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Soundtrack Of Your Life

I was reading a wonderful post on the blog Jungle Of Life entitled The Soundtrack of our lives. In the post, he talks about finding three songs that can describe the soundtrack of his life. I decided I just had to try this same thing, and maybe others will come along, sort of our own little meme.

The only rule I set for myself, one that everyone won’t have to deal with, is that I couldn’t use any video that I’ve already got on any of my blog sites. That immediately threw out Ain’t No Stopping Us Now; so be it.

I set to thinking about it, and wondered, well, just what would I want my soundtrack to be. I figure it doesn’t have to totally describe my life as it was, although it could. It could describe the life I want to have also, or maybe a mixture of the two. After all, how much fun would it be if my life had been terrible and every song I picked was a sad one? So, I decided to go in this direction, and here are my songs.

The first song is America’s You Can Do Magic, because I have always said that every day is another chance to do great things with your life. Sometimes, great things can seem magical, even if you’ve set the stage for them to happen. I don’t have a problem with anyone believing great things are magical, hence, this song:


The second song might seem like an odd choice to people who think they know me but don’t really know me. I decided to select Seasons Of Love from the Broadway musical Rent because it talks about how we live our lives and how we deal with love and friendship. I don’t have a lot of new friends, but I have a good number of old friends, people I still correspond with today, and man, there’s nothing better than that. So, song number two:


And finally, how would I really like to live the rest of my life? Heck, how have I wanted to live my life ever since I started thinking about it, dreaming about it, so many years ago?

It’s a strange thing for me, thinking back on my life at this juncture, because I figure I’ve lived three different lives thus far. My first life was as a military kid, traveling around the world with my parents, experiencing some things most people never get to experience, and having it pretty much set the person I was going to be.

That took the first 16 years of my life. My second life was the period of getting adjusted to “normal” life, going to college, trying to find a job and live on my own, trying my hand at the first dream, discovering a career path, and going through some ups and downs in that career path, yet never giving up the dream. That was the next 19 years of my life.

The last 14 years of my life have been the major relationship years, the married years, the years where I have taken more chances than I have at any other point in my life, experienced even more than those first 16 years, and still feel I have a lot more to go, grow, and undergo. Through all those lives, though, there’s been one thing that’s been consistent, the one thing I’ve really always wanted; I want my life to be a CELEBRATION!!!


So, what’s your soundtrack? What do you want it to be? I hope you create your own, and link back here so everyone can enjoy it. And, of course, check out Lance’s post and see what songs represent him.

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