Sunday Question – What Do You Look For In Reading Other Blogs?

When I first started blogging many years ago, I was just writing my posts and moving on. Eventually, after a couple of years, I figured out that maybe I needed to go looking for blogs that might help me increase visitors to my blog. I learned that from reading a blog, and learned it about the same time I learned about pinging.

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At the time I was stuck; what types of blogs did I want to visit? And what was it I wanted to get from other blogs other than potential interest in my own blog?

This was actually a major question for me, and it was something I took a little bit of time thinking about. I was lucky to have the time, as I’d just finished a long project, and thus I had a lot of money put aside for awhile.

I decided on two main areas at that time; leadership and internet marketing. Today most people see it as “make money online” but that wasn’t a term I knew. My plans were simple. I would post on leadership blogs, showing my expertise in the field, and then I would read internet marketing blogs to learn how to do it better, as I was interested in passive income streams after reading Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

You know what I discovered? Most of the blogs I read about leadership were boring, and most of the blogs I was reading on internet marketing didn’t teach me anything. That was really disappointing, and it left me with little to comment on. Now what the heck was I going to do?

I decided to see if I could find information on blogging to see what I was doing wrong. And suddenly, now I was seeing things that were a bit more interesting. I learned a few things here and there, and I finally had a bit more direction. I also realized that I needed a practice outlet, and I signed up on one of those vanity services. It wasn’t bad, as I was anonymous pretty much, but the first one closed, I went to another service and that one closed, and after the third one, where the owner pretty much messed things up, I decided on this domain name and blog. And I’ve never looked back.

I still read a lot of blogs. I look for information of all types. I look for opinions on the concepts of blogging and writing. And overall, I look for people who have something to offer, whether it’s funny people or people who tell great stories or people who rant about things I’m interested in. I look to grow as a person and as a contributor and as a blogger and in every other way that it’s possible to grow. So I read a lot of different things every day.

But that’s me; what do you look for in reading other blogs?

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What Do You Look For In Reading Other Blogs?”

  1. I read a hodge podge of blogs. I do read quite a few boomer related blogs to see what other boomers are thinking.

    I’ll tell you what type of blogs I shy away from. The really LONG ones. Yours is about the only one I read on a rather consistent basis. I am of the opinion that if your blog can’t capture my attention in a three or four paragraphs, then it isn’t worth reading.

    Now when I need to understand something technical, I will read the long ones so I can decipher the information but if you’re just chatting about your life, I will skip reading it.

    I believe because I am a journalist, I have learned how to get to the point with my writing rather quickly. In the news business, we only had 1:30 to tell a story (maximum time length). I believe in being quick and to the point.

    1. You’re so funny, Bev. I know you like Charles’ blog, and his posts are kind of long. I just think that many people have gotten to this thing about “give it to me quick” and have lost the knack of patience. I actually wrote about that topic last week on my business blog. I don’t mind long while I’m getting something out of it.

  2. Most of the times, I land on blogs from search engines, searching for a topic. I like reading and if I like the post I usually bookmark it. Actually from the other side, there was a period between switching job few years ago when I created about 20 blogs on different topics from self improvement to SEO. I was trying to find which one will generate higher income. Actually I was not surprised with end results – internet related topics used to have higher traffic and higher conversion.

    1. That’s a lot of blogs to try to keep up with, Carl; you’ve just hurt my head. lol

    1. As you know Arlee, I don’t write a lot of short posts. I write enough to say my piece and get it explained so there are no further questions, at least I hope, and then I consider it closed. But I’m with you on entertained and informative.

      1. The point is that you give us useful content in a style that is clear and engaging. When I leave your page, I go away feeling like I’ve gotten something from it, unlike a long rambling post that leaves me woozy-headed and unsure of what the writer is trying to convey. That is what keeps me coming back to certain blogs.

        Thanks for the comment you left on my above referenced post. I left a reply there.

