Sunday Question – How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

What prompted this post? Our friend John isn’t doing all that well physically. I don’t think he’d mind me telling you this, since he wrote it on his blog 21st Century Affiliate Marketing. Actually, he’s ending his blog, and it’s possible that if you’re interested he’d sell you the domain name and wish you the best of luck with it. John’s a great guy, and I hope y’all stop by to give him your best wishes.

One of those things that happens when you start getting older is that you start thinking a little bit about your mortality. Sure, it can happen when you’re younger, and truthfully it’s one of those things that’s scared me for most of my life. I haven’t had to deal with it all that often, and my dad is the closest person to me who’s no longer here, though I also had a college friend who passed away in 1994 that I didn’t see coming, though I probably should have.

I have no children. I tend to believe people have children for three reasons. One, they didn’t plan it; it just happened. Two, because they have this sense of family that they just need to perpetuate because it’s not they grew up. And three, because they want to be remembered in some way, to carry on the family legacy. I know that’s why I’m here; my dad wanted to carry on the line, and he hoped I’d continue things. That won’t happen, unfortunately, but I figure I have lots of cousins who have kids of their own, lots of males, so there will be Mitchell’s for a long while.

Still, I’ve often thought about if I would have a legacy when I’m no longer around. Yes, I want to have some sort of legacy. I want to leave my mark on this earth that will be remembered at least by a few people when I’m gone for some years, more than just family members. To whit, that’s why I’ve created so many things. None have made me famous yet, so I continue working at it, hoping one day that I’ll hit upon the big one, and then I’ll be happy and rich.

Rich is an important component of this whole thing because I have a main goal and a secondary goal. My main goal is selfish; I want a large house. Actually, I have no idea how large the house would be, but it would a a ranch style, one story ranch of course, with lots of space inside, along with a few other things. The second goal is that I’d love to create a research center of some sort that I could put in my parent’s name. What would it research? Well, that I haven’t totally locked my mind on. It could be cancer, since Dad had cancer, and I know so many people who have had and now have cancer. It could be diabetes because it’s a family disease that I also have. It could be heart research, since heart attacks are scary as anything. And it could be renal research, since Dad was on dialysis, and unfortunately I think I’m going to be heading in that direction in my future (I know, my wife tells me to stop predicting my future as well).

No matter how it occurs, I want to be remembered this way; a nice guy who tried to help people and achieved his dreams while helping others achieve theirs as well. What about you?

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Question – How Would You Like To Be Remembered?”

  1. Good afternoon, Mitch.

    While I’m not doing very well right now, I intend to get better. It may not happen, and I’m not afraid of dying, but I do have some more things I would like to do and I want to spend more time with the people I care about.

    Mortality is something that all of us should prepare for, even when we’re not sick. I have my will, living will, cremation arrangements, and power of attorney all taken care of so my daughter won’t have to make tough decisions during what (eventually) will be a difficult emotional experience.

    Since I was in my 20s, I’ve used death to help me decide if I really wanted to do what I was doing at the time. “If I were to die today, would I still want to do what I’m doing right now?”

    I don’t think I’ve created anything that will outlast me and it doesn’t really matter to me.

    I would like to be remembered as an honest, hard-working guy who did the best he could. I care deeply for my family and friends and hope they will remember the good times we shared after I’m gone.

    I never got rich and, frankly, don’t really want to. I’m rather content with my life as it is right now.

    I would like to have more strength and energy to continue my business and maybe that will happen one day, but maybe it won’t. It’s difficult turning loose of something that I’ve worked on night and day for years, but right now I want to devote my energy to kicking this cancer’s butt and sticking around for a few more years.

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, Mitch, and thanks for mentioning me today. If my health problem helps anyone think about their future and how they want to be remembered, it is a good thing.

    All the best,


    1. John, I’m glad to have your words to help me come up with an idea for a post, and heck, just glad to have your words on this blog or anywhere else any time I can see them. I know I’ll always remember you no matter what, and I think that’s as good a legacy as anyone can really have on someone else without becoming famous.

      Course I hope you don’t mind if I continue on my quest to be rich. lol

      1. That’s a good legacy for me.

        If you have a dream of becoming rich, continue to act on that dream. May success come your way, sooner rather than later.
        .-= John Dilbeck´s last blog ..Posting from my iPod Touch =-.

  2. Hi Mitch
    Perhaps like Woody Allen I’d like to be remembered for not dying but that’s not likely.
    As you say as we get older we start thinking about our mortality – but it’s also heartening to think that it is a natural process, the natural order of things.
    Again you are right – we leave behind a bit of ourselves in our children and that is reassuring.
    And how do I want people to remember me?
    Maybe just remembering me is enough.

    Very thought provoking post Mitch – well done.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..Flying in formation =-.

    1. Thanks Keith. I guess there’s regular remembering, but I want to be remembered for something positive by a lot of people even 100 years from now. Not that I’d know, but it gives me something else to strive for.

  3. Your already famous to your readers, Mitch!

    As I was reading this I thought I would like to be remembered as honest, kind and always willing to help others.

    If a few of my art pieces or a future book became famous, that would cool, too 🙂
    .-= Carolee´s last blog ..Blogging- is it right for you? =-.

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