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EzineArticles Plugin Is No More

Back in August I wrote about the EzineArticles WordPress Plugin and how easy it was to send some of your blog posts to that particular website. Well, let me be the one to let you know that it no longer works.

Why? Well, remember when I wrote about 3 weeks ago on the issue of article farms? What’s happened is the changes that have been made by Google have started taking their toll on the site. Rosalind Gardner covered it in her blog post titled Death of Bum Marketing when she quoted Chris Knight of EzineArticles in saying that their traffic has started to drop. She also mentioned that one thing he’s decided to do was stop allowing the WP EzineArticles Plugin to submit articles anymore because there was a lot of spam being sent to the site.

So, that’s it for the plugin, if any of you were actually using it. I got to submit maybe 6 articles from my business blog, but then I kind of lost interest so I won’t be missing it all that much.

However, I found it interesting that in Rosalind’s article she advocates something I’ve been saying for years, that being it’s better if, instead of sending articles you write elsewhere, you create a blog and put those articles there instead and enjoy the benefits all on your own. For me, most of the articles I have on the other site I’ve either had on my blog or I’d used as a newsletter and decided to spread it a bit further. However, none of those articles has given me the bounce I thought they would, and as I think about it I’m not necessarily all that crazy that those articles can then be put on other people’s sites without my knowing it, even though they’re supposed to link back to me.

Back to doing things the “hard way” it seems. For me, though, I think I’ll stick with my own thing.

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