Sunday Question – What Weather Makes For A Perfect Day?

I’m not someone who really likes summer all that much. I don’t like it when it’s too hot, because it’s just miserable trying to get cool again. When it’s hot and humid, I feel like I’m going to melt, kind of like that Snickers commercial with Aretha Franklin:

No, I don’t whine this much, mainly because I drive all the time, which means I get to control the temperature. Actually, in my car, each side gets to control the temperature, which is a pretty nice feature. Anyway, when I think about my perfect weather day, it’s actually coming in with a temperature between 69 and 74 degrees, with blue skies, very little humidity, and a soft breeze blowing. Man, like just doesn’t get much better than that. On a day like that, even the mosquitoes are happy taking care of business elsewhere because they don’t want their day disturbed either.

I know some people like it much hotter than that; I’ve heard some Australians actually wear coats or sweaters if that’s the temperature. I don’t really know about all that, so let’s just put it out there for the masses; what’s the weather like where you consider it a perfect day? And, since it’s a lazy Sunday, how about a couple more videos? The first one is of bad weather shots via National Geographic:

The second is by a group called Weather Report (see the tie-in?), a song that many people know called Birdland:

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What Weather Makes For A Perfect Day?”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    I’m with you on the “perfect” temperature range. In most areas of the country, my ideal season is Fall. I enjoy temps in the low 70s. And really, if I could afford to live there, probably the most ideal climate (defined as closed to my “perfect” temp, year round) would be San Diego CA.

    1. You’re right Todd, San Diego is super expensive. Average home price there now is $450,000, and that’s actually down from last year, and way down from its peak. Average home price where I am is still under $100,000.

  2. Blue skies, 70 degrees, and a slight breeze. It might get boring after a while, but I’ve never experienced it long enough to find out.

    I like that Snickers commercial. I had to watch it twice though, because as you know, I tend to get lost in complex plot twists.

    1. LOL! You kill me Charles! Tell the truth, you watched it twice because you wished it was you eating the Snickers bar.

  3. Hmm… I guess I really don’t have perfect weather.

    When it’s hot outside you might find me outside (with a wide straw hat on) working in the garden, sometimes I run in it. I know, I know, insane. . Other times you’ll see me hanging in the shade playing with my daughter. As long as I stay hydrated I’m fine.

    I love the rain, love the cold too.

    I do try to make the most of whatever temperature is out there since you can do various things, depending on the weather.

    1. I’m not so flexible, Moondancer. I love it a little cooler, and though low 70’s is my favorite, I prefer it cooler to hotter because it’s easier to breathe and it’s always easier to get warm than it is to cool down.

    1. You know Rose, if more summer days had breezes, I probably would like them better as well.

  4. There is a book, i think the writer is from Easter-Europe. It is called “There is nothing better that bad weather”. For me it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like when it is sunny, but sometimes I like thunderstorm.

    1. I don’t mind a quick thunderstorm, as it can be entertaining, but I don’t want one going on all day! lol

  5. I don’t think you will see too many Aussies wearing coats and sweaters in those temperatures Mick, at least not in my neck of the woods.

    I like summer, because the women tend to wear a lot less, as long as it doesn’t get too humid and stays below 40C

    Winter doesn’t bother me at all as long as I don’t have to work in the rain.

    1. For those of you who don’t do temperature conversions and live in the U.S., Sire just said as long as it stays under 104F; no way! Today it’s supposed to get to 86F (that’s 30C for you Sire) and that’s way too hot for me. And where I live, humidity is an issue as well; ugh!

      Women tend to wear less; you kill me! 😆

      1. Yeah, sorry about that Mitch, you know how slack I am 😉

        86F would be a perfect day for an Aussie, we wouldn’t even put the air conditioner on for that. 🙂

      2. Yeah, y’all handle heat pretty well, but I’d love to see you on a Syracuse winter day when the temps were at 15F (-9C) and it was snowing heavily. I bet you’d shrivel. lol

      3. Trust me, you’d need way more than that to keep you warm. When that first blast of cold air hits your nose and you realize that suddenly you can’t breathe because there are ice crystals in your nose I’m betting you’d change up on that one.

      4. Probably, but I reckon I’d get used to it pretty quick. It’s winter here now and I’m still in shorts while at work and it’s been as low as 2C.

  6. I LOVE a NY fall day- 60’s- 70’s, Sweatshirt and jeans weather, leaves crunching under your feet…

    Can’t beat it!

    I HATE the hot weather, too.

    LOL- love that snickers commercial-reminds our family of someone we know 🙂

    1. Carolee, I used to love walking and crunching through leaves as well, but now I’m allergic to the leaves. But I love fall days as well.

  7. Yeah, well you know what they say Mitch, “No sense, no feeling” 😀

    Anyway, that’s only while I’m working, when I come home I put the trackies on.

      1. Yeah, I thought you would. I was half tempted to explain it but thought it was more fun to let you look it up 😀

  8. Depends on my plans for the day. I’m a sucker for rainy days when I’m indoors 24 hours. I chill with some movies and sleep the day away without having to worry about the heat should the electricity go off as it frequently does over here


    1. I didn’t know that, Chuks. That’s too bad, but I can see why you’d look forward to a rainy day. Do you not get all that much rain? We get too much, like we get too much snow.

      1. We do get rain but not as frequently as most countries these days. You could blame that on global warming I guess ;-). The sad thing though is that it somethings rains in excess to the extent that loads of damage is done to poorly constructed infrastructures.

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