Sunday Question – How Was Your Christmas?

It’s the day after Christmas, and since Monday is a work day, today is probably going to be a travel day for a lot of people. I’m actually going to be on the road myself, although my trip is relatively short, so when this posts I’ll either be on the road or getting ready to leave my mother’s house.

So, I’m keeping this one simple. How was your Christmas? Did you get something nice? Did you enjoy your family? Did you take part in a religious ceremony that touched you in some fashion? Was it a nice holiday for you?

Yes, a very short post, but I hope it’s a post that people will participate with in some way. And when I get home, I’ll have to tell you how my Christmas was, although I think it’s going to be nice. There’s only 4 of us, and other than giving our few gifts it’ll be quick, we’ll eat, maybe watch a DVD of some sort, and move on from there.

In any case I hope everyone had a great holiday; back to “real” posts tomorrow. 😉

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Question – How Was Your Christmas?”

  1. I have a small family,too, so we had a quiet, intimate get together. I cherish having “downtime” to spend with love ones after such a hectic year that offered little time for myself, let alone friends and family. Christmas and Christmas Eve I caught up with family; during the next couple of weeks I will be getting back in touch with my friends.

    BTW, beautiful earrings. Were they a gift to one of your loved ones? I ask because I make jewelry. The best Christmas gift I receieved this year was the school photo of my beautiful 12-year-old niece wearing the necklace and earrings I made for her birthday last June.

    1. Hi Joanne; glad to see you at my blog. No, my wife also makes jewelry like this, so I wouldn’t even dare try to match up with what she does. We had a nice time with my mother and grandmother; I actually slept as well! I’m glad you had a nice holiday.

  2. I have a fairly large family, but they are scattered all around the country, so our celebrations of most any holiday are generally quite small.

    My favorite gift this year was a white Christmas. The first white Christmas we’ve seen since we left St Louis in 2000, and the first this region has had since 1981.

    My second favorite gift is one I’m getting alot of use of today… a Kindle.

    I hope your travels were safe, and your celebration joyous.

    1. Yes they were, Allan, and I’m back home now. White Christmas; we have that most every year around here. But a Kindle; that’s sweet!

  3. Hello Mitch,
    I hope you had a happy Christmas with you family.

    I too spent it with my family, we all gathered to our parents house and had a big family meal. Shared what presents we had to share then we had a session of catching up.

  4. Mitch I had a very quiet X-mas filled with eating and sleeping. I did get some perfume and my very 1st pair of Jordans which I would never buy as they are way too expensive of a tennis shoe plus I’m not really a sneakers person. But they are cute and will have to figure out to fit them into my wardrobe. Sounds like you had a nice time yourself. Glad to hear everyone else has too.

    1. Glad you stopped by Karen, and I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday. By the way, I posted a poem a couple of days ago hoping you’d see it, something different from my song lyrics.

  5. Christmas for me and for my family is full of fun, love and peace as well.

    Me and my wife along with our daughter celebrated Christmas day by visiting our relatives. So we kinda traveled the whole day trying to visit each relatives along with my daughter’s godfathers and mothers as well.

    It was exhausting and tiring day to me and my wife but the joy and the love Christmas day bring makes us feel really good.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful day, Ron. Course, I’m not one to travel around like that on a holiday. 😉

  6. I am glad that you have had a good time Mitch. It was pretty normal for me, stay at home with my wife and son, nice meals watch tv and play with the baby. Actually, I like the family comfort. May be for new year I will hit the road and have a good time on exotic island.

    1. Carl, must be nice living in an area where you can even entertain the thought about enjoying an exotic island. Then again, I can’t swim, so I’m good. lol

  7. We had a houseful- around 10 people or so. We had tons of good eats- including deviled eggs, zucchini bread, pumpkin roll, cheese & crackers, chips, dip, Christmas cookies, and more….

    When it came time to throw the ham in the oven, we all agreed we were stuffed and we hadn’t yet touched the meatballs & sausage and homemade applesauce. We all decided we didn’t need the meal. That was ok with me- less mess!

    I got a digital camera- yeah! Mine broke months ago! My daughter got one, too. We are planning on going out “shooting” during school break. I have committed to reading the whole manual and REALLY learning how to use the camera….

    Speaking of your wife, didn’t she have pins she makes that you can hang your glasses off of? I want some! I have to go look for the link to her site- I know you posted it a week or so ago….

    Glad you had a merry one!

    1. Yes she does, Carolee; look for Li’l Specs on here. And how does one go about breaking a digital camera? As for all that food… now I’m hungry.

  8. Like any other day. Got a lot of Christmas goodies from neighbours and friends which will now make me regain some weight that I recently lost.

    1. Rummuser, just enjoy that holiday food. I never let a holiday stop me from enjoying whatever I want; I’ll be good again when the holidays are over.

  9. Had a lovely Christmas with both my daughters home this year after a couple of years when one or the other was traveling or starting their post-college lives.

    Always a busy couple of days with family on Christmas Eve, morning and night but I would not have any other way.

    Merry Christmas, Mitch! I get Monday off (yeah!)

    1. Who gave you a day off? Glad the girls are home; have to hope to see the oldest before she goes back to ND. And thanks again for the lava lamp.

  10. Having a four-year-old in the house made Christmas an EARLY morning. I think we spent an hour just watching him open up gifts. Otherwise, it was an ALL BASKETBALL DAY and I absolutely loved it!!! Go Heat (and LeBron)!

    By the way, this is the SHORTEST post I think I’ve ever seen you write 🙂

    1. Bev, I actually wrote a post a long time ago that was one paragraph. It was a news story and I was one of the first people to announce it, which worked well as I beat a lot of people to Twitter on it. lol

      I think Christmas really is for kids in the long run. And I had a so-so basketball day, as you can imagine.

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