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Despicable Me – Movie Review

By now, those of you who have read this blog understand that I love my animation. I love old Bugs Bunny cartoons the best, but I have to say that there are some modern cartoons, rather animation, that I’m just drawn to (hey, a pun!) for reasons I never really understand. But like most everyone else, if I see a preview that captures me, I already know I’m going to like the movie heading in; for the most part, that is, Skyline notwithstanding. lol

Despicable Me DVD (Widescreen)

The premise of this movie is simple. A career super criminal has the ultimate plan; to steal the moon. In order to do that, he needs to steal a shrink ray that a young and upcoming super villain stole from him after he stole it from someone else. He finds these 3 little girls that the other villain has ordered cookies from and decides to adopt them and use them to help steal the shrink gun. What he doesn’t expect is that he’ll fall in love with the girls as things move along, and thus we have our story, with me leaving out all the details and ruining it for you.

Our super villain, named Gru, has helpers along with way. There’s Dr. Nefario, his elderly main scientist who sometimes hears the request for a specific item incorrectly, and there’s the Minions, these little yellow weeble looking creatures, some with one eye, some with hair, many that look exactly alike, that are the workers and friends of Gru; he knows them all by name and can tell them apart, even if we can’t. They’re the great innocents in this movie; they do whatever’s asked of them, and when they’re not asked to do anything they just, well, do something; funny as sin.

Of course, it’s the relationship Gru ends up having with the 3 sisters, Margo, Edith, and the youngest Agnes, with the big brown eyes and, if you’ve ever seen any of the commercials, the one who utters “It’s so fluffy!” He’s really frustrated early because he’s never been around kids and could care less about being around them now, but as time goes on and he starts having fun with them that he never had in his life before, he starts to realize the value in sharing one’s love with others.

This is the cutest movie and very funny as well. The music was done by Pharrell Williams, which gives it a much different quality than any other movie, as it was his first time working on a movie. As you can tell, I’m recommending this movie, and I’m sharing this little clip, doctored and chopped up, as a mini-teaser. Buy this movie; I’ve seen it more than 40 times by now.

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Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Animated Movie?

Well, I’m really making this one difficult on myself. On Saturday I bought How To Train Your Dragon. The only reason I didn’t buy it on Friday was because I was out of town and couldn’t get a ride to Barnes & Noble. I wrote a review of it back in March, and was waiting for the day it would come out.

I finished watching it and it brought a smile to my face once again. It then made me start thinking of other animated movies I’ve seen that I thoroughly enjoyed. Weeks ago I saw Legend of the Guardians and liked that as well, though it didn’t touch me on as emotional level as this one did. And in the last couple of years there’s been Kung Fu Panda, the Incredibles, Aliens vs. Monsters, and a host of other movies that I’ve enjoyed. Actually, there isn’t one I’ve seen that I didn’t enjoy.

Of course there’s the issue of the ever changing types of animation that somewhat skews things. I mean, can one really compare Sleeping Beauty to Final Fantasy, one drawings while the other is computer generated? What about the serious themes of Fantastic Planet to the realistic scenes of American Pop? For that matter, how does one classify any movies with Muppets in them?

Since it’s my question, I guess I’ll have to say that the Muppets don’t count because they’re not cartoons. What about Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Well, that has cartoon characters with real people, but no, that’s not animated either. So it does leave computer generated and regularly drawn cartoons, which we probably won’t see much of at the theaters anymore unless it’s based on a cartoon that’s on TV now. Heck, they just CGI’d Road Runner!

With all that said, I have to say my favorite animated feature is Happy Feet. I loved this movie so much I wrote a review of it on my business blog back in 2006 and talked about leadership lessons learned from it. It just makes me smile and it’s got a serious message at the same time and, well, I love the music, which of course is music of my day, other than a Prince song and this one upbeat kind of reggae song; one of these days I’m going to find out who those guys are.

Anyway, there’s mine; what’s yours?

Muppets Take Manhattan/
Muppets In Space

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