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Sunday Question – Are We Allowed To Acknowledge Beauty Anymore?

There are a lot of attractive people in the world. Friday night my wife and I were at the mall, and you can see so many people who have dressed very nicely, taken care with their hair, and are absolutely stunning. Okay, for me it’s the women; for my wife, it’s the men, although she will acknowledge when a woman looks good. Yes, she’s confident like that. She will even go up to some women to compliment them about their looks.

As a guy, especially an older one, I can’t do that unless she’s next to me. Independently, if I did that I’d be labeled a pervert, dirty old man, or some other missive. This isn’t uncommon, by the way. If I dared to say anything nice to someone about their appearance on Twitter or Facebook, unless I knew them already, I’d either be ignored or someone would take offense.

Is seems that men aren’t allowed to acknowledge when we find someone attractive anymore. I have a friend who I was having a discussion with once who said that when she dresses nice she only wants certain men to tell her she looks good. I said if you dressed nice everyone would look, so how could she separate which ones should be allowed to say something to her or not. She stated something like “they should just know”; what is that? lol

You see a lot of attractive images of women on Twitter. Sure, half of them are fake; not fake women, but you know the account isn’t really owned by a woman, but by some guy who’s put the image of a woman on as his avatar hoping you’ll go ahead and add him so he can bombard you with sales stuff. It’s pretty easy to tell, yet I see many of my friends following these people, and I know it’s because of the image. We acknowledge that sex sells by falling for things like this.

But when it’s legitimate… look, I’m certainly not saying that the first conversation you have with someone on Twitter is talking about how they look. I’m not really even sure that it’s ever proper to say something like this to someone you’ve never said anything else to. Maybe there are times when one is allowed to do it, but those times seem so far and in between.

What are your thoughts? Are the days gone when one is allowed to acknowledge beauty (without being a pig), or do you see where one might be able to say something nice without being seen as a pervert?

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