Sunday Question – Do You Take Care Of Your Physical Self?

Suffice it to say, many of us aren’t doing all that we can to get ourselves into optimal shape. I’m sure Aaron is probably doing well at it, but for the rest of us, we’re sorely lacking in almost all of these areas; someone tell me I’m wrong. 🙂

Most of you know I’m diabetic. Some of you know that I don’t always do well with it. I have had some good times when I’ve been able to fully control my diet, and if I can get myself to exercise more then I do better also, but I’m not the best at any of this.

Here are my issues. One, even I get sick of eating the same thing every day here and there, in which case I go off the eating plan. Two, when I’m depressed from the diabetes, which means I’m in an “I quit” mode, it’s hard to get out of because one doesn’t know they’re in that mode.

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Three, I hate exercise; plain and simple. Whenever I exercise, I end up feeling worse than I did when I began. I don’t mean the huffing and puffing; I can handle that. I mean physically my body hurts, my feet hurt, and all I feel is tired, not energized. I used to feel energized after playing sports, which I could do for hours on end, but exercise just doesn’t do it for me. That, plus now I’m having foot problems, and I’m fighting my instincts which tell me that sneakers shouldn’t cost $150, especially since I bought a pair for $50, but I might have to move up in quality to protect my feet, which is something else diabetics have to be careful of; sigh.

Four, I hate doing all of it alone. My wife is way beyond me; she’s doing that P90X program, or whatever it’s called, and says that when she works out with me she’s getting no benefit from it, including walking, because it’s not intense enough. Yeah, I could still take her if I needed to. lol

And five, I’ll own up to this, I have a sugar addiction, which isn’t a real addiction as far as I know, but I just can’t stay away from sweets. Okay, more chocolate than anything else, since I’m fairly picky about things I eat, including sweets, but still it counts.

So, those are the “buts”. Here’s what I have done, or try to do. I have cut way back on how much I eat, without seeing any results. I think it’s probably the result of the insulin, which I was told would encourage me to put on weight.

Though people don’t believe it because I talk about it all the time, I actually have cut down on how much dessert I eat. My wife helps greatly with that one when she’s around. When she’s not… well, I have good days and bad days. This past week, with her on a cruise and us not being able to talk to each other, has been challenging, but I haven’t overindulged. I won’t quit desserts, though.

I’ve pretty much cut pasta out of my diet. I may eat it once every couple of months, or if my wife is feeding a bunch of people for something and she makes it as the main meal because pasta can go a long way. Pasta shuts me down, and is actually worse than sugar. I’ve reduced my rice intake as well as breads. My friend Danny, the food doctor who answers nutritional questions, has actually created a pasta that reduces the carbohydrates by more than 1/3rd, which is a good thing, and is working on getting it marketed. He’s given me some samples, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, which I will.

As it’s starting to warm up, I’m starting to go for more walks. However, last Sunday I went for a walk at the lake, walked an hour, and my feet weren’t happy with me all week; hence the talk about new sneakers. I did get new inserts and have tested them on the trampoline, with lousy results; sigh.

And I’ve started my back stretching exercises to help alleviate some back pain I’ve been experiencing lately. It’s the residual from shoveling this winter instead of hiring someone else to do it; nope, not getting any younger.

Anyway, that’s how I’m taking my shots at working on my physical self. What about you?

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60 thoughts on “Sunday Question – Do You Take Care Of Your Physical Self?”

  1. If walking is hard you should try biking. It’s a lot easier on your feet and knees.

    Plus you could ride ahead of your wife when she’s walking and yell encouraging remarks like “Hurry up..Walk faster..I’m kicking your butt here..”
    Stuff that will encourage her,ha,ha..

    I usually bike as my main source of exercise..
    .-= Glen´s last blog ..The Campfire =-.

    1. Nope, I can’t ride a bike, Glen. Bike seats and my behind aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Actually, I don’t think it was the walk itself, since I did it again yesterday for about 45 minutes, but the pace we set ourselves on, which was pretty fast. I think both my heart and my feet need to work our way up to that kind of pace instead of breaking out of the gate doing it.

