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Sunday Question – What Do You Crave?

I’m on an eating plan for at least this week, though it might turn into three weeks. I’m going through what’s called a Metabolic Eating Plan, which is supposed to help me learn which types of foods make me feel better at some point, as well as helps me be more healthy, lose weight, and have more energy.

Chocolate Cake by Lisa B

I’m not quite struggling so far, but it hasn’t been easy for the first few days. I probably should have started this thing on a Monday after a weekend of eating bad so that I could tell myself that I was giving my body a break, but I started this thing after already having started something else, not knowing this was going to be a part of the overall plan. I started the day after going out to dinner with my friend Scott and his wife for a birthday dinner, and of course I didn’t eat great that night, but I was actually better than I could have been.

This means there are things I’ve been without for longer than a week, and I’m really craving some of that stuff that I’m not really supposed to be having. When I crave things, most of the time they’re centered around chocolate or peanut butter. Doesn’t matter whether it’s ice cream, cake, candy, cookies or pudding, that’s my craving of choice.

Every once in awhile there are foods I crave, but it’s rare for that type of craving to last more than a few days. In general, I crave something sweet, and I’m really missing it right now, but I’ll persevere.

When you have cravings, what types of things do you go for, or what do you want that you decide to stay away from? Another light Sunday topic. 🙂

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