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Sunday Question – What Do You Look For In Reading Other Blogs?

When I first started blogging many years ago, I was just writing my posts and moving on. Eventually, after a couple of years, I figured out that maybe I needed to go looking for blogs that might help me increase visitors to my blog. I learned that from reading a blog, and learned it about the same time I learned about pinging.

by edenpictures

At the time I was stuck; what types of blogs did I want to visit? And what was it I wanted to get from other blogs other than potential interest in my own blog?

This was actually a major question for me, and it was something I took a little bit of time thinking about. I was lucky to have the time, as I’d just finished a long project, and thus I had a lot of money put aside for awhile.

I decided on two main areas at that time; leadership and internet marketing. Today most people see it as “make money online” but that wasn’t a term I knew. My plans were simple. I would post on leadership blogs, showing my expertise in the field, and then I would read internet marketing blogs to learn how to do it better, as I was interested in passive income streams after reading Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

You know what I discovered? Most of the blogs I read about leadership were boring, and most of the blogs I was reading on internet marketing didn’t teach me anything. That was really disappointing, and it left me with little to comment on. Now what the heck was I going to do?

I decided to see if I could find information on blogging to see what I was doing wrong. And suddenly, now I was seeing things that were a bit more interesting. I learned a few things here and there, and I finally had a bit more direction. I also realized that I needed a practice outlet, and I signed up on one of those vanity services. It wasn’t bad, as I was anonymous pretty much, but the first one closed, I went to another service and that one closed, and after the third one, where the owner pretty much messed things up, I decided on this domain name and blog. And I’ve never looked back.

I still read a lot of blogs. I look for information of all types. I look for opinions on the concepts of blogging and writing. And overall, I look for people who have something to offer, whether it’s funny people or people who tell great stories or people who rant about things I’m interested in. I look to grow as a person and as a contributor and as a blogger and in every other way that it’s possible to grow. So I read a lot of different things every day.

But that’s me; what do you look for in reading other blogs?

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