Sunday Question – What Are Your Habits?

I have no siblings. My mother was also an only child. I moved around a lot as a kid, and as an adult, until I purchased my house, I had lived in 9 different places in 25 years.

When one pretty much grows up spending a lot of time alone, one starts picking up some interesting habits. When one follows another only child, those habits can be magnified.

For instance, I have times when I just won’t touch food. I have no idea when that mood is going to strike, but you can imagine how it messes up eating at home, or out at restaurants. There are certain foods that, in my mind, aren’t allowed to touch each other.

When I’m in the house by myself, I close the bathroom door. It would seem there would be no need to do it, but that’s how I am. I sleep on top of the bed, but when I go to bed, I have my head covered, the door totally closed to block out all external light, and every once in awhile I have to cover up the lighted clocks because knowing they’re shining bothers me. I stay up really late so that I will be totally exhausted so I can fall asleep; if I don’t do that, then a single stupid thought can keep me awake for hours.

I don’t like bugs; actually, it’s my biggest phobia, though I have many. I can’t even look at a picture of a bug, and that includes butterflies. I have different superstitions than what other people have. For instance, I count steps to make sure I end on my right foot. I count letters in sentences I hear and manipulate them so they’re divisible by 3. I have one cup that’s specifically for water, and nothing else. I believe all utensils must be washed in the dishwasher, or else they’re not sanitary. And I believe that I must have dessert, in some fashion, at least once a day; I’m betting my doctor wishes I wouldn’t stick to that one.

I have some good habits also. When I plan my time, I get a lot of things done. I actually complete projects, and if there’s a time frame, I’m usually finished early. I don’t worry about whether something is perfect before I put it out there. I’m always on time, though I had to learn not to be too early. I always wash my hands whenever I’ve been in the bathroom.

And I believe there are 3 things that every person can be judged on that I live by, and if any of these 3 are violated, you don’t get another shot: loyalty, trustworthiness, and truth. If I’m your friend, I’m loyal until you prove you don’t deserve it. I’ve actually put myself in dangerous situations to prove that my friends can trust me with their lives. And I will always tell the truth if I’m asked, won’t hurt people’s feelings if I tell them the answers, and if I feel I can’t tell you the truth, I won’t say a word; better to be silent than dishonest.

Everyone has habits good and bad. Some habits are eccentric; I certainly wasn’t about to mention all of mine. Some will protect you, more like intuition that, hopefully, you’ll listen to when needed. However, most of us will never allow anyone else to know even the most innocent of habits we have. I can understand some of them; if you’re what we used to call a freaky-deek, you just might not want to reveal what makes it so. Overall though, as I’ve reached this age, I realize that, overwhelmingly, habits are just what we develop that, in some fashion, makes us feel good in our own skin.

Do you have any particular habits that help you get by every day? Or some strange ones that might be a little bit funny? Do you have the guts to share?

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Question – What Are Your Habits?”

  1. I had to give it some thought but I think I found some for you 🙂

    * I agree that many foods should not touch, especially CRANBERRIES and salad. I don’t like my food touching my salad on my plate.

    * I have sleep issues as well, which you know from late nite tweets. But once in bed no body part can hang over the side of the bed at any time. I also have to have at least a sheet covering me up. I don’t know how people can sprawl with no covers and have hand off edge of bed.

    * Then a funny one for you. I hate swimming in lakes. I’m fine out farther where it’s deeper, but if I have to walk through the dead people weeds then I’m not swimming. Yes, I said dead people weeds. I watch way too many horror movies and that’s where they always are and where they snag unsuspecting swimmers and kill them. lol Total panic attack if the weeds touch me and I’m sorry to say I may have passed this stupid phobia on to my kids. They call them dead people weeds too. If I swim to shore from a boat it can be quite comical for those around to see me maneuver to get around the weeds.
    .-= Val´s last blog ..UGH, Oldest Height =-.

    1. Great stuff there Val, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with food issues. And I don’t have to worry about the lake thing either, since I can’t swim. lol

  2. Mitch, I tell everyone that I am an only child, and so is my brother. (grin)

    We’re over five years apart and that’s a big enough gap that we grew up having little in common until we were both past our teenage years. Well, that’s not totally true, when we were both teenagers, we loved drag racing.

    I don’t have any real food issues that I’m aware of. I don’t eat liver, but I think that’s just the right way to live. Some things are just not meant to be eaten!

    I can eat with dirty fingers with no problem and generally don’t mind if my food touches each other. Perhaps they’re friends and want one last hug.

    No sleep issues. I can sleep anywhere, any time of the day. I once slept during a rainstorm, under an overturned canoe in a pasture in about three or four inches of water. No problem. I think, back when I was working such long hours that I could sleep while standing.

    I know I can sleep while driving, and once drove my pickup off the road and knocked down 23 pine trees. I didn’t get hurt, but the trees didn’t fare as well. When the deputy got there, I was sitting in the back of the truck playing my banjo and waiting for him to call a tow truck to get me back on the road.

    When I’m concentrating, I tend to sing or talk to myself, and usually don’t know I’m doing it until someone says, “John Dilbeck! Shut up!” (For several years, that someone was most likely to be my wife.)

    I love swimming, enjoy getting nekkid in hot tubs, and skinny dipping.

    I don’t really like bugs, but I can tolerate them long enough to get away. If they’re in my house, then they signed their own death warrant. Used to be afraid of spiders, but now I just don’t like them.

    Love flutterbys and enjoy it immensely when they land on my outstretched fingers.

    I probably have my own weirdnesses, but I really can’t think of anything that even I would consider weird.

    Others could probably come up with some that I don’t recognize.

    Interesting topic for a Sunday evening, Mitch.

