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Sunday Question: What’s Your Favorite Pet Animal?

Suffice it to say yesterday had periods of being depressed. Therefore, it’s time to lighten the mood a little bit.

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I love dogs, especially puppies. We don’t have a pet because my wife says she’s not having any animal messing up any rugs she’s probably going to end up laying on. I can’t dispute that, because I know dogs sometimes just have to drag their behinds along the floor. Nope, not in that kind of mood!

I love looking at dogs and puppies and I like playing with other people’s dogs here and there, although I have to admit that when they don’t calm down I do start getting irritated here and there. One thing some owners need to learn is that not everyone appreciates their pets jumping up and down on them, especially unfamiliar pets.

Dogs are pretty much the only pets I like. I can tolerate cats, and often it seems I’m a cat magnet. Some of them have been fine, while others… let’s just say I’m not a fan of cats who can’t control their claws. And please, don’t come to me, have me petting you, then swipe at me and run away. Dogs don’t do that; course, they also rarely just walk away either. 🙂

So, on what I hope is a calm Sunday, what’s your favorite pet?

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