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Files Recovered!

Well, it looked like it was going to be touch and go there for awhile, but I got all my files back, and I’m a happy camper once more.

First, the story. When we last left, the Recover My Files program had been running for about 3 hours, and I had to get to bed. I woke this morning around 8:45 because, me being me, I dreamt about the program running all night. I was eager to see if it had found what I was looking for.

I was disappointed, but not for the reason you might think. The program showed it had been running over 8 1/2 hours, and it still wasn’t close to done. It had progressed, but it was going way too deep for my needs. I realized that I needed to stop the program and start it again, this time not having it search for certain types of files. With the program, you can tell it to look for things such as images and text files specifically and it’ll dig for them, but if you don’t need that stuff you can uncheck it, and it won’t bother with them. So I unchecked that stuff and all my MS Office stuff, since I’d found that elsewhere, and a few other things as well. I also then told the program to look for files only in Documents and Settings, because I knew that’s where all my information was. It only took five minutes this time, and when it was done, there were my files. It had renamed them .eml files, because I’d told it to look for email files, but I could handle that.

At that point I had to buy the program, and I did, because it had done its job. I loaded in the license name (I used my name, but could have used my email address) and license number, super long so I copied and pasted it, and then chose Save, and saved it to my external drive. What it did was save it in the folder setup that it originally was on my hard drive, which made it easy to know where I needed to reinstall those files. After running that I went back in and had it search for all my Feedreader files, of which there really was only two I needed, which contained all my feeds, since the laptop would have been deficient on that.

The next step was to open Thunderbird first and create a profile, because even though the program was still on my computer, it, as well as every other program, needed to be created as if it was brand new; I actually had to reload my Office software, and a couple other things, whereas some of the programs just made you start anew. Once I created a profile, I first had to go back to the laptop and move over the entire email profile from there so I could upload it onto the laptop. The reason for that is that I have 7 email accounts set up on Thunderbird, whereas the profile only had one. I could have created all 7 anew, but why do that when it’s easier to copy and paste?

So, after the copy and paste of the previous profile (only the information; you can’t overwrite a current profile name, otherwise Thunderbird will never find it), I went to the folder where the files had been saved, changed the extensions from .eml to nothing, since that’s the way they were in the new D&S folder, and moved everything over. Then I opened Thunderbird, holding my breath, but it was all there; whew! I did the same for Feedreader, moving over the two main files, and that all came back also.

And there you go. Right now, I’m running the main computer again, but for the present time I’m using the wired mouse and keyboard for awhile. Thus far six hours, plus the time I was asleep and had that other program running, and nothing has shut down yet. I just installed the printer and scanner again, both on USB ports, as I’m testing that theory for now, and everything is working just fine.

So, there’s two posts where I hope y’all have learned lessons from my mistakes. Time to go get something to eat, but before I do, I fully recommend Recover My Files, which is below.

Update – – The product below is NOT the program I used originally. Seems the advertiser has expired from Commission Junction, and no one else I’m with carries that program anymore. So, I’ve replaced it with the program below, another program which had been recommended, and which costs less money.

Restore My Files Data Recovery

Price $29.95