Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

After a week of long training posts and stuff that made you think really hard, I figured it was time to lob an easy one at you. However, once you read the rules for this one you might not think it’s all that easy.

What’s your favorite flavor? This is a much different question than what’s your favorite food, although sometimes it could come out as the same. For instance, I’ll tell you now that my favorite flavor is chocolate, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. My favorite food is hamburger, hands down. Chocolate could be considered a food, since you can buy chocolate bars, but overall chocolate is a flavor. You can have chocolate flavored ice cream, chocolate flavored pudding, etc. I’ve never heard of a hamburger flavored anything.

And that also knocks out certain types of foods. For instance Chinese, Mexican, and ethnic stuff gets disqualified because, well, it’s a type of food, not a flavor. At least I’ve never heard of Chinese or Mexican flavored pudding; yuck, that just sounds nasty! But you can obviously throw in fruit flavors without it being the fruit.

As for me, why chocolate? There are literally thousands of things that have a chocolate flavor version of themselves. I’ve found few I didn’t like. I didn’t like chocolate flavored Twizzlers, and though I’ve never seen it, I know there’s a chocolate flavored Coke out there somewhere, and that just sounds nasty. But almost everything else I can think of, if you add chocolate to it, makes it at least palatable, even if it’s the nastiest thing on the planet. For me, chocolate wins hands down.

Okay, now you have rules, and I hope this is easy; what’s your favorite flavor?

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Flavor?”

  1. Overall for me I think I would have to say chocolate, but it also depends on the time of year, temperature, and my mood. During hotter weather I tend not to like chocolate as much as fruity flavors like cherry, strawberry, etc.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Rummuser, mint and hot chocolate always go together; I love mint. I also like to add peanut butter to the mix; I’m crazy like that.

  2. Hm..I think i like vanilla flavor better, although I enjoy a bar of Swiss chocolate anytime. The scent and flavor of vanilla beans makes everything better…even chocolate. 🙂

    1. Mia, I do like the smell of vanilla, and the taste is okay, but I’m rather mix chocolate with it than have it straight out.

  3. Definitely lips, a certain lips, can be spicy too. Related to food, there was a kind of grass in China called “Mi Shi” there is no translation in English and I definitely miss this appetizer. As well peanut with whiskey or beer from Czech republic.

  4. Hmm, I don’t know if I have a favorite flavor but I like sour-sweet flavors. I like apples a lot (the green ones).

    As my favorite food, I think it’s homemade french fries from freshly cut potatoes, with a tomato salad.

    1. Wow Alex, no favorite flavor. That’s too bad; I hope you never get the death penalty when they come to you and ask what you’d like for your last meal. lol

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