obviously means I think things are pretty much the same. Certain things have shifted so that some are better and some are worse, but that just brings everything back to the middle for me.

What’s broken? Politics is broken. Religion is broken. Race relations are broken. Housing is broken. The economy is broken. The ecology is broken. The ozone is broken. The music industry is broken. Social mores are broken. Natural disasters seem to be happening with more frequency. And people are still finding both old and new ways to kill each other.

What’s working? Some people have finally had enough and are embracing their rights to self determination. Technology is getting better. Science discovers some of the coolest stuff almost on a daily basis. People can talk to each other all over the world, making it a much smaller place and, hopefully, gives us all a chance to open up true lines of communication without having to deal with the middle man, which has always been our governments. And blogging… strange as it may seem to throw it in there while we know about how many people have started and killed their blogs, is actually working. Even if it’s something we don’t want to see or hear, it’s hard to shut most of us up if we decide we really want to get our own version of the message out.

To me, maybe living a “centrist” life is just how things are supposed to go. We don’t get to get too high and stay there, and we’re never down forever; at least most of us. We all still have the opportunity to shoot for our dreams and about half of us actually see improvements in our lives. Even when things are really bad, like the earthquake in Japan, you see and hear so many miraculous stories, and you see people from other countries immediately offering help and shelter, and you’re reminded that at the worst of times we see some of the biggest hearts and minds.

Okay, I’m done; what do you have to say? And while you’re at it, would you consider this post as being controversial?

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