Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Animated Movie?

Well, I’m really making this one difficult on myself. On Saturday I bought How To Train Your Dragon. The only reason I didn’t buy it on Friday was because I was out of town and couldn’t get a ride to Barnes & Noble. I wrote a review of it back in March, and was waiting for the day it would come out.

I finished watching it and it brought a smile to my face once again. It then made me start thinking of other animated movies I’ve seen that I thoroughly enjoyed. Weeks ago I saw Legend of the Guardians and liked that as well, though it didn’t touch me on as emotional level as this one did. And in the last couple of years there’s been Kung Fu Panda, the Incredibles, Aliens vs. Monsters, and a host of other movies that I’ve enjoyed. Actually, there isn’t one I’ve seen that I didn’t enjoy.

Of course there’s the issue of the ever changing types of animation that somewhat skews things. I mean, can one really compare Sleeping Beauty to Final Fantasy, one drawings while the other is computer generated? What about the serious themes of Fantastic Planet to the realistic scenes of American Pop? For that matter, how does one classify any movies with Muppets in them?

Since it’s my question, I guess I’ll have to say that the Muppets don’t count because they’re not cartoons. What about Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Well, that has cartoon characters with real people, but no, that’s not animated either. So it does leave computer generated and regularly drawn cartoons, which we probably won’t see much of at the theaters anymore unless it’s based on a cartoon that’s on TV now. Heck, they just CGI’d Road Runner!

With all that said, I have to say my favorite animated feature is Happy Feet. I loved this movie so much I wrote a review of it on my business blog back in 2006 and talked about leadership lessons learned from it. It just makes me smile and it’s got a serious message at the same time and, well, I love the music, which of course is music of my day, other than a Prince song and this one upbeat kind of reggae song; one of these days I’m going to find out who those guys are.

Anyway, there’s mine; what’s yours?

Muppets Take Manhattan/
Muppets In Space

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Animated Movie?”

  1. Happy Feet is also one of my favorite animation movies. It shows some great values and has some cool music as an excellent bonus.

    I enjoyed this post, Mitch. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Leah. And in Happy Feet, Steve Irwin got to be a part of it before he passed away, so there’s an Aussie connection.

  2. OMG! Now I know you’ve got to be my play big brother or something! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the muppets! Anything with the muppets is guaranteed to drag me away from the computer for at least an hour. Who framed Roger Rabbit is another favorite (“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!”) I like The Incredibles even though my daughter made us watch it so many times we could do The Incredibles on stage. I think my favorite one is Happy Feet b/c of the music.

    1. DeAnna, maybe there’s something to this familial thing. I’ve got a bunch of posts on this blog with Muppet clips; you should check out this video page of mine and look for them. And not having kids means I get to watch whatever I want to watch, though I have watched How To Train Your Dragon again so it doesn’t mean it keeps me from watching the same movies over and over. lol

  3. I love The Incredibles, I can watch that back to back…American Pop blew me away that was ahead of it’s times. Can we not forget Lion King, still shed a tear with that one. I will have to check out this How to Train Your Dragon movie you speak of Mitch.

    1. Karen, I almost forgot about Lion King. It was very good, but it still might not have made my top 5.

      1. Go see them! Especially Toy Story 3D, it was the best of all, hard to believe it could be better than the first one, but run, don’t walk to see it.

      2. I need to work my interest up as to why I’d want to see it. Maybe it’s because I don’t remember the first movie all that much, though I do remember liking it.

  4. I’d have to say it’s between Finding Nemo and the Toy Story series. On the other hand, I haven’t seen How To Train Your Dragon and quite a few others. The original Goofy Movie and Monsters Inc. are also favorites. And then there’s James and the Giant Peach. And Mulan. I guess I can’t really answer this question. It’s like asking, what’s your favorite dessert? (Whichever one is right in front of me at the time.)

    1. That’s why it’s a Sunday Question, Charles. There’s so many movies to think of. For instance, I also loved the first Ice Age.

  5. Perhaps it may surprise you,but I do not watch movies. The animated movies that I used to like most were the Disney ones in my childhood. I have not watched any movies, animated or otherwise in the last twenty years or so. Before you ask, I do not watch the TV either except for news when something particularly of interest to me is breaking.

    1. Rummuser, it really doesn’t surprise me much. I couldn’t see you in these days wanting to get away in fantasy created by someone else; just not really your style. But one can easily tell that you have watched movies in your time; you know a lot of older references that prove it.

  6. Hard one as Disney seems to top themselves every year. But for me my favorite animated movie is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Great story, music and songs and the first time computers were used to create some of the backgrounds. A close second, the first Toy Story movie from Pixar for its ground breaking technology while still telling a great story so you didn’t even notice the CGI.

    1. You know, I have to say I liked the first Toy Story, but it didn’t capture me like other movies have. Beauty and the Beast is one of those interesting movies where the music actually grew on me the further removed I was from seeing it. I haven’t seen most of the latest Disney movies, I don’t believe, so I’m way behind on that.

  7. Honestly, none of this. The latest Disney movies are below the average level, it is a bit disappointing. I definitely like the Japanese anime movies like Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, and actually the movie version Dead Note is very good.

    1. Carl, I don’t like most anime, I have to admit. I used to love Japanese cartoons back in the day, but the movies just stink the joint up for me. Where they think up these crazy characters is beyond my imagination.

  8. I’ve seen so many but the ONLY one that really left me in stitches was IGOR! Sean Hayes character in the movie was AWESOME. I brought back memories of his renowned sarcasm on Will and Grace. 😉

    1. Chuks, I have to admit I’ve never seen that movie, and actually don’t know why. I’m going to have to see it one of these days.

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