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Sunday Question – Can You Name 5 Things To Thank Your Mother For?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. All of us had mothers of some type, and most of us, at least I hope, had a pretty good relationship with our mothers. I have to say that my relationship with my mother, respectively, was very good. She was both tough and lenient. I got the “pig sty” comment often, as well as how I must be the worst child in the world here and there, but then once we were outside the house she’d tell people all these good things I did and accepted a lot of comments from other parents as to how good I was (yup, I had everyone snowed), so I knew she was just doing her job. In our day, parents weren’t necessarily supposed to be your friends.

Today my mother is a lot funnier than she ever was when I was a kid, and has persevered in the time that my dad has been gone. She takes care of my grandmother, who just turned 89, and has learned to be pretty self sufficient, all things considered. So, it behooves me to think of 5 things I can thank her for over all these 50 years of mind, which won’t be hard for me to do, and thus here they are:

1. I thank you for giving birth to me.

2. I thank you for protecting me while we lived in Kansas City.

3. I thank you for all the things you’ve bought me and given me throughout all these years, especially since after age 12 I’ve never asked for anything.

4. I thank you for talking to me that one night when I was really disturbed by an event that someone else set up that could have gotten me hurt pretty badly without my knowing it was coming.

5. I thank you for talking to me while we both got through the grief of Dad being gone, even if I didn’t take your advice to go get counseling, stubborn guy that I am.

There, that wasn’t so hard. I hope y’all can come up with your own list of at least 5; there could have been so many more, but after all, this is only a blog. 😉 And, if your mom is there reading this with you, both of you sit for about 5 minutes and enjoy Buddy Hackett as most of you have never seen him, singing and dancing to the song Shipoopi from Music Man:

Mother’s Day

Price – $24.68

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