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Fun Indian Dance Video

A friend of mine put this video up on Facebook. I have no idea what they’re saying or what the song is about, but it’s infectious and this guy, or guys (I’m not really sure) is having a great time. So, very short post, some quick fun, but if anyone can translate this for me I’d appreciate it; I don’t even know who this is. Actually, the most I watch, the more I’m starting to think it’s not Indian, but possibly Arabic, Saudi Arabia; I just don’t know. No matter; I think you’ll like it:

Update! Thanks to Khaled, I got some information on this song. It’s called Tunak Tunak Tun, and it’s by an Indian artist named Daler Mehndi. It’s also from 1998, so no wonder I can’t get a clearer copy of it. Also, I can’t find a translation anywhere, even though I did find lyrics. I’ve seen 3 different English lyrics, which is why I don’t trust any of them. So, I guess we’ll just enjoy the song and move forward.

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