    All the best,


    1. John, it doesn’t seem like you really have any peccadilloes to talk of; heck, someone close to normal! You can eat with dirty fingers; ugh! lol

      1. Mitch, you made my day. This may be the first time in recorded history that someone said I was close to normal! (big grin)

  3. I’m also an only child FOR REAL. There are times when I just want to be alone with no TV, no radio–no nothing. It works out because my husband is the youngest and has that same syndrome sometimes.

    Like you, I sleep with the covers over my head. Light bothers me when I’m sleeping but I also kick the covers off at least three times during the night when I feel a heat wave coming on.

    I don’t answer my phone when a sporting event in on TV. Don’t care who it is.

    I always wash my face last in the shower and I blow dry myself.
    .-= Beverly Mahone´s last blog ..Kids Say the Darndest Things about God =-.

    1. Bev, I don’t have a hair dryer, so that’s one I don’t get to do. Isn’t light the strangest thing in trying to sleep? My wife says how could I see any of that light with my eyes closed, but I do.

      We seem to have a couple of similar habits; always glads I’m not alone. 🙂

  4. We share a couple of traits. I always close the bathroom door and lock it, even when I’m home by myself. My wife gets upset if someone walks in on her, but it never seems to occur to her to lock the door. I also have to sleep with at least a sheet over me, even on hot nights, and I must have a pillow. I can’t fall asleep on trains, buses, or airplanes. I hate loud sounds, especially when they’re unexpected. When the phone rings in a motel room, I usually leave a dent in the ceiling. When I’m with a small group of people and one person monopolizes the conversation, I have to leave for a few minutes to hear a little quiet. I don’t have too many food issues — other than being a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables. (Certainly nothing strange there.) But there is one: I can’t eat backwards. Once I’ve had dinner food, then dessert, I can’t go back to dinner food. Everyone else in my family can have cheesecake, then immediately eat a sour pickle. I’m not sure how I live with these people. I also agree with Val about lakes: the bottom is too squishy, and could be almost anything. It could even be cooked spinach. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!

    1. We really do share some traits, Charles, although, since we have no kids, I don’t have to worry about locking the door. lol

  5. Geez,I have no weird habits- if you ask me.

    Of course my kids say I talk to myself.

    Now that I think about it, I do carry on conversations with my dogs.

    I always wash my hands after using the bathroom and before cooking, and I have to wash my hair first when I take a shower.

    Oh yeah, I HAVE to take a shower before bed- even if I just took one an hour or so before- just one of those habits 🙂

    I also love dead silence when I’m home alone and even sometimes when driving- no radio or TV.

    BUT I do HAVE to watch a little TV before falling asleep.

    Ok, guess I have some habits….
    .-= Carolee´s last blog ..Alternative work spaces =-.

    1. Carolee, until I started exhausting myself, I always had to watch TV before I went to bed as well. Had to check out the news to make sure the world wasn’t being attacked by aliens or being blown up by some terrorist group so I could sleep.

  6. Ah – lovely, your comment form has saved my info, so I don’t have to retype it in. I’m a different Val from the one who replied earlier to this post but the same one who replied earlier to another post (er, sorry – I confuse myself sometimes too.) Anyway, you can tell from the picture, yeah?

    I share the darkness thing with you, cannot sleep even if there’s a sliver of light, however, the last time I tried sleeping completely under the covers I woke after dreaming the air was turning to blue particles and getting thicker and realised I was actually suffocating. I’ve a history of asthma so I don’t sleep with the covers over my face or head now, I guess it’s given me an extra phobia.

    I used to have a really bad phobia of butterflies and moths (to the extent that in the sixties I missed seeing the Rolling Stones in London’s Hyde Park (I’m in the UK) because they were gonna be letting out thousands of butterflies. But I got rid of that phobia. I’d tell you about it but it’d make this comment longer than you’d probably want it. Maybe I’ll blog about it sometime.

    I am a bit finicky about food though not as bad as I used to be. I used to only eat foods separately, never mix them up (for instance, in a salad, I’d eat each individual type of veggie separately – all the radishes, all the tomatoes (which I’m sadly now allergic to anyway), all the lettuce, never all together. These days I like to experiment with flavours so can allow msyelf to mix more.

    I wasn’t an only child, but there’s quite an age gap between me and my only sibling, so I also spent a lot of time on my own and even though I am now married, I still love having time alone (and thankfully my husband appreciates time on his own too). So – that’s some of mine. Thanks for this post, it’s good to learn more about people whose blogs I’m reading.


    PS. My ‘net connection cut out while I tried to post this comment, so if it appears more than once, please just delete the copies.
    .-= Val´s last blog ..Motherpearl =-.

    1. The comment came through fine, Val. I have to admit I’ve never had the salad food separation thing; then again, I pull out most of the stuff that other people like in a salad, so I’ve had no need. For me, a salad with lettuce, a few shredded carrots, some bacon, maybe a touch of cabbage, beets (that freaks people out, that I like beets) and thousand islands dressing is supreme!

      And I’d have given up on the concert because of stupid butterflies also. As it is, I don’t go into my own backyard all that often because I know that’s where the bugs are hiding, hoping to get me. lol

      1. If ‘beets’ in the USA is the same as ‘beetroot’ in the UK, then I like it too. If not, then I’m stumped and you’ll have to tell me what beets are! As for the rest – your salad sounds great to me (tho not sure about the cabbage. Only raw cabbage I like is in sauerkraut and I’ve not had that for years!)
        .-= Val´s last blog ..Motherpearl =-.

      2. LOL! Val, I had to look it up myself, and it’s the same thing; we just don’t add the “root” part over here. And I hate sauerkraut; anything with vinegar in it, I’m not a fan.

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