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Sunday Question – What Are Your Habits?

I have no siblings. My mother was also an only child. I moved around a lot as a kid, and as an adult, until I purchased my house, I had lived in 9 different places in 25 years.

When one pretty much grows up spending a lot of time alone, one starts picking up some interesting habits. When one follows another only child, those habits can be magnified.

For instance, I have times when I just won’t touch food. I have no idea when that mood is going to strike, but you can imagine how it messes up eating at home, or out at restaurants. There are certain foods that, in my mind, aren’t allowed to touch each other.

When I’m in the house by myself, I close the bathroom door. It would seem there would be no need to do it, but that’s how I am. I sleep on top of the bed, but when I go to bed, I have my head covered, the door totally closed to block out all external light, and every once in awhile I have to cover up the lighted clocks because knowing they’re shining bothers me. I stay up really late so that I will be totally exhausted so I can fall asleep; if I don’t do that, then a single stupid thought can keep me awake for hours.

I don’t like bugs; actually, it’s my biggest phobia, though I have many. I can’t even look at a picture of a bug, and that includes butterflies. I have different superstitions than what other people have. For instance, I count steps to make sure I end on my right foot. I count letters in sentences I hear and manipulate them so they’re divisible by 3. I have one cup that’s specifically for water, and nothing else. I believe all utensils must be washed in the dishwasher, or else they’re not sanitary. And I believe that I must have dessert, in some fashion, at least once a day; I’m betting my doctor wishes I wouldn’t stick to that one.

I have some good habits also. When I plan my time, I get a lot of things done. I actually complete projects, and if there’s a time frame, I’m usually finished early. I don’t worry about whether something is perfect before I put it out there. I’m always on time, though I had to learn not to be too early. I always wash my hands whenever I’ve been in the bathroom.

And I believe there are 3 things that every person can be judged on that I live by, and if any of these 3 are violated, you don’t get another shot: loyalty, trustworthiness, and truth. If I’m your friend, I’m loyal until you prove you don’t deserve it. I’ve actually put myself in dangerous situations to prove that my friends can trust me with their lives. And I will always tell the truth if I’m asked, won’t hurt people’s feelings if I tell them the answers, and if I feel I can’t tell you the truth, I won’t say a word; better to be silent than dishonest.

Everyone has habits good and bad. Some habits are eccentric; I certainly wasn’t about to mention all of mine. Some will protect you, more like intuition that, hopefully, you’ll listen to when needed. However, most of us will never allow anyone else to know even the most innocent of habits we have. I can understand some of them; if you’re what we used to call a freaky-deek, you just might not want to reveal what makes it so. Overall though, as I’ve reached this age, I realize that, overwhelmingly, habits are just what we develop that, in some fashion, makes us feel good in our own skin.

Do you have any particular habits that help you get by every day? Or some strange ones that might be a little bit funny? Do you have the guts to share?

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