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Sunday Question – What Weather Makes For A Perfect Day?

I’m not someone who really likes summer all that much. I don’t like it when it’s too hot, because it’s just miserable trying to get cool again. When it’s hot and humid, I feel like I’m going to melt, kind of like that Snickers commercial with Aretha Franklin:

No, I don’t whine this much, mainly because I drive all the time, which means I get to control the temperature. Actually, in my car, each side gets to control the temperature, which is a pretty nice feature. Anyway, when I think about my perfect weather day, it’s actually coming in with a temperature between 69 and 74 degrees, with blue skies, very little humidity, and a soft breeze blowing. Man, like just doesn’t get much better than that. On a day like that, even the mosquitoes are happy taking care of business elsewhere because they don’t want their day disturbed either.

I know some people like it much hotter than that; I’ve heard some Australians actually wear coats or sweaters if that’s the temperature. I don’t really know about all that, so let’s just put it out there for the masses; what’s the weather like where you consider it a perfect day? And, since it’s a lazy Sunday, how about a couple more videos? The first one is of bad weather shots via National Geographic:

The second is by a group called Weather Report (see the tie-in?), a song that many people know called Birdland:

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