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SimplyNoise And Calm

One of the problems in trying to focus is that sometimes things around you are either too loud or too quiet. It’s easy for one’s mind to wander, and suddenly you find that you’ve wasted 3 hours playing on Facebook or reading blog posts (mine better be a part of that) and not getting anything done, even though you had plans to do so.


That’s where the two websites I’m about to share with you come into play. The first one I’m going to talk about is called SimplyNoise. It’s exactly what it claims to be; it plays a few sounds that you can alter by clicking in one of 3 different colored buttons. You can control how loud the sounds are by using either their volume button or your own. I like using theirs so I don’t have to change mine around.

But that’s not all (hey, I’ve heard that on TV lol). There’s a second thing on the right that allows you to listen to what they call “simplyrain”, which you can also purchase. That’s the one I listen to most of the time because you get the option of adding thunder and altering the intensity of the rain and thunder. There’s something soothing about rain and thunder for me, and occasionally I’ll use that sound in a different format to help me get to sleep. The thing is that this noise never stops until you either turn it down or close your browser; at least that’s how it works on the laptop.

The other side is slightly different. It’s called Calm, and I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a massage but the site plays that kind of music for you and it’s quite calming, which is its purpose. It also has these visuals if you need that to relax, if that’s what you want to do instead of using it as background noise, and it plays actual songs. The thing about this page is that it won’t continuously play the music, and it’s hard to figure out when it decides it’s played enough.

Sometimes it’ll stop after one song, sometimes it’ll play a bunch of songs in order, but at some point it will stop playing. If you’re concentrating on other things because it’s helped you get there you might not notice it but I found that if it stopped after one song I always noticed it. You can always start it up again though. By the way, I got this one from a video by Kim Castle who included it when she was talking about apps one can use on an iPhone or iPad, but since I don’t have those things this was the only thing I could access, and I love it.

I actually did have one more site I was going to share with you, but it shut down as of December 31st, which is depressing but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes. Check out the sites I’ve just shared and let me know what you think and if they offer you any type of comfort.

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