  2. To answer the question without even reading the article, NO, and I REALLY need to.

    I’ve been ion the hospital twice in the past couple years for things that might, not for sure, but might have been avoided if I did take better care of myself.

    Another note – I think my mother is actually SHOCKED that I DON’T have diabetes. I am a little also, considering.
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..DEDC Remains DoFollow – BUT… =-.

    1. I was thinking of you and me while I was writing it, Dennis. Definitely need to get better at it, that’s for sure.

      1. Gee…umm…thanks?
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..If You’re in a Contest, Subscribe to the Blog. =-.

      2. I’ll accept the thanks, even if you’re not sure about it. Dude, none of us want to see you go, but you said it yourself, two long stints in the hospital, and no word to anyone that you’re there. That’s the one bad thing about being on the internet; you disappear, and unless you have a tech savvy person who knows how to go online and send out a message for you, people are left hanging. So, I want you to take care of yourself, and I need to get into the mode of taking better care of myself as well.

        To that end, went out tonight and bought more expensive sneakers, which I’ll be testing out to see how my feet handle the stress.

      3. I’ll take partial responsibility for not getting the word out.

        I spent 1 week in the hospital and the other 5+ in physical rehab both times.

        The rehab did have A computer; ONE for the building and everyone had to “sign up” for 30 minute slots…a bit of a PITA if ya ask me. lol

        I will be putting things in place if it ever happens again; not necessarily the hospital, but any sudden disappearances.
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..New Updated Long Detailed Comment Policy Coming very SOON! Among Others… =-.

      4. I get you on this one, Dennis. My wife isn’t tech savvy enough, so I’d have to contact someone who was. It’s just something we don’t think about, because locally everyone would know, but online?

      5. Exactly. My folks and I live in the same house, and they wouldn’t be able to do it either.

        Fortunately I do have some web friends I trust enough to provide access; I’m thinkin’ you do to. 😉
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..WANTED: HootSuite vs. TweetDeck Comparison Guest Post! =-.

      6. Yes I do, and that’s how I have some of these things set up. Same with me and them; if something happens, they know I have their back.

    1. I guess that’s the way to do it, Rummuser. I need to give myself more permission to take care of myself instead of always trying to find that next dollar, or be odd doing something else stupid.

  3. Agh! (rubs hands together!) Something I can contribute too whole heartedly! First, let me commend Robyn on buying P90X. I have it and as you know I love it. Despite the fact that I haven’t done anything in about two weeks for various reasons. I had a toothache all weekend so that put the kabosh on my starting it on Sunday. SHAME!

    So! Now… agh hemm! I’ve referenced that my suggestion for you would be to try an elliptical machine. It’s a nice rotating motion, very low impact and gives you a really great workout while building up your strenth and stamina.

    I’m reading your post and you’ve mentioned that you don’t know when it hits you that you’re depressed. But I think the key thing, if you go back and read your post again for yourself, is to see that when you don’t do as you’re supposed to, that’s when it hits.

    I understand about the food choices and everything and as you know I have issues with pasta’s, rice, white things and also sodium intake which tosses me under a bus for a whole day if I’m not paying attention.

    When I eat fruits, salads, chicken etc., I always feel pretty wonderful. I mean I have more energy I feel GOOD … mentally and physically even if I don’t work out.

    I think what may help you is to really, really keep reading up on nutrition and expand your knowledge on the things you can eat, keep reading labels (which is a pain in my tukus! LOL) and you can do it.

    I’m VERY glad you’ve started to do some stretching, that’s a highly under rated great thing you can do. AND P90X has a DVD specifically designed for stretching that you can try. It’s WONDERFUL… slow, kinda boring since I like the more physical ones myself but GREAT … I always feel SOOOO Good after I’ve done it.

