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Sunday Question – How Much Do You Like Yourself?

This is one of those weird topics because I know what I’m expecting to see from those who will even think about answering the question, and a lot of it probably isn’t going to be all that honest. Yeah, I said it, and now I’ll add why.

In deference to the memories of all those mentors I love in The Secret and all points above and below, we’re all taught that if we don’t love ourselves we can’t really love anyone else. We’re told that we should be happy with who we are because, well, it’s who we are. We’re told that we should be happy with how we look, even if we believe we can look better, because that’s who we are. Heck, we’re told a lot of things.

I’m not all that different when it comes to trying to motivate people. I tend to believe that all of us have to have confidence in our abilities, and if we don’t then we need to take actions to build up those abilities so we can have that confidence. I tend to believe that we all can be better, live better, have more money and the like, but we have to think positively about our lives or at least our direction, because on one ever achieved anything thinking “it can’t be done”.

Anyway, a lot of people will come out and say “I feel great about me,” and for most people, that’s not going to be an honest answer. I could say the same about me as I’m writing this, but I know it wouldn’t be fully true. Like most people, I can list a litany of things I want to change about my life, my appearance, my wealth, etc. If I liked myself 100% I wouldn’t have any of those things on my list. I know that about me, and you probably know that about you.

Now, does this mean I don’t like myself? Not on your life! But there are things I don’t like, things that I’m working on. I need to lose weight. I need to lower my glucose. I need to sleep better. I need to learn how to relax. I need to have a more consistent and vigorous income. I need to spread both my local and online influence a lot more.

How much do I like myself? Truthfully, I’m probably at 70%. I give myself that high (or low) a rank because I haven’t given up on anything yet. I’m going to the health club. I’m eating a little better. I now have a CPAP to help me sleep better. I have plans and goals with the intention of dealing with both my income and my influence. I’m a major work in progress; I can only hope I have enough time to get there.

Okay now, give it to me straight; you don’t have to give details. How much do you like yourself? Really?

30 Inch Cat Tower with Scratcher

30 Inch Cat Tower with Scratcher

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