Sunday Question: What’s Your Favorite Pet Animal?

Suffice it to say yesterday had periods of being depressed. Therefore, it’s time to lighten the mood a little bit.

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I love dogs, especially puppies. We don’t have a pet because my wife says she’s not having any animal messing up any rugs she’s probably going to end up laying on. I can’t dispute that, because I know dogs sometimes just have to drag their behinds along the floor. Nope, not in that kind of mood!

I love looking at dogs and puppies and I like playing with other people’s dogs here and there, although I have to admit that when they don’t calm down I do start getting irritated here and there. One thing some owners need to learn is that not everyone appreciates their pets jumping up and down on them, especially unfamiliar pets.

Dogs are pretty much the only pets I like. I can tolerate cats, and often it seems I’m a cat magnet. Some of them have been fine, while others… let’s just say I’m not a fan of cats who can’t control their claws. And please, don’t come to me, have me petting you, then swipe at me and run away. Dogs don’t do that; course, they also rarely just walk away either. 🙂

So, on what I hope is a calm Sunday, what’s your favorite pet?

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32 thoughts on “Sunday Question: What’s Your Favorite Pet Animal?”

  1. I am a dog person too, I do not hate cats but I just don’t like their solitary nature, if I have a pet I want to pet it not chase it around the sofa :D.
    And to be in trend with Charles Gulotta i will leave a quote too by Oscar Wilde who said: “you have a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you”.

    1. Heck, now y’all are going to make me pull out a quote: “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.” Mark Twain

  2. I love dogs. they are so loyal and give you such a welcome when you have been out and arrive home. Every dog we have had has been called Prince cos that’s what my Dad’s dog was called when he was a boy. It can be big Prince, old Prince or little Prince but it is always Prince. When my nephes convinced his parents he “needed” a dog I wasn’t surprised when he called his dog Prince too! Not as handsome as our old Prince was but I don’t tell him that as he is much bigger than me now lok
    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. In that case, Mitch, you would LOVE Toby – the dog we rescued when our neighbor passed, last year. She has the nicest nature – so loving – yet so very well trained. She doesn’t jump at all… never barks… doesn’t beg … and reacts instantly to commands.

    Humphrey, the cat, however, while very loving, prefers to be outside, catching lizards and frogs and demands life on his own terms!

  4. I have cats but my favourite would be a spingler spaniel – trouble is dogs poo eveywhere and I have had enough with nappies over the last few years.

    Now the kids are passing that stage I really dont fancy the same with a dog for the next 15 years.

    So I think I’ll just take a friends for a walk now and again if I get the urge. My misses tried to get 2 of those tiny things chiwawas – luckily I managed to get out of that one

    1. Peter, I don’t want to even go that far. I’ll just play with other people’s dogs then go back home.

  5. Love my dogs! But there are certain dogs I’m not too fond of…

    Used to have goats, but recently got rid of them so we could camp on weekends. Still have chickens and ducks- they are fun to watch….

  6. I love dogs and those pictures you used are adorable. My favorite dogs being the Dachshund and British bulldog. I especially love them in puppy state. Not a fan of cats, they are too arrogant as dogs are down to earth.

    1. I like “smiley” dogs, Karen. Dachshund’s are cute but kind of yippy and energetic at times, a bit too much for long.

    1. @Melinda, I am also fan of stuffed animals. Yes I am totally agreed with your opinion that there are no vet fees and they don’t eat anything. Stuffed animals also have a great benefit, we just have to spend money once, as there is no need to buy food for them 😛

  7. I can tolerate dogs (some of them), but I love cats.

    Dogs always want my attention. Cats leave me alone until we’re both in the mood to socialize.

    I’ve had dogs and cats as pets over the decades and some of the dogs were my friends, but cats are definitely my #1 choice.

    Cats were once worshipped as gods and goddesses. They’ve never forgotten.

    Act on your dream!


    (PS. Mitch, I’m starting to feel like finishing that series of questions from Think and Grow Rich on my John Dilbeck and Friends blog. I’m grateful that I’m feeling better and I’m starting to get a little work done now and then.)

    1. Cats like me, John, so I don’t dislike them. You’re right, cats were worshiped, but dogs were played with and used for help in hunting; certainly a lot more useful. lol

      And I’m glad you’ll be getting back to that series; I still follow that blog so I’ll see the posts.

  8. Mitch, the vet said that Toby is Boxer x Staffordshire Terrier, but we all suspect that she is Boxer x Pit. I have always been very wary of Pit Bulls, but part of me says that domestic animals are part instinct, part reflection of their owners personality and part however they were trained. Most Pits are bred to be aggressive. Now I would not like to be the person who attacks any of us in Toby’s presence, but she has a really lovely and loving nature. She’s a great snake-catcher and attacks both the ride-on lawn mower and the generator with vigor! She’s quite the character and I think she sees the lawn mower and generator as threats to us!

    1. That’s funny. I have to admit that I pretty much keep myself away from pit bulls and other dogs that could be violent or dangerous. I just don’t take those types of chances, no matter whether someone tells me they’re friendly or not. You just never know.

  9. Well I love all animals but my favorite pet animal are dog,cat and rabbit. I had a cat and two rabbits but now I don’t have any pet. I miss them so much now. Now I am thinking to have one puppy. It is always a fun to play with your pet. Your time spends so quickly with a pet.

  10. Cats love people who don’t like them. Dogs on the other hand don’t seem to care. I don’t mind dogs, which is just as well as my sister has two. I love cats but with all the wild birds we have here, there’s no way I’d have any. (Also I’m allergic to them).

    Fave pets? Currently no pets, just lots of wild birds and a young wild hedgehog that visits us every night. I like it that way – they’re still wild, they come and go as they please, and nobody has to be in a cage.


    1. Val, I’d been waiting for you to come in and break things up by talking about the birds. 🙂 They don’t have to be kept, so to speak, although I guess in a way if they’re not then they’re not really pets.

  11. Mitch, I am totally with you as far as there being no cage. I was devastated when I went to the San Diego zoo, many years ago and saw wild animals in cages WAY too small for them! Giraffe, as an example, are large horses and are wont to gallop. There was no way that the three giraffe in that pen could get up to a gallop. So sad. I have never been back.

    I had a cockatiel in Africa that was never caged. He had free reign of the house and got along very well with our 13 dogs (we lived on a farm).


  12. I like dogs, I have a pug dog and his name is Barney. When I was living in China, I used to have dog from the breed Jin Ba, it was called Nui Nui. Haha, from the time being in Thailand, I found a small gecko called Jing Jok which is everywhere, probably all the foreigners think that this is one of the symbols of the country. My girlfriend like to play with them wow.

    1. There’s the first mention of a gecko! It’s amazing how many people like small dogs. I love puppies, but when they grow up I want a medium sized dog. That is, if I ever have a dog. lol

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