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Sunday Question; Funny Father’s Day Stories

Today is Father’s Day, and though my dad is gone, and he passed away on Father’s Day 2002, I know that there are many people who have father’s that they want to honor today in the United States, and others who might be missing their fathers, yet want to glean onto a good memory of some type from the past.

I decided to ask about funny father stories on Father’s Day, but the story doesn’t have to have occurred on the holiday. Truthfully, I can’t remember many Father’s Days, which I think is a shame, though I know I gave my dad a lot of Old Spice as a kid that he never wore.

My funny story covers a bunch of years as far as distance, but I hope to tell this story quickly. Back around the time I was 9 years old, my dad had given me a new bike. We used to call them “banana bikes” because of the seats, and I was the first kid on the base to get one. One day, late in the afternoon, I was riding my bike when there was this car coming towards me. I had plenty of time, and went to jump the front of the bike onto the curb and get out of the street. Only this time I messed up, missed the jump, and I came crashing down, my chin hitting the sidewalk hard. I cried, and oddly enough it was the last time I cried until the day my dad passed away. Dad was the first one there, almost immediately in fact. He got me to the dispensary, which many bases have rather than a hospital, and they patched me up. I remember thinking how glad I was that Dad happened to be there for me on that day.

Fast forward about 28 years, 1996. I was telling this story at my parent’s house with my wife, who was then my girlfriend, and my mother and grandmother in the room as well, and just as I finished, my dad said that wasn’t how the story went. I said it was how it went because it happened to me, and he said it wasn’t how it happened because he was watching. He said he was looking at me riding the bike and feeling proud because, unbeknownst to me, he had put the bike together when he bought it. I thought it had already been assembled, but that was the model, not the same bike I got. So he was watching me when I went to jump the curb, and the wheel decided to separate from the bike and stay down; that’s why I didn’t make it. I asked why he never said anything all these years and he said he knew if he’d told my mother the truth she’d have killed him! It seems Father knows best after all!

Anyway, I hope some of you have funny father stories as well, and I hope you’re able to honor your father on this day as well.

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