Sunday Question – How Happy Are You?

In my opinion, people are either happy, sad or comatose. Within those 3 categories, there are plenty of levels one could choose from in helping to get closer to the truth.

Overall, I think we would all agree that being happy is the best out the 3 emotions I mentioned. Depending on your makeup, it’s either the easiest one to reach or the toughest one to get to. I tend to believe the things that determine how well you can do this have to do with how you grew up and your present environment.

For instance, if you grew up relatively happy with parents who didn’t argue all the time, even if your present circumstance is bad you can usually pop back into a happy mode faster than someone else can. If you grew up in a depressed family with a lot of problems, you’ll be happy if you’re in a great environment, but it will be pretty easy to fall back into a depressed mode when things don’t go right.

So then, it begs the question of just how happy are you most of the time? I’ll answer first, with a little bit of explanation. I’m not as happy a guy as I used to be. I think it’s because working for myself has not only been much harder than I had expected it would be, but I don’t get to see people as often as I used to. In all the years when I worked for someone else, I can honestly say I never felt any pressure until the last year, which is what helped encourage me to give it a shot. Nine years later I’m still fighting the good fight, with some great years and some not all that great years, and it starts to take a toll.

But I grew up in a relatively happy household. My parents were very practical, but my dad was one of those types of people who could lighten up every room he went into. My mother didn’t really develop a sense of humor until a few years ago I hate to say, but she wasn’t a mean person, just always worried that something might go wrong. I can understand that; Dad was in Vietnam, and often had to leave for months at a time and we knew almost nothing about where he went or what he was doing.

So I got a bit from both parents, but because my upbringing was fairly happy, I’m quick to laugh at things and can enjoy my own company, or just my wife and I, almost always. People seem to love when we’re together at the health club because we laugh a lot; my wife is funny. And we tend to draw people to us; I think happy people tend to do that. But I have my moments; I’m just glad I don’t have them often.

Just how happy are you most of the time? And why are you as you are?

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Question – How Happy Are You?”

  1. I have a problem with this word, happy. And unless I’m writing a post about it, a comment won’t suffice in getting my meaning out … feel me? Or is that already too complicated?

    Okay, perhaps I’m getting hung up in the wrong thing. I understand what you mean and I would have to say that I’m like I am most of the time because I learned what I consider one of the most valuable lessons in life and that is to not sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff). Once I understood or grasped the idea that everything isn’t going to be the way I planned it and life comes with unexpected events. This may be the coward way out, but I’ve learned to find humor in almost EVERY thing. I don’t care how serious it is, it’s what works for me … laughter (good medicine). Therefore, I’m not going to say I’m happy but you can normally find me in a pretty cheerful mood.

    Go Eagles! (Hey it’s Sunday and today is the big game … Redskins vs Eagles) one track mind.

    1. I think you captured your happiness just fine, Kissie. You don’t brood, which means you’re a pretty happy person most of the time; that’s great.

      And the Cowboys don’t play today, so I don’t care either way. 😉

      1. No, no you did NOT mention the Cowgirls to me. Wow, you can’t possibly know the road you’re embarking upon. Oh well, I would’ve pegged you for the Jets or Giants because I’m always hearing you talk about the Orangemen.

        The Cowboys?! Seriously? Okay, it’s on.

      2. Hey, I was born in Ft. Worth after all. And my dad’s favorite player was Bob Hayes. So there! 😛

      3. Now I understand, you didn’t have a choice.

        Seriously, I liked them when I was a kid and Landry was the coach.

        I’m about to get my “happy” on too … in about two hours! I like good games, it only disappoints me like any other thing that is hyped up and then the game, the man in bed, or the movie turns out to be a dud.

        Okay, I’m signing off and enjoying NFL Redzone until time for the real game today. 😉

  2. Mitch you have the biggest smile on your face I have ever seen on a person, I know you are happy can’t fake that!! To answer your question, I am happy most of the time. Once rent and electric bill are paid I am happy until the same time next month. As long as my family is in good health what is there to be depressed about. I could have it worse, be living in on of those other countries. I am happy and I am glad you are too.

    1. Great stuff, Karen. You’re right, we live in a nice, safe place with plenty to do and plenty of opportunities if we can figure it all out. And we have Bugs Bunny!

  3. As long as my family is in good state = Happy Ron
    As long as things goes on the way as it was planned = Happy Ron

    And I am happy for all things, big or small, that makes impact to my life.

  4. I would say I make other people happy….well they laugh a lot when I’m around. Hold on are they laughing at me….maybe but at least they’re laughing. I think being happy is about happenings but joy is a deep emotion that one can have that doesn’t depend on what is happening around you but comes from within. Now is that too serious for a happy post lol
    Patricia Perth Australia

  5. As I see it life it’s too short to worry and be sad, so I try to enjoy the things i got and not to worry about what I don’t. So, I’m pretty happy 🙂

  6. I felt a bit down during this weekend as my business prediction got wrong, however today is Monday and I feel full of energy and ready for challenge, full with new ideas.

    1. Boy Carl, do I understand this one! But you’re right, we push forward and put our ideas into action and see what falls out.

  7. I am almost always happy. When something happens to disturb that state, I simply use a very effective mantra mentally – IDM. (It Doesn’t Matter. It works without fail.

  8. I would say most of the time, I’m happy- although I have “those moments”.

    It drives my sister crazy that I can hop out of bed at 6 a.m. and be chipper as hell!

    She is s slow riser.

    I’ve also been told by my cousin that I handle things well (really?). She said I’m so nonchalant about stuff with the kids/stepkids, life, whatever… (really?)

    1. That’s a good way to go, Carolee. I’m not usually all that great in the morning, but lately I’ve been able to wake up well enough to go to the gym to work out, which is a definite change in my behavior.

  9. This is actually quite difficult to answer. I can’t say I’m overall a happy or depressed person. Things don’t get me down in the same way as they used to since I moved out of a city environment into a rural one – things are peaceful here, the people are laid-back, in London the reverse was true: uptight, noisy, in your face all the time. It was impossible to be happy (for me anyway) with that kind of stress (though obviously a lot of city folk find it invigorating). Then various health things going on, pills I’m on, all sorts of other stuff, has slowed me down. I’d say really I’m somewhere between happy and – comatose!!

    1. Somewhere between happy and comatose; I guess that just about wraps it up in everything, eh Val? lol Your blog seems to indicate that you’re a happier person than you might believe you are, just cautious about it all. And I can certainly understand that.

  10. It’s a roller-coaster, Mitch. I used to fight it, but have learned to enjoy the ride. If I were always up, I’d miss out on that feeling I get when I bounce back from being down. Also, when things are going wrong I get serious, whine a little, then deal with the situation. It’s only later that I can laugh about it. I think we’re born with our personalities and as we grow we figure out how to fine-tune ourselves when necessary to deal with our circumstances. I doubt the same approach or outlook could work for everyone.

    Great photo, by the way. You mentioned that your Dad could light up a room. I bet your wife does, too. Great post!

    1. Charles, people are just drawn to my wife, and I can see why. When you meet her, her eyes get really big and inviting as she greets you, whether she knows you or not. We tend to draw people of all types to us when we’re together; it’s sometimes pretty funny.

      And I think you handle things just the way they’re supposed to be handled. It does no good being depressed 24/7, but we all go through stretches where we’re feeling overwhelmed about something. If it’s not the norm, then fine. If it’s the norm, it’s time to either do something or talk to someone.

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