    See… an hour away from the computer to workout or take care, doesn’t stop money from coming in… it really doesn’t. If you’re not feeling up to snuff, you know I’ve suggested that you go and see an sport orthopedist and explain to him your history. I’m confused why you don’t feel totally “high” and really good when you workout and the fact that your body hurts isn’t good. As you may remember, my dad had diabetes as well. He had a lot of problems with his legs and his feet.

    He wore support stocking on his one leg and the circulation was poor and it was very difficult for him too. His legs hurt him a lot as well. If you can go speak to someone about these things there may be other remedies for you.

    OH! Like swimming! Swimming would be awesome! That’s no impact and really good for every muscle in your body!

    Come on now, you can do it! soon as my tooth stops hurting I’m restarting again, as I’ve never quit 🙂 🙂

    Your Pal 🙂

    1. Thanks Sue. Course, you remember that I can’t swim, so getting into the water at my age ain’t happening!

      I did go out and buy new sneakers this evening, and I’ll see how that goes with the trampoline, since it’s too late to go out walking. I’m lucky so far in that the diabetes hasn’t affected any limbs as far as I know, but I need to watch out for my eyesight. I also know that I need to lose weight, and the stretching for my back has to help shore up my body core. I’m not going to a sports orthopedist because, as you know, I don’t like doctors, but in the next week or two I’m going to be meeting an athletic trainer, which could prove to be interesting.

      As for the other stuff, no one reads labels as much as me (re: cleaning out cabinets), and I know what I’m supposed to eat. I just don’t like any of that stuff, fruits and vegetables, and we both know that if I don’t like the stuff, then it’s not a plan I’m going to stick to. That’s really the issue, finding ways to eat that I’ll stick to in some fashion to bring balance into my life.

      So, we do what we do. At least I am addressing the issue, which I think is a pretty good first step.

  4. oooh yah and my dad also had inserts made for his shoes too, I remembered after I posted. I never did see that man with sneakers though. Don’t know why that is. He had like size 13 triple “E” or something like that. However, if you buy better sneakers, it could help you… never know. 🙂 Figure, you’d have them a really long time. You know? You and my dad are the same size person. He started taking better care of himself in his… uhm… mid to late 50’s. You have a jump on him… his legs were really bad by then and then he went on insulin in his mid to late 60’s. He took handfulls of vitamins, read the prevention magazines all the time, tried to eat better and everything. I don’t think he could excerise and he was always tired too. He would take naps and be in bed by like 8:00 p.m., on a week night. He snored really loud too LOL I can’t believe I’m remembering all this stuff right now…

    1. At least you’re remembering it all. Those are some big feet! Yeah, I figure I got a jump in one way because I have at least been walking since 1998 off and on, along with exercise off an on, but I started insulin way before him, though it’s actually an insulin mix.

      1. Yah, he had bad feet for a long, long time… bad circulation and everything. You do have a jump, that’s what I’m saying…. Imagine what you can do, if you applied 5% of the effort you do bringing in the dollars? To exercising and feeling better. Here’s to that trainer you’re going to see being good for you too! Sire has a good point down here too, which is that initially you have aches and pains but when you do things properly, these things start to subside.

        Remember when my neck used to literally get stuck or my shoulder blade muscles would get stuck and I’d have to stop because I pulled something? When I got the p90x they warm you up, THEN they work you out, they stretch you, and then they cool you down. Other than the tendonitis I got, I haven’t injured myself working out “near” as much as before when I was doing 1/2 hour workouts. The tendonitis was triggered by my doing something with too much weight (over zealousness on my part) and so now, when I do that one exercise/movement I use much less weight. POOF no more boo boo 🙂

  5. Oh I”m sorry I didn’t see your post before I added my other one. YES my dad had glasses too and then he had laser surgery done. Yup… HEY! Good job you bought sneakers! YES! OH OH ! well… you can’t swim? I forgot … heh 🙂

    Uhm… wear those floaty things on your arms. ? 🙂

    OH WELL … see now if it’s taste your after then there are all kinds of good spices and things that you can add to food so it’s not so icky. I have to learn about those myself, but I am admittedly a little bit lazy in that department. Since I don’t like feeling like garbage I also have to step it up in this department.

