Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

We’re getting into what’s known as the holiday season, at least in the U.S. This weekend, as a matter of fact, is Columbus Day weekend, and banks are closed, as well as no mail delivery, on Monday. Yeah, we still give Columbus credit for discovering a country that was already thriving; so be it.

When I was a kid, I loved all holidays; I think most kids do. As I got older, I stopped liking every holiday except Thanksgiving. That was when Mom pulled out the stops when it pertained to food. She’d make the large turkey with homemade cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, peas (okay, I didn’t like this part, but it was part of the bargain) and of course the hot rolls. Then later on we’d have our choice of either homemade sweet potato pie or strawberry cake; yeah, I hate strawberries, but there was something about Mom’s number one homemade dessert that overruled it all.

Since Dad passed Mom has stopped cooking, and thus the day isn’t any different than any other time I visit her. So, it’s now swinging around to Christmas, where I love seeing the faces of people when they get gifts from me, and I’m starting to enjoy once more receiving gifts from others; I hadn’t enjoyed that since I was 13, and I’m not sure why. Christmas was also my dad’s favorite holiday; I don’t think Mom ever had a favorite holiday, and that puts her with my wife.

So there’s the question; what’s your favorite holiday, no matter where you live?

Happy Holidays Tie by Peanuts Gang -  Green Polyester -

Happy Holidays Tie by Peanuts Gang – Green Polyester

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Holiday?”

  1. I don’t think much about holidays, really.

    That said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love spending time with my family and enjoying the results of a bounteous harvest and what the hunters in the family provide.

    I like being around family on Christmas morning, but I’m not much into the whole “giving gifts because it’s expected” thing.

    I love the fireworks on Independence Day.

    I always thought my birthday should be a national holiday, but I seem to be in the minority. (grin)

    1. Since I don’t tell people when my birthday is I figure it will only be a national holiday if I end up being famous for saving the country from an alien invasion; can’t see that happening in my lifetime, though. lol

  2. Hey Mitch, I am not a fan of the holiday seasons at all. I hate what they’ve become, another reason to have a sale. I do however love Thanksgiving for the same reasons you do the great food. It’s the those 3 days where I eat and sleep literally all weekend. Never been a fan of Christmas and dread the list I get handed ever year in expectations of fulfilling them. But who knows, maybe this year will be different.

    1. You just never know about Christmas, Karen. Then again, you have to fill a list, which has to be stressful; I do nothing like that.

  3. Despite the commercialism of holidays, Christmas still holds the magic for me. It may be because I have kids and I always get caught up in the Christmas spirit because of them.

    1. Oh yeah Leah, I’m betting kids make it more fun in a way than can happen without kids. The buildup to getting gifts, singing Christmas carols and the link has to be an experience to behold.

  4. Wow holidays start early in the US! My favourite is Easter cos of it’s significance to me. Christmas has become so commercial and most people who celebrate it these days don’t do so for the reason it was initially intended. I love the opportunity of ceelbrating family and friends birthdays with them too. A day to remind them how special they are.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Pat, I doubt any holiday is actually celebrated for the reason it was created anymore except Halloween, and that’s a strange one.

  5. Christmas of course: nice food, presents, a colorful Christmas tree and the loved ones. What can you want more?

    p.s. no work either 🙂

  6. Mitch, it seems as though it’s time for you to take the baton from your Mom and start doing all the work for her favorite holiday!

    I don’t have a favorite holiday. It used to be Hannuka/Christmas, because the kids loved the preparation and the gifts. Since they’re grown and the grandchildren live so far away (and neither they nor my eldest son ever contact me anymore), and because I work on most holidays, holidays have become just another day!

    I do agree that holidays have become an excuse to encourage spending and if this is your ‘thing’, that’s fine, but most people can’t afford it, right now.

    As for the loved ones…… we will be with them via Eyejot, this year! 🙂

    1. Althea, I have no clue how to cook big meals like that, so there’s a lot of family tradition that leaves the earth when Mom goes. We do purchase the meals these days, but it’s not close to being the same. And I understand the thing about seeing holidays as another day, although if you’re working on Christmas you’re probably the only one in the room. lol

  7. I’m with you and many of your other readers on Thanksgiving. For a long time, it has seemed to be the one day when the attention is focused on family and being grateful, rather than gifts and gaudy decorations. Where I live, even Easter has become another Christmas, complete with expensive gifts for the kids. Those marketing people sure know what they’re doing!

    1. Charles, none of this is new stuff. Think back to the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon; it was going on more than 35 years ago as well.

  8. I usually say that everyday is holiday for me, but definitely I do not like public holidays when all the family is together. I rarely enjoy traditions, I prefer road trip with my girlfriend and visiting all the possible place, romantic dinner on the beach, a kiss at the gas station or just a party without any reason.

    1. So, you don’t like your family Carl? That’s no problem no one ever said holidays had to be spent with family.

  9. I hate all the commercialism surrounding the holiday season, but I do love the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are “family times”.

    Since my mom and sister moved to different states, we all don’t see each other as much.

    Since my mom is about 1/2 way between here and my sisters, and it’s the family home (mom recently moved back…) we all gather there.

  10. I would have to say Christmas, not because of the presents or any other buy-able goods but because all the family is getting together and have a big Christmas dinner.
    And I also like New Years Eve (yeah I know is not a holiday) but I like it.

    Although everybody (and especially sellers) try to commercialize all the holidays I still enjoy my family Christmas!

    Are you going in a vacation, I think I say you talking about packing in one of your tweets :)?

    1. I’m presently at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale; just got in today, and will be here until Saturday. So, posts could be somewhat sporadic; didn’t have enough time to write a bunch of posts way up front like I normally do.

  11. Christmas is my most favorite too. It seems like it was the most happiest occasion of all since everyone is celebrating, lots of foods and goods everywhere and the best part is that it is the moment of giving.

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