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Sunday Question – How Do You Feel About All This Profanity?

I have never cursed. I have never said a bad word in my life. I’ve never even come close to saying a bad word because I got mad at anything. When I was younger, I know I had trouble saying the word “Schlitz”, which was one of the beer brands my dad used to drink, so it’s possible I said something at that time. Other than that potential however, I have never said anything that anyone could ever consider as profane.

I mention this because last weekend, from what I understand, the MTV Awards were pretty much nothing but profanity. It supposedly got so bad that the sensors couldn’t keep up with all of it during the live feed, and so much bad language got through that the company ended up apologizing the next day. You can bet that there will be an FCC fine coming down the line. After all, if they find the CBS $500,000 when Justin Timberlake inadvertently pulled down Janet Jackson’s top, fill definitely fine MTV and hefty sum because they know that nobody even tried to talk to any of these so-called celebrities about the possibility of tempering their language.

I don’t know if anyone can really explain to me what what all of this is about these days. Sure, back when I was a kid there was some language that was thrown around. After all, I’m a military kid who lived on a military base, and military professionals are not necessarily known for their discretion when it comes to their language. However, most of the time if they were children around at least a married ones would try to watch their language as much as possible when they’re out in public. And something almost nobody ever did was use bad language in front of their parents or someone else’s parents.

These days nobody cares whether it’s an adult or child, they pretty much believe they have the right to say whatever they want to say where ever they want to say it and as loud as they want to say it. And they all believe that they should be able to express themselves this way without worrying that someone is going to take offense and probably punch them in the face. I tend to be one of those people who believes that if you decide to engage in behavior that outside of the norm that you expose yourself to whatever reaction comes and you probably deserved it. If you’re acting in noble fashion you wouldn’t say things like this, even though your actions might be extraordinary, and in that case I might say that the reaction you get might be a bit extreme. After all, nothing is ever cut and dry.

Now obviously I’m not a prude. I watch movies where there’s profanity, and of course I watch a lot of sports for every once in a while you will hear a player or coach other something that you probably wish they wouldn’t other because you know kids are watching, but if you’ve ever played sports you know that people get caught up in the emotions and sometimes stuff just comes out. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, even in movies because it’s fiction. We all have the rights of choice in determining whether were going to participate in things such as movies and the like. Heck, a very small portion of my mind wants to say that what happened at the MTV Awards was fine also. The difference in the second is enabled alive presentation, everybody who was on the show knew it was live, and at a certain point based on what I’ve read some of the people who got up on stage decided to have fun with it and see if they could top what someone else instead by using even more bad language than was necessary.

Personally, I think a lot of this behavior is definitely unnecessary. I have a couple of friends who use profanity all the time,and you can bet that I call them on it. It doesn’t seem to make them change, and that’s sort of too bad because it makes me think that they really could care less about my feelings and have almost no respect for me. I know that’s not how they feel, as they told me that, in their reasoning is always that they try but just can’t seem to control it all the time. My response back is that they don’t talk that way at work to the people they work for, and at least in one case would never speak that way to his own mother, which means that they can’t control themselves, they just choose not to.

So, back to the original question, which are thought about profanity? Do you really believe it’s so harmless that anybody can say anything they want to? Or do you believe that it’s just another stage in the world’s “development” that were all going to have to get used to? At least I can say this: there will be no bad language on this blog, and I’m not putting up with it in any comments. I figure since I pay for it, it’s my prerogative. Your turn; what are your thoughts?

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