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Sunday Question – Doing Anything Special For Valentine’s Day?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve forgotten about it until now, at least you’ve been warned. If not, I hope you’re able to do something with the one you love, whether it’s something special or not.

My wife isn’t really one of those overly romantic people. That actually works in my favor because if I just give her a card she’s a happy person. If she didn’t work with other women she’d probably never even know there was a Valentine’s Day; I tend to be the one that remembers dates in this household.

I’ve gone some of the traditional routes in the past. I bought her jewelry a couple of times. I bought chocolate once; she doesn’t eat chocolate all that often. I once bought her one of those Pepperidge Farms cheese platters, since she doesn’t eat meat, and she ended up saving it for a mini party she had. And I did the flowers thing a couple of times as well; it went over well with her co-workers, but she’s not really a flowers type of person either.

Probably the best gifts I’ve given her were gift baskets. That’s because she makes gift baskets herself, and loves all the little foods and gifts and such that could be contained within it. She thoroughly enjoyed the fruit basket I sent her one year, and another year I sent her a gift basket with lots of smelly stuff. She liked that one so much that she’s still using it as a decoration in her bathroom (we have separate bathrooms; hers is much, much larger than mine).

And we’ve done dinner, though we probably won’t go out to dinner on a Monday night. It works really well if you don’t go out all that often, but we do go out to dinner a lot so to me it’s lost some of its specialness.

Anyway, I’m unsure what I’ll do this year, but at least I have it on my mind. What are you doing? Go ahead, share; your significant other isn’t reading this blog. 😉

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