    I had some pastina yesterday due to my toothache and the boulion cubes had… ready? 1100 mg’s of sodium in them EACH so I had, at one sitting, an entire day’s worth of sodium! Which is 2400 mgs. No wonder I felt like such garbage. Today, I went out and bought “no sodium” boulion. It’s not “as” tasty however it wasn’t sooo bad. Everything is SO high in sodium content, I tell ya… it’s amazing any of us are walking around at all. Never mind everything else in foods these days.

    1. Oh yeah, bouillon is really high in sodium, which is why it’s only supposed to be used as a flavoring instead of as a meal, which is how I remember sometimes having it when I was a kid; we didn’t know better then.

      As for fruits and vegetables, it’s not only taste, but texture as well. Just freaks me out. I went with broccoli, which I cover up, because it’s texture is more like carrots, which I also eat.

  6. Sorry 🙂 I missed the sports trainer guy part. That’s terrific ! You know, remember when I had my tendonitis? A very nice doctor told me about that and the best thing on earth for me was to hear that I had “remedies” available to me to help myself vs. feeling so damned defeated sometimes. I felt like a million dollars knowing that I’m not “that” old and falling apart, that it was normal and that I could ice it and simply modify what I was doing… So, I mean… who likes doctors? Yet this guy made me feel fabulous. My entire mindset changed and I felt … relieved. Ya know? Food for thought.

  7. It all takes time Mitch. I haven’t exercised for awhile now, but I know that when I do I will suffer from aches and pains for the next few days. I also know that if I keep up the exercise regime these will go away. All they are is the body complaining because it’s not used to it and once it does get used to it then all is good again.

    I admit that doing it with someone is better but if that’s not possible then perhaps doing while listening to your favorite music will work. Also doing it alone means you can work at your own pace. Sometimes starting slow is better than going out all hog.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Reality TV And How It Is Corrupting Society =-.

    1. Actually Sire, I just ordered a new Palm, which also plays music, and thus I’ll be able to take my books on tape around with me on my walks again.

      As for working out, it’s not aches and pains I was complaining about. It’s the residual bad feeling I’ve always had. I’ve never been energized after exercising, and that’s not good at all.

      1. I’ve never heard that one. Although tired after a workout I always feel pumped because of it. Perhaps it’s the full length mirror I’ve installed in my homemade gym that allows me to marvel at the blood gorged muscles after I do a few sets of curls and stuff. Seeing instant results is a great form of gratification.
        .-= Sire´s last blog ..Interview With Maddy Cuttsworth Over PR Update =-.

      2. You’re killing me, Sire. You’re probably the first guy I know who intentionally installed a full length mirror to look at himself. I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror when I shave, which is why I mainly shave in the shower.

      3. Yeah, sure Sire! Remember, we’ve all seen the topless picture of you. lol As for me, nope, always hated looking at myself in mirrors, which probably explains why I don’t usually like being in pictures either.

  8. Yes Sire, I loved doing my elliptical with my mp3 player going. I’d set it on a program, put on my music and close my eyes… just roll with it. That was great!

    And when we put different kinds of music on that’s even better!

    Mitch? You’ve never felt energized after working out? Even when you were younger and into sports and stuff?

      1. That’s a good question Sire. I think you’re on to something. When I used to work out I felt “good” when I did a half hour workout or the elliptical for a 30 min program. I felt “nice/good”… However, when I do my plyometrics DVD which is VERY active for the hour… I definitely feel like …

        I’m so hyper and energized you’d think I was on something. HAHAHA! 🙂

        All of the DVD’s make me feel pretty good, but the plyo one, I feel so alive!

        Hey! I do the whole, “look at me” in the mirror too! I’m like, ooooh I’ve changed, look’it my muscles! I love seeing my body transform, it’s amazing.