        Tossing It Out

      2. Thanks Arlee, and I’m glad you clarified that. I know what you mean about rambling and never getting to the point; that drives me nuts, as well as titles that end up having nothing to do with the article. lol

  3. Hmm… that’s a good question to ask Mitch. In fact, when I started blogging, this ‘networking’ thing was like a necessity and I got in contact with more than 150 bloggers. At one point that many RSS feeds were sitting in my feed reader and soon I realized that most of them were kids who just keep churning out hot search based content. Right now, I keep visiting blogs that make sense to me at my age – yours happend to be one such blog that I still keep visiting.

    In every blog that I visit, I look forward to read contents that people write out of personal experience and about the wisdom that should be there at their age group.

    1. That’s great stuff Ajith, and I appreciate the comment. I think we’re kindred spirits because you write a lot of the same things I do.

  4. I like blogs that post news or that know how to tell a good story. Of course that i prefer to visit active blogs.Blogs are the best way to find various things and even to learn a thing or two.

    1. Absolutely Mia. I read lots of blogs every day, many outside of those I follow on a continual basis. And I learn something every day, which is very cool.

  5. Hello Mitch,

    I think that the main thing that I look for in a blog is to have useful information or entertain me.

    It’s obvious that if someone stops and reads something they don’t want to waste that time so, usefulness is one of my main priorities, but I also like to read people experiences with things, their stories and rants. I don’t know why, I just do 🙂

    1. Alex, we enjoy other people’s experiences because we hope to learn from them and they’re someone from our timeline. I think the reason most people hate history is because it’s hard to identify with the mores of their time and what made them tick. Overall, stories bring us closer together, even if they’re weird sometimes. lol

  6. I don’t really have a fixed rule. Usually I come to know new blogs through CommentLuv, if I read someone’s comment in the blogs I already read and it catch my attention, I go there. I check a couple of posts, if I like them I add them to my Google Reader. It’s kinda simple like that, the only negative part is that it kinda limits the arguments I read about to the arguments of blogs I already follow. I should perhaps do some more active research on more blogs, even those outside of my immediate niche of business-related interest.
    I actually keep reminding myself of that but I never seem to find some time for it. Or well, when I do have time, I spend it doing something else, I’ll be honest.

    1. You make an interesting point about limiting arguments, Gabriele. I have found that, for the most part, when I take a contrary view to the majority on a post I’m pretty much ignored. In that space there is no argument, which I’m not shooting for, or discussion, which I am. But that’s okay; I figure I’ll drop my knowledge and beliefs here and there and who knows what germinates, right?

      1. Yeah you are right, actually I like when I receive negative feedback (if well argumented, of course), it’s kind of a nice break from the usual pat on your back.

      2. Cool; I’ll be right over to your blog to argue with you about something. lol

  7. My answer is pretty boring. I tend to gravitate towards blogs with headings related to what I am doing. Anything to do with SEO, Video Marketing, Niche Blogging, Social Media marketing gets my attention.

    1. That’s fair, Peter, and I guess that’s how you found me since I do write on some of those topics often enough. I hope you’re learning a lot. 🙂

  8. Honestly, Mitch. When I started blog commenting, I looked for dofollow blogs and added them to my Google Reader. However, as time passed, I graduated from focusing only on my marketing plan and looking deeper into things. I started looking for blogs where I can gather information and interact with the bloggers. This has made me learn more, not just about blogging, SEO and marketing, among others…but, also about becoming more social.

    1. That’s not a bad way to go at it, Arlee. You allow diverse points of view, which isn’t a bad thing, and I guess you’re able to control it. Sometimes, though, some folks do find that they just can’t control what happens, so I figure it was time to put out a warning for those who really might not be ready for it.

    2. Thanks for sharing that, Wes. I didn’t know about dofollow and the like until years after I’d been blogging, so that wasn’t ever anything on my radar, even after I learned about it.

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