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Easter Smiles

I debated about whether or not to pop something up for Easter or not. I’m not religious, and, dare I say, I’d be considered a heathen in some circles. Let’s suffice it to say I’m a nonbeliever and move on.

That doesn’t mean I look down on anyone who’s celebrating today as a holiday; not in the least. It does say that I take secular look at the day instead, To me, it’s a day for kids and family and smiles; I don’t see anything wrong with that sort of thing.

Unfortunately I don’t have any kids, but I did talk to my mother and she’s as content as mothers can be for the day. And I’ve done some of those things over this holiday weekend that I enjoy. I watched the Ten Commandments, watched some Sound of Music and some Wizard of Oz (how’d those become holiday things).

But the one thing I totally missed this year was the Peanuts take on Easter. I don’t know if it was on or not. Doesn’t matter; thank goodness for YouTube. I wish those of you who believe a wonderful holiday. For those who don’t, or for those who just want a smile or two, I offer this:


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