      2. I can still run with anyone, Sire; for at least 20 seconds. lol Then it will take me an hour to recover.

      3. LOL He’d have to catch you first LOL… oh wait, who am I kidding, I couldn’t catch you either! 🙂

        It does feel good to push a bit, I’ve had to sit down a few times and catch my breath but MAN it’s so worth it. That’s what the pause button is for.

    1. When I was younger, I felt energized after playing sports for sure. But since college days, nope, never.

      1. It’s not the “as energized” thing, Sire. I mentioned it in the article; I usually feel horrible for hours, never feeling energized or good at all.

        On a different front, I got new sneakers (I don’t think y’all call them that in Australia; my other chess friend calls them running shoes) yesterday, at a higher cost, and after exchanging one of them today I was able to do a 20-minute walk without any pain. That’s a big step forward for me as the weather is getting better.

      2. You know, I mean, I view it this way, I don’t do all of the reps w/the P90X, I do what I can and build my strength. That alone makes me feel very accomplished and I still see my body change and I feel good.

        See that’s the goal really Mitch to uhm… condition yourself, over time, so that it’s to the point where you feel so good working out, even when you hurt a body part and have to take a break (been there, done that) that you get right back on the horse and try again…. maybe modify some stuff, hell, you know me, I’ve been modifying for three years now. Eventually I’ll get where I want to be.

      3. There will be a need to work up, but finding that balance isn’t easy for someone like me, who wants it all and wants it all now.

      4. Hey, I remember when I was where you’re at. I still feel that way sometimes. I do, honestly. The thing is, you keep at it, till you get it… I get it, I’ll get more of it and then eventually I’ll get to where I want to be.

        Hey! I forgot to show you my muscles when we went to dinner! 🙂

    1. Talk with them? I don’t talk with mine either. Course, some folks wear the type that flashes when they walk; I don’t want to be seen that easily.

      1. Amazing how only 3 clicks away a simple letter can change the entire meaning of something, right?

    1. Hey Chuks, long time no see! Hypertension is a mess also, about as bad as diabetes. It was easy for me to reduce salt intake but not sweets, but some people find it extremely difficult, especially if they still want to eat out. Balance the foods and you can love as much as you like.

      1. Wow, chicken pox; that stinks. I’ve never had them, but went to get the shots to prevent it, supposedly, back in 1998. We’ll see how well that works over time.

      2. Okay, you made me nervous, so I just did some research on it:

        How long does the vaccine protect someone against chickenpox? Will a booster vaccination be needed?

        The length of protection/immunity from any new vaccine is never known when it is first introduced. However, available information collected from persons vaccinated in Japan in the United States show that protection has lasted for as long as the vaccinated persons have been followed (25 years in Japan and more than 10 years in the U.S.). Follow-up studies are ongoing to determine how long protection will last and to evaluate the need and timing for booster vaccination. If it is determined in the future that a booster dose is necessary, your health-care provider will inform you. Currently, no booster dose is recommended beyond the recently recommended two-dose vaccination series.

  9. I have a professional 6 station universal gym machine I do a full body workout on 2 to 3 times a week. I simply go through the 6 stations a few times, and get cardio and strength training all at once. I discovered Chia Seeds, and they have saved and changed my life. Please everyone, Google them, and try them. I am a diabetic so exercise and proper nutrition is essential for me. My blood pressure is 150 over 90 ON medicine, 3 different kinds! I want to get it lower, working on that.

    1. So you have blood pressure issues as well? My last reading was 127/72; I have great blood pressure, and I always have. Since I started working out a lot it’s maintained itself. I go to the gym at least 5 times a week unless I have to shovel snow, which I’ve done a lot more this year as we’re sitting around 110 inches thus far.

    1. Wow Chris, that sounds extreme. Are you exercising as well, cardio mainly? You’re not a heavy guy; at least you don’t look like it. Do you consume a lot of salty foods, or lots of canned items with lots of sodium? My mother had an issue with BP until I took her through the process of looking at all the foods she was buying and getting rid of things that had a high sodium content in them; she was stunned by what we got rid of and has changed everything around and is fine these days. That is, when she’s not upset by something